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review 2019-01-15 23:51
Was More Interested in Secondary Characters
From Mum With Love - Louise Emma Clarke

Please note that I received this ARC for free from NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. 


I ended up giving this three stars because I think the author can definitely write. I just think that I was more interested in Jess's sister and her best friend more than I was with her and her trying to find fulfillment writing a mommy blog. I think it didn't help that Jess was shrill and generally unfair to her husband throughout mos of the book and also angry that a rival blogger wasn't opening her arms to her. A times you think it's the first time she ever had someone that didn't like her. The other reason why I gave this three stars is that the letters to her daughter/blog entries were actually written very well and made me smile, laugh, and tear up at times. If it had just been that, I would have given this book five stars. 


Jess is a stay at home mother dealing with her 14 month old daughter. Jess realizes that staying at home isn't all it's cracked up to be. She feels tired and resentful that her husband gets to leave all day and barely seems to be around to be around their daughter. When her husband encourages to do a mommy blog (a subject that came up some other time) Jess is surprised to see that people really want to hear what she has to say. Quickly gaining internet fame and followers, Jess is quickly set up against the queen of all mommy bloggers, Tiggy, a childhood friend. 

I think the book playing into the rivalry really wasn't a thing besides here and there. Most of this book was about Jess learning what is important and being there for her sister and her friend. I thought at times though Jess was being a brat and unreasonable. She needed people to tell her how good she was every single minute it felt like it.


The secondary characters took up a bit in this book and not complaining because I liked them, but Clarke should have pushed the rivarly more. Maybe have Jess do a huge messed up viral moment and deal with being "cancelled" by people.


I thought the writing was good, but have to say that I wish that Clarke had talked more about how someone is popular for a moment before the internet moves onto someone else. Also I am going to say it, it seems really odd to have a blog be a huge influencer these days. Most people are on Instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc. So the book missed the boat to not even have those come into play. I can't recall the last time I went out and read a lifestyle blog. I just follow people on Instagram because I like the pictures/writing content that way. The only thing I read is Apartment Therapy, Cup of Jo, and Domino. 


The flow was good. I liked the book having Jess in the present, with her typing up letters she had written to her daughter before and after she was born. 


The ending left some things up in the air (mostly with Jess and one of her best friend) but I think we are supposed to take away things are going to work out. 

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review 2019-01-15 23:35
Thriller Aspect Not Well Done
The Couple - Sarah Mitchell

Please note that I received this ARC for free from NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. 


Good grief, I don't know what to start with here. There was just too much going on. It didn't help that the author jumped back to the present and then 5 years before every every chapter. We are following our main character Claire's current engagement to a man named Angus and then her university romance with a guy named Dan. If you wanted to know about either guy, there's not much there. We just know that Clarie is still obsessing over Dan and where things went wrong, apparently went into a funk after the relationship ended and seems to be ambivalent (at best) about Angus. Things go to the weird where quickly where Claire meets a man who reminds her of Dan. And then it's just Claire running to and fro looking into something that made a little bit of sense at the end of the book. 


"The Couple" starts with Claire's engagement party to a man named Angus. Her family is pretty relieved that she has moved on from someone named Dan. FYI, it takes a while to even get to Dan and why Claire was so hung up on him. Claire works for the Home Office and deals with immigrant cases. We know she has a mother, stepfather, and brother, but she doesn't talk to them much, she is just telling you about them. Same with Angus. I didn't get a good sense of him via Claire. Same issue with Claire obsessing about the man she meets (Mark) and  her former boyfriend (Dan). She just runs around and says, well this person reminds me of Dan and I am now going to just run around and force this person to be with me, when I am not hiding it from my fiancee and trying to make things work there. This book was confusing. At least Mitchell didn't do the unreliable narrator thing (which I loathe). I think the big issue is that Claire is written inconsistently in this book. I don't know what she really wanted in the end. And then all of a sudden we get some huge reveal about things and I maybe squawked plot hole a few dozen times and let it go. 


The men were a mess in this book. We don't spend much time with anyone but the perfect Dan and good lord I didn't get it. You have to make him some big perfect love. Or something. Mitchell messes with his halo a bit, but then we don't get to see how things ended. We just get comments here and there and the rest is left to you to imagine. 


The writing feels really disconnected at times. Claire works at the Home Office and apparently deals with immigrant cases. Anytime Mitchell goes into whatever case Claire is working on the book gets odd. You have the idea that maybe Claire looks down on these people at times, or she doesn't really care (which I still say she doesn't) and all these cases just hang in the book. The flow is impacted by going from the present to five years ago. I just ceased to give a crap about Dan. Claire's obsession with him and his dealing with his ex got old fast. She was just a mess as the ex was in my opinion. That opinion isn't helped by the fact that though Mitchell over explains everything in this book, she decides to keep what happened to Dan vague. I mean you can guess what happened, but I wish that the rest of the book was more like that in order for it to really hit you.


The book's setting is mostly Angus and Clarie's home with Claire occasionally going out to stalk Mark somewhere else. 


The book ends in a whimper. 

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review 2019-01-15 15:38
This is the end, my friends...
Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave - Darynda Jones

Book source ~ NetGalley (for tour in 2018)


Charley Davidson broke the only rule she was supposed to follow and God (yes, Him) flicked her like a bug into a Hell dimension as punishment. Ok, maybe he didn’t actually flick her. He may have whisked her. Or scooted? Anyway, after 100+ years of exile she’s back and she’s not sure what she’s missed more: Reyes, her daughter, her friends or coffee. But just because she’s been gone doesn’t mean shit hasn’t hit the fan and now she has to roll up her sleeves, assuming she has sleeves, and get to work.


I finished this epic final installment of an even bigger epic series and all I could hear is the Doors playing The End. That was a stupid ringtone I picked for my phone, but anyway, I’m sad to say it is The End for Charley’s adventures. However, I left the last page behind with hope in my heart that there will, at some point, be a book/trilogy/series featuring the ever adorable Beep and her army facing off with Lucifer.


I laughed, I cried, I snorted, I drooled, so it was a typical Charley book in that respect. But I was also floored by a certain revelation. Woo doggie! I totally did not see that coming. And that thing, at the end? I never would have thought of that! So, goodbye for now, my friends. I hope to see you again soon in another dimension. Or installment. Or whatever. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally going to re-read this entire series and soon, so get some cookies and put on the tea!

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review 2019-01-15 14:06
ARC REVIEW The Duke I Once Knew by Olivia Drake

The Duke I Once Knew (Unlikely Duchesses, #1)Unlikely Duchesses #1, First in a new series and a new author for me as well and I was impressed. I loved Abby she is a loveable character what she does and how she finally takes her future into her own hands is admirable. After years of being in service to her family, not maliciously, she finally breaks free. She was a late in life baby her older siblings are all much older, when she got close to the age of coming out her mother suffered an accident and the family decided Abby would help take care of her and then as her parents got older she acted as nursemaid to them both. Now after a year of morning and both parents dead her siblings arguing over where Abby will be most beneficial. Abby feed up with not having a say so in her own future finally stand up and tells them she loves them all but no, and proceeds to take up the governess role at a neighbor's estate; even if that estate belongs to the one man she gave her heart to and then crushed after all he's never home.

Maxwell Bryce, the Duke of Rothwell had a horrible childhood the only light in his life was Abby whom he loved beyond measure but after his mother died they argued and then he was gone and none of his letters answered. Max closed off his heart and because a notorious rake. Max never wanted to return to his childhood home if he ever wanted to see his Aunt and sister they would come to him but due to circumstances beyond his control he's there now and then he finds out his Aunt hired a new governess without his approval and it's Abby.

Abby and Max have a lot of time to make up for and some misunderstandings to clear up. Once Max understands what happened he is determined not to let Abby slip through his fingers again so easily. Abby isn't so sure she's never had a season never been presented at court she doesn't think she would be good for him and throw in the fact that he brought a would be mistress who was angling for more and Abby has a whole lot of obstacles to overcome.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I didn't like Max at first but I warmed up to him the more he fell back in love with Abby he had some really sweet moments. The story was heartwarming and romantic and I definitely want to read the next books in the series. 


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review 2019-01-15 11:00
Release Day Review Doubletake! Summoned To the Thirteenth Grave (Charley Davidson #13) Darynda Jones!



Hello, Readers! Today is the release day for Summoned To the Thriteenth Grave - the final book in the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones, so I thought I would share purchase links & repost my review! Enjoy!







Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the final installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series! 


Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper extraordinaire, is pissed. She’s been kicked off the earthly plane for eternity—which is exactly the amount of time it takes to make a person stark, raving mad. But someone’s looking out for her, and she’s allowed to return after a mere hundred years in exile. Is it too much to hope for that not much has changed? Apparently it is. Bummer. 


