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review 2017-09-12 04:32
Guardians of the Whills
Star Wars Guardians of the Whills (Star ... Star Wars Guardians of the Whills (Star Wars: Rogue One) - Greg Rucka

I was excited to get my hands on this book for two reasons. Firstly, it features my second-favorite Star Wars bromance. Secondly, I was hoping for more info on the Temple of the Whills and its Guardians and more insight into post-Jedi-purge Force beliefs. In retrospect, it was silly of me to hope for that kind of depth in a 234 page Middle Grade novel. The book delivers on the bromance, but not so much on the other stuff. I enjoyed it, but now I need to watch Rogue One again because I can’t remember if Baze or Chirrut ever mention a past association with Saw Gerrera and his extra-rebellious rebels.


Diogo Saito’s illustrations are a nice addition, though I wonder if they were commissioned before or after Rogue One was fully cast. Chirrut looks passably Donnie Yen-like, but Baze looks nothing like Wen Jiang. He looks like some random beardy white dude.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-09-04 22:06
What if meets Star Wars
Star Wars Omnibus: Infinities - Chris Warner,Dave Land,Adam Gallardo

This is what if Star Wars.  There are three stories in this omnibus - for New Hope, Empire, and Jedi.  The weakest for me is New Hope, mostly because I doubt that Leia would have given into anger.  I'm sorry.  Look, Luke whines quite a bit and then when things get tough, runs off to some planet.  But Leia puts her nose to the grind stone.  Yes, I know the movies want us to see Leia largely though the lense of Luke and Han (she, who lost her whole world and family, comforts Luke because of Kenobi's death.  She didn't know about his aunt and uncle then).  Honesty, if I wanted one of the Skywalker kids as a Jedi, she's the one you pick.


Which is what happens in Empire in a way.  Jedi changes what happens in Jabba's palace.  These two are stronger and in some ways deeper than the first.  


In fact, all three make note of the idea of everyone fixating on the Skywalker son as opposed to Leia.

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review 2017-09-04 22:00
Lando is my man.
Star Wars: Lando - Charles Soule,Alex Maleev

 I love Star Wars, I do, even though in the films the world building lacks the depth of Star Trek. My favorite character was always Leia, but Lando was a close second. I always wanted them to get together. I mean, do you think Lando would turn out like Han did?

Anyway, this is Lando's adventures after losing the Falcon and before he gets Cloud City. In fact, it seems to be the push for Lando to get Cloud City and to take care of the people there (like Leia, he lost his home). 

It's a fun read, if not particularly deep in some areas. Nice use of women. I also quite frankly like the reversal of the black man who scarfices himself so the white hero can learn something. That was cool.

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review 2017-09-03 23:01
Better than Force Awakens
Star Wars: Poe Dameron, Vol. 1: Black Squadron - Charles Soule,Phil Noto

Poe Dameron was the only thing I liked about Force Awakens, outside of Leia. BB8 was nice, but (he's R2, right? Finn was interesting but confusing, and Rey was a Mary Sue (not surprising since Luke was a Marty). But Poe was fun.

There is not much back story about Poe, and there are some actions that make me question certain plot points. Look, I know all the myth points about SW, but honesty, there are so many plot holes in the movies that you ride a dragon carrying a train though them. And yes, I love SW, but I also can't turn off English lit brain. Sorry.

It's a fun series, not deep, but entertaining enough. Nice addition of two women in Squadron which made me happy.


Poe's sexuality isn't discussed here.  I understand the need for representation, but considering Quinn was crushing on Rey during the movie, I'm not entirely sure it's a love match for Poe and Quinn.  


Personally, I think Poe is husband to his droid.

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review 2017-09-03 14:54
I needed this
Star Wars: Princess Leia - Terry Dodson,Mark Waid

This takes place inbetween New Hope and Empire, and chronicles Leia's adventures in helping her people.  It fills a major hole in the film versions.  What I particularly enjoy is that it is women dominated.  There are one too many acts of god, but it still was a fun read.

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