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review 2018-01-22 10:00
Release Day Review! Wicked Times Two (Wicked Brand # 3) Tina Donahue
Wicked Times Two (Wicked Brand Book 3) - Tina Donahue



Burned by her cheating boyfriend, Jasmina is finished with the idea of forever after with any guy. That fairy tale doesn’t exist—at least not for her. From now on, protecting her heart and letting pleasure rule is her motto.


Lucky for her, she has the perfect men in mind. Noah and Kyle, two of the hottest cops in West Palm Beach. She hasn’t been able to get them out of her head since they handled an altercation at Wicked Brand, the tattoo parlor she manages. When they come back to get inked, sparks fly.


Noah’s ready to play, and Kyle’s on board. All they want is her—submission, bondage, spanking…no strings or regrets. Seductive days roll into steamy nights, igniting feelings the guys hadn’t expected and Jasmina can’t deny.


What began as a sensual adventure could turn into so much more…if Jasmina can risk a different kind of love.


Each book in the Wicked Brand series is STANDALONE:
* Wicked Takeover
* Wicked Seduction 
* Wicked Times Two






Wonderful, solid and compelling characters that grabs readers’ attention and refuse to let go. The chemistry between Jasmina and her two sexy cops is electrifying and readers can fell it as it practically leaps off the pages and this romance isn’t all about the heat, although I promise you there is plenty of that, it’s about building a unorthodox relationship between one woman and two men.

Readers can’t help but get caught up in the suspense, the burn and the emotional turbulence that builds through the story as what starts out as something fun turns into so much more.


I haven’t read the first two books in the Wicked Brand series yet, but I will definitely be taking care of that. I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning and I am looking forward to reading more about Wicked Brand.




Wicked Times Two is the 3rd Book in the Wicked Brand series.


And is available in ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   Kobo   GPlay   eBooks


Tina Donahue can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   BookBub    Amazon   Facebook   Twitter


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text 2018-01-22 07:50
South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to cheer up your dog

Let us begin this post with a famous saying: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Majority of us will definitely agree with this quote especially those who have a pet dog. A dog can be your best friend that can also give you undying loyalty, care, and love. With all those positive feelings a dog can offer to you as its owner, it is your responsibility in return to make sure that it is always happy and cheerful. South Bellmore Veterinary Group wishes that you always keep your dog happy, thus they prepared the following to help you ensure that your dog is always cheerful and bright.


Gift your pet with some toys. Dogs can be children at heart so a new toy can also make them very excited and ecstatic. Giving them a lot of toys at once may not be a good idea because after quite some time, they might get bored with their current toys, so it would be better to store other newly bought toys at first and give them only a few now and each time they got uninterested with their current toys, put out those new toys stored in your cabinet. With this, you can make them excited and happy a lot of times without consistently buying new toys.


Initiate short or long walks. Going for a walk in a lovely weather can give a satisfying feeling to you and your dog. Short walks around your neighborhood especially during early mornings where the weather is so nice that you can feel the breeze of the air coming from those green trees in your area is advised by South Bellmore Veterinary Group to gather certain positive energy from the environment so that you and your dog will begin your day with an optimistic mindset. Create little adventures outside your home with your precious pet dog.


Give good training. Dogs can be incredible when it comes to learning new tricks even if they are already old or not that obedient than before. You can create worthwhile moments with your dog and spend quality time with him even by simply training him. Get the help of a certified pet trainer if you’re not certain where to begin the training of your dog.


Make sure of regular baths. See to it that your dog is always refreshed and comfortable with regular baths. With this, your dog can also say goodbye to those allergens. Giving your dog a bath at least two or three times a month is suggested to make your pet get used to water, but this still depends on the breed of your pet dog. You want a clean and healthy playmate right? So make your dog love taking a bath.


Encourage your dog to socialize. You can help boost the self-esteem of your dog by letting it meet new people along with their pets. The ability to meet a lot of new people and animals all at once depends on the personality of your dog, so it would be better to take the slow pace and let your dog meet new beings one at a time.


Maintain a healthy diet. Determining the best food for your dog can be best answered by your veterinarian, so make sure to note all of his recommendations to ensure the healthy diet of your pet. Your vet knows what food to give your dog according to its age and weight, so you should trust his judgment.


Perform regular visits to your vet. Trust your chosen veterinarian in keeping the best health of your dog and make sure he exhibits professional care to your pet similar to how South Bellmore Veterinary Group takes care of animals. Your vet knows your dog better so if you have questions on how to better take care of your dog, your vet can give you the best answers. The recommended time for your dog’s checkup is on every six months.


Keep a calm environment for your dog. Aside from ensuring that it lives in comfortable surroundings, you should also be the source of good and positive energy for your dog. Don’t show him anxious and poor characteristics often since similar to children, dogs follow your footsteps as well. Make your dog adore your positive and calm self.

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text 2018-01-22 03:07
South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: 3 simple steps to take care of your pets during cold seasons

Your role as a pet owner during the winter season is to make sure that your pets were protected, have a comfortable shelter, and were receiving ample warmth. The rage of tough weather conditions can be life-threatening and the intense colds and drop in temperatures can definitely affect both humans and animals. But do not fear such difficult times because with proper preparation, you and your pet can survive it, and to help you on this regard, South Bellmore Veterinary Group will share a few basic steps to remember in order to better safeguard the well-being of your pets in menacing weather conditions.


Here are the following steps in taking care of your pets during cold seasons:


Step 1: Ensure shelter for your pets


Don’t let your pets stay outside for too long especially during extreme cold weather conditions. See to it that all of them particularly the short-haired animals are inside your house and are receiving comfort and warmth. Whenever the temperature drops to a freezing level, cats will seek shelter, so make sure that your cats are well-protected inside as well. When it comes to your pet dogs living outside, ensure that their shelter is sturdy and draft-free. However, make the space small enough to keep their body temperature in, but make it possible for your pet dogs to still move around. Make a cover to the entrance of the shelter too and gather straw or cedar shavings inside for a good insulation.


Step 2: Check the electrical cords


Even the cords of the devices that were only used to warm water bowls are still needed to be checked. Make certain that they’re in a good condition and are safe from dangers. You need to put some thought on your heat lamps as well, thus place them in a spot that is far from dry bedding materials to prevent accidents from happening such as starting a fire.


Step 3: Collect all the things necessary for your pet’s emergency kit


Emergencies and accidents are very likely to happen particularly during times of dangerous weather conditions like strong and intense winter storms. South Bellmore Veterinary Group requires you to be prepared in advance and gather all the things needed for your pet’s emergency kit. Basic needs always come first so store at least a three-day supply of both food and water, and it would be better to store foods in not just any container but on airtight and waterproof ones.


Keep the medicines and medical records of your pets in a safe pouch or bag along with other important documents such as your pet’s adoption papers, registration information, and its vaccination documents. You can also discuss the matter of microchipping to your veterinarian to have your pets in a recovery database.


Buy enough materials needed for your pet’s first aid kit such as cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, bandage scissors, latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol, saline solution, antibiotic ointment, and flea and tick prevention. Don’t forget to include a reference book about your pet’s first aid so that you can perform it properly at crucial times. Other things to include in your pet’s emergency kit are collar/harness with ID tag, rabies tag, a leash, and a crate/pet carrier.


You might be surprised to the fact that a photo of you and your pet is also included on the list of your pet’s emergency kit. The reason to this is simple, for example, in case you’ve become separated with your pet during an evacuation, with the use of the picture, you can quickly document an ownership and get the help of other people as well. But include other important details too such as your pet’s gender, age, breed, color, and species.


Tough weather conditions can bring fear or stress to your pets, so to help them calm down by bringing their favorite items with them where it could be a toy or a bunch of treats. Maintain the cleanliness of your pets as well so bring ample newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach to ensure the proper sanitation of your pet’s litter box. Learn about the proper bedding and habitat materials for your exotic pets and make sure to meet their needs.


As mentioned earlier, it is your duty to keep your pets warm and safe during cold seasons, so buy added clothing for them such as sweaters to give them more comfort, especially for the short-haired animals. Melting the snow or ice outside your house requires rock salt or other chemicals, so remember to wipe your pet’s paws with a damp cloth to avoid getting their pads irritated with such substances.


Other pets can live by themselves but with extreme cold, they need to find shelter so South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests that if you found an abandoned animal in your area, immediately contact the animal welfare group in your neighborhood or the local authorities to give attention to those poor animals.

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text 2018-01-22 02:23
South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: 3 enkel skritt å ta vare på din pets i løpet av kulden årstider

Din rollen som pet eier under vintertid er for å sikre det din pets var beskyttet, har en behagelig Le, og var mottar vid varme. Raseriet av tøffe værforhold kan være livstruende og den intense forkjølelse og fall i temperaturer kan definitivt påvirke både mennesker og dyr. Bortsett fra ikke Rank slik vanskelig timene fordi med lated forberedelse, du og din pet kanne overleve den, og å hjelpe du på denne aktelse, South Bellmore Veterinary Group ville aksje et par grunn-skritt å erindre for at bedre beskytte det frisk-tilværelse av din pets inne værforhold.


