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review 2017-05-27 17:15
The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough
The Language of Dying - Sarah Pinborough

Tonight is a special, terrible night. A woman sits at her father's bedside watching the clock tick away the last hours of his life. Her brothers and sisters - all traumatised in their own ways, their bonds fragile - have been there for the past week, but now she is alone. And that's always when it comes. As the clock ticks in the darkness, she can only wait for it to find her...


The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough was a book that seemed to be fantastic and that a lot of my friends on Goodreads ( and other readers there) love. However, now and then am I the odd one out because this book didn't do a thing for me. I kept on expecting for the moment to show up when I would get enthralled and get sucked into the story, but it never happened.

Instead, it just dragged on, and this is not a thick book, only 144 pages long, but it felt like it took forever to get to the end. I just couldn't connect with the character nor the story. The fantasy aspect of the story was also a big failure. Instead of being mysterious and intriguing it was just odd and felt out of place. I wonder if the book and worked better if one had gotten to know the characters better if the story had been more developed. Now instead it feels like you get a quick introduction to each of the siblings, but you never really get to know them or care for them or their father.

Now, this is just my humble opinion, it's a well-loved book and perhaps it will work better for you.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!
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review 2017-04-02 04:56
An Honest Read About Dying Days...
The Language of Dying - Sarah Pinborough

I was caught on by the title - The Language of Dying and then, it was the reviews about the book, especially when I read a small printed line from Neil Gaiman that says 'A beautiful story, honestly told'. It was on the fantasy section and without any thoughts I pick it up. When I started reading, I knew this book can be read less than 1/2 a day but it took me a while to finish it (I was lazy lately, my excuse? Too much mobile games). Still, this is a book that is truly honest in words we will never spoke off but we know it is there. I only have just one problem - that convenient ending that was cut-off that I did not like and it was what a let down for me that cuts of my emotions when it was stirring during my read.


But what is The Language of Dying means? In the beginning of the first few pages, we will be reading each chapter like part-eulogy, part essay. The main character has no name to be identified, that has a sister and 3 brothers but we will be reading the main character's perspective. Their father is dying of cancer. Each day towards the last, the bonding of the family was once a crack, now broken and unable to fix come together to his dying days. A visit each day, is a visit of dread. There are no laughter or smiles, to each of their own emotionally jarred and trying to keep the spirits up but in truth, they know it is impossible to be bond as a family. I can relate to that really, that's how I felt how true Sarah Pinborough has written, one that we do not want to speak of but its true. I remember my days when my grandfather was holding on to his family members of my father and his siblings and to his last breath, the bond is broken. This is how true this book is written. I can relate to that. Its the damage that people go through that can't be fixed where our honesty is within us but never spoken of in reality. The pain written in those pages is just is... until the ending part. While I do understand what the author is trying to say, but it just did not fixed it well for me. I just can't see that last part, those three pages, work well. That's how it got out knock the last star, otherwise it would have been a four instead of three and a 1/2.


It is still a good book, the end of days of someone you used to love or some part of and its the story of how we say our own eulogies in our own hearts, which spoke true here. But how it is part of a fantasy read is beyond me or maybe the bookstore as placed it at the wrong section (but I did picked it up from that section). Readable yes, because the words are nicely written and able to relate and if you like some thing that is truly meant to be said with no pretense, sympathy is the one word you can feel towards the main character of how realities bore her down and this is who she is today, which in reality is true. I would recommend to anyone whom able to consume a little sadness with pinch of depression but its a beautiful sad book that I can say if you brushed aside the ending, you might enjoy reading this book.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-02-25 18:26
Sie weiß von Dir
Sie weiß von dir - Sarah Pinborough,Ulri... Sie weiß von dir - Sarah Pinborough,Ulrike Thiesmeyer













Rowohlt Taschenbuch





Der Nr.-1-Bestseller aus Großbritannien: Dieses Ende dürfen Sie niemandem verraten


Beinahe wäre Louise mit dem netten Mann aus dem Pub im Bett gelandet. Ein paar Tage später dann der Schock: David ist ihr neuer Chef. Und verheiratet. 


Kurz darauf lernt Louise auf der Straße durch Zufall eine Frau kennen. Seine Frau. Bald sind die beiden Freundinnen. Keine gute Idee.


Adele ist sehr schön und sie wirkt sehr verletzlich. Nach und nach verrät sie Luise Erschreckendes über ihre Ehe. Und Louise spürt: Sie hat sich in eine heikle Lage gebracht. Was sie nicht weiß: Die Begegnung mit Adele war kein Zufall. Adele hat einen Plan. Doch es ