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review 2018-01-23 00:00
Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device
Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device - J... Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device - James Aquilone Dead Jack is a zombie private Investigator hooked on fairy dust. He lives in a world called Pandemonium where mythological creatures are real and there are very few humans. You thought your life was hard? Well Dead Jack has it harder, he's been dead for seventy years and he has to deal with Vampires, Demons, Fairies, Witches and anything else you can imagine.   Pandemonium is a cross between New York City and Hell and anything goes there.

Working as a P.I. Jack has seen it all but he is about to walk into his biggest case yet. Along with his partner, a homunculus named Oswald, he is hired by the Goblin Queen to retrieve the goblin's missing cats. Sounds simple enough but that mystery leads to another problem. The Duke of Pandemonium has the cats and he is planning to use them to destroy Pandemonium and escape into our world. It's up to Jack and Oswald to go up against a group of supernatural villains to save their world.

When I look for a book to read I usually like something that mixes horror, comedy and has a mythology  to it. Dead Jack And The Pandemonium Device by James Aquilone has all of that and a  story that feels like a comic book story. That's a compliment by the way,  this book is a lot of fun. It starts off with Jack having a fight with some mad Leprechauns which leads to a car chase, leading to a conflict on a ghost pirate ship, a battle with a vicious kraken and  a run in with a horny shark woman. As you can see there is never a dull moment in the world of Pandemonium.

When I was first getting into this book my thought was it's funny and creative but are we going to get a story? The answer is yes, the main focus of the book seems to be to thrill the reader and make them laugh but there is also a story that has great depth. Little by little we find out what Pandemonium really is and how the inhabitants got there. We also get hints as to why Jack is where he is and what he was in our world. I also loved hearing the Duke of Pandemonium's story, he may be insane but you almost have to feel sorry for him.. This book is written like its setting up an ongoing series and we get hints as to what future stories will have in store. A second book is due out in the near future.

If you have a love for old pulp fiction or how stories are told within a comic book series then give Dead Jack And The Pandemonium Device a try. There is also some great art included and how the story is told paints a vivid picture in your head. Most of all though this book is a wickedly funny thrill ride in a land full of surprises.
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review 2017-12-13 00:00
The Noctuary: Pandemonium
The Noctuary: Pandemonium - Greg Chapman The Noctuary: Pandemonium - Greg Chapman Simon Ryan was a talented writer, he had a hard life and the dark muses in the underworld want to use him as a scribe. Now he writes words that aren’t his own and every horrifying sentence he writes comes to life in the real world. With his new power, he is given the chance to rewrite his dark past but some things can’t be changed and Simon goes missing.

A few years later, Psychiatrist, Dr. Desmond Carter finds a bloody manuscript from his former patient Simon, who he thought was dead. This sets off a chain reaction of events as the police are called along with Simon’s former agent Christina. Desmond finds out that if you write the manuscript in blood, what you write will come true, but at what cost? Now everything Desmond knew about himself and Simon is making him question his sanity and could lead to his damnation.

The Noctuary Pandemonium by Greg Chapman is an unapologetic horror novel. In the beginning, Greg describes the night as a shade of blood with people walking the street being stalked by their shadows. This is being described by someone who fears to lose his mind and he may be right. If this picture of darkness that Greg Chapman paints doesn’t sell you then this line will: “There is no finer art than the prose that terrifies! Fear is Primal!” With those words you know you are in for a gruesome read and the book doesn’t disappoint.

I love the concept here of muses from the underworld looking for someone to inspire darkness and destruction in humanity. What makes it interesting is how the people the muse chooses start to do it because they want to fix a problem. Good intentions don’t always lead to good results though and the chosen ones have to deal with the darkness that has always been inside them. The most interesting aspect to The Noctuary is that the spirits of the underworld aren’t really the bad guys, read it and you’ll understand.

There is a point in this novel where I had a lot of unanswered questions but all loose ends are tied up by the end. I loved the history behind the muses and how Hell is described almost as a living place. This book also gets into the idea of how what lies in the soul of man can be much darker than Hell and there is no escaping it. This book paints a bloody disturbing portrait that you will love if you’re a horror fan. The Noctuary Pandemonium is a dark thrill ride that will have you thinking harder about the consequences of every choice you make.
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url 2017-03-04 05:31
Anjas Buchstunden

Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr auf meinem Blog vorbeischaut und diesem auch gerne folgt. Gern folge und lese ich dann auch bei euch. Es gibt bei mir viele Rezensionen, Bilder, News und Gewinnspiele. Ich freu mich auf euch!


Anjas Buchstunden

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review 2016-08-04 00:00
Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver Pretty good page turner. I enjoyed the now and then makeup of the story. Piecing together events and outcomes, and then the big moment at the end makes me definitely ready for Book 3.
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review 2016-07-19 16:35
Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

Zdecydowała, że przeczytam drugą część serii z ciekawości jak mogą potoczyć się losy głównej bohaterki po takim zakończeniu pierwszej części. Na początku podchodziłam do tej książki bardzo sceptycznie, wiele rzeczy mi się nie podobało, np. że autorka zrezygnowała z normalnych rozdziałów na rzecz "teraz" - akcja toczy się pół roku od zdarzeń z pierwszej części i "wtedy" - akacja jest bezpośrednio kontynuowana. Lecz po czasie stwierdziłam, że dzięki temu świetnie utrzymuje zainteresowanie i napięcie, ponieważ obie wersje przedstawiały ciekawą historię.


Również podchodziłam sceptycznie do rzeczy, które działy się w tej części, wydawały mi się trochę nieprawdopodobne i naciągane, tak jakby autorka wymyśliła wiele możliwych historii i postanowiła z żadnej nie rezygnować tylko wszystkie je wcisnąć. Jednakże wszystko zostało wytłumaczone i zostaje pytanie czy czytelnik to "łyknie" bądź mu się "spodoba". Ja postanowiłam zostać neutralna, przyjęłam to do wiadomości i czytałam dalej.


Nowe postaci w tej części również budziły we mnie sprzeczne uczucia. I jak akcja toczyła się dalej jednych polubiłam bardziej, drugich znielubiłam bardziej i w sumie cieszę się z tego. Przestali być tacy jednolici, a autorka (być może, a raczej zapewne nieświadomie) dała mi wybór jakie uczucia będę do nich żywić. Nie starała się już na siłę przedstawić kogoś koniecznie w dobrym bądź złym świetle.


Romans przedstawiony w tej części może nie był już tak płynnie i bez nacisku, ale również sprawnie. Jestem całkiem zadowolona z niego. Świadomie kibicowałam głównym bohaterom. Za to zupełnie jestem niezadowolona z zakończenia. I zobaczymy jak odbije się to na ocenie ostatniej części serii, bo wiem, że na pewno zamierzam przeczytać tę książkę.

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