Her over er det fulgte skritt inne tar bekymre av din pets i løpet av kulden årstider:


Steg 1: sikre Le til deres pets


Dont ' utleie din pets bli ytterside for også lang særlig i løpet av ekstrem kulden vær vilkårene. Se til at alle av dem spesielt kort hår dyr er inne i huset ditt, og får komfort og varme. Når som helst temperaturen faller å en fryser plan flate, kattene ville søke Le, så sikre det din kattene er frisk-beskyttet innenfor likeledes. Når det gjelder din pet hundene lever ytterside, sikre det deres Le er sturdy og Draft-ledig. Imidlertid, vil få mellomrom liten nok å oppbevare deres kropp temperatur inne, bortsett fra lage den mulig til deres pet hundene å fremdeles bevege i nærheten. Lage en dekket å inntredenen av det Le også og samle halm eller Cedar barbering innenfor for en fint isolering.


Trinn 2: Kontroller strømledningene


Selv ledningene av enhetene som ble bare brukt til varmt vann skåler er fortsatt behov for å bli sjekket. Gjøre visse at de er i god stand og er trygge for farer. Du må sette noen tenkte på varmelamper også, og dermed plassere dem på et sted som er langt fra tørt sengetøy materialer for å hindre ulykker skjer som starter en brann.


Steg 3: avhente alle saker på krevd til deres pets ' nødsituasjonen utstyr


Nødhjelp og ulykker er svært sannsynlig skje spesielt i tider med farlige værforhold som sterk og intens vinterstormer. Sør Bellmore veterinary gruppe behøver du å bli ferdig på forhånd og samle alle saker behøvde til deres pets ' nødsituasjonen utstyr. Grunnleggende behov alltid komme først så lagre minst en tre-dagers tilførsel av både mat og vann, og det ville være bedre å lagre mat i ikke bare noen container, men på lufttett og vanntett seg.


Oppbevare det medisineren og legeundersøkelse arkivene av din pets inne en pengeskap pouch eller bag jevnsides med annet betydelig dokumenter som din pets ' adopsjon legitimasjon, registrering beskjed, og dens vaccination dokumenter. Du kanne likeledes behandle saken av microchipping å din veterinarian å ha din pets inne en det å bli frisk data bank.


Kjøpe nok arbeidsmateriale behøvde til deres pets ' for det første hjelp utstyr som hytten bandasje gynge, bandasje tape, bandasje saks, latex hansken, isopropyl alkoholen, Saline løsning, antibiotikumet salve, og loppen og sjekke av forhindrer. Dont ' glem å inkludere en henvisning bestille om din pets ' for det første hjelp i den grad at du kanne utføre den riktig for avgjørende timene. Annet saker å inkludere inne din pets ' nødsituasjonen utstyr er krage/seletøy med ID tag, Rabiat tag, en leiekontrakten, og en sprinkelkasse/pet bærer.


Du kunne være forbauset å det fakta at en Foto av du og din pet er likeledes inkludert på liste over din pets ' nødsituasjonen utstyr. Anledningen å denne er enkel, for eksempel, i tilfellet youve ' bli adskilt med din pet i løpet av en evakuere, med det bruk av avbildningen, du kanne rask dokumentet en eierforhold og få hjelp av andre mennesker likeledes. Bortsett fra inkludere annet betydelig detaljene også som din pets ' kjønn, alderen, rase, fargen, og art.


Tough vær vilkårene kanne bringe Rank eller trykk å din pets, så å hjelpe seg sinnsro av bringe deres favoritt artikler med seg der hvor den det kan være en leketøy eller en samling av behandler. Vedlikeholde rensligheten av din pets likeledes så bringe vid aviser, papir håndkle, plastikk skitt bager og husoldning klor bleke å sikre det lated sanitær av din pets ' søppel bokse med. Lær om riktig sengetøy og habitat materialer for din eksotiske kjæledyr og sørg for å møte deres behov.


Idet omtalte tidligere, det er en din plikt å oppbevare din pets hjertelig og pengeskap i løpet av kulden årstider, så kjøpe addert bekledning for seg som gensere å gir seg flere komfort, særlig for det kort-håret dyrene. Smelter snøen eller isen utenfor huset krever Rock salt eller andre kjemikalier, så husk å tørke av kjæledyret ditt labber med en fuktig klut for å unngå å få sine pads irritert med slike stoffer.


Annet pets kanne bo av dem selv bortsett fra med ekstrem kulden, de nød å finner Le så Sør Bellmore veterinary gruppe foreslår det hvis du grunnlegge en forlatt dyr inne din område, med det samme sette seg i forbindelse med det dyr velferd gruppe inne din Neighborhood eller det innenbys myndigheter for å gi oppmerksomhet til de stakkars dyrene.

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review 2018-01-22 01:14
It's All in the Brushstrokes!
Wallflower Most Wanted - Manda Collins

Add a beautiful young painter and a handsome vicar who's a duke's son, throw in a dash of murder, and a sprinkle of art forgery, a Trumpian faux populist character, and there you have it.

This was enjoyable with clever writing and likable characters, but I felt like I had to keep putting it down. Could be me, with everything going on. I am looking forward to Gemma's story.

Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.

Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine: http://affairedecoeur.com.

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