She’s missed her daughter. She’s missed Reyes. She’s missed Cookie and Garrett and Uncle Bob. Now that she’s back on earth, it’s time to put to rest burning questions that need answers. What happened to her mother? How did she really die? Who killed her? And are cupcakes or coffee the best medicine for a broken heart? It all comes to a head in an epic showdown between good and evil in this final smart and hilarious novel.





OMG! What an explosive and stunning conclusion to the Charley Davidson world! While readers may be disappointed that the series is ending, there is no way for readers to be disappointed in this climatic ending that is such an unexpected outcome! Readers also can’t help but agree that ending the series with the thirteenth book is quite appropriate as the number thirteen has such notoriety to it. The strong, bold characters of this series have continuously wowed readers with fun, sass, and thrills throughout this excellent series and they fulfill their reputation in the final book as they all come together to save the world.


The relationship between Reyes and Charley has always been unique and passionate and the conclusion of this book keeps that tradition going which invokes numerous emotions from readers but they have to admit that it is quite fitting. As always, the story is full of adrenaline pumping suspense, excitement and sass that readers have come to love although this book may actually surpass the overall explosive and thrilling feel of the previous stories. Maybe that’s because the series is ending or maybe it’s because of the whole world ending danger that flows throughout this fast paced story. While readers may be sorry to see Charley go, they can’t wait to find out what the author has in store for readers next.




Author’s Book Page https://www.daryndajones.com/summoned-to-thirteenth-grave/


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35391370-summoned-to-thirteenth-grave


BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/books/summoned-to-the-thirteenth-grave-by-darynda-jones


Riffle - https://www.rifflebooks.com/books/1023722


Romance.io - https://www.romance.io/books/5bc6d48501dbc864fb927e7a/summoned-to-thirteenth-grave-darynda-jones


GBooks - https://books.google.com/books?id=_sgmDwAAQBAJ&dq=Darynda+Jones+summoned+to+the+thirteenth+grave&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiry8Lpoe_fAhUNR6wKHXRxCHYQ6AEIKjAA





Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave is the 13th and final book in the Charley Davidson series


Charlotte “Charley” Davidson, a part-time private investigator helping the police with her ability to contact the dead in her full-time role as the Grim Reaper, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a paranormal romantic suspense series


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/series/52637-charley-davidson


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071WQ7NPK?ref=series_rw_dp_labf



1 First Grave on the Right
1.5 For I Have Sinned
2 Second Grave on the Left
3 Third Grave Dead Ahead
4 Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
5 Fifth Grave Past the Light
5.5 Shimmer
5.6 Glow
6 Sixth Grave on the Edge
7 Seventh Grave and No Body
8 Eigth Grave After Dark
8.5 Brighter Than the Sun
9 The Dirt on Ninth Grave
10 The Curse of Tenth Grave
10.5 A Very Charley Christmas
11 Eleventh Grave in Moonlight
12 The Trouble with Twelfth Grave
13 Summoned to Thirteenth Grave




AVAILABLE in print or ebook


Amazon - https://amzn.to/2IBXGuk


Kindle - https://amzn.to/2x2hlCj


Audible - https://www.audible.com/pd/Mysteries-Thrillers/Summoned-to-Thirteenth-Grave-Audiobook/B07D84S17N?ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-467a-b5a7-13cef5d729fe&pf_rd_r=QXS3H5Q7BK026V885AXK&


B&N - http://bit.ly/2x1jeiq


Nook - http://bit.ly/2IFENGX


GPlay - http://bit.ly/2x1k3rw


iBooks - https://apple.co/2x2i6v9


IndieBound - http://bit.ly/2x4Y82I


Kobo - http://bit.ly/2IC0qrC


Powells - http://www.powells.com/book/-9781250149411


SMP - https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250149411







New York Times and USA Today bestselling author DARYNDA JONES won a Golden Heart and a RITA for her manuscript First Grave on the Right. A born storyteller, she grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike. Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.




Twitter: http://twitter.com/Darynda


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/darynda.jones.official


Website: http://www.daryndajones.com/


Pintrest - https://www.pinterest.com/darynda


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4175419.Darynda_Jones


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/authors/darynda-jones



St. Martin’s Press:

SMP Romance Twitter: https://twitter.com/heroesnhearts

& https://twitter.com/SMPRomance


SMP Romance Website: https://heroesandheartbreakers.com/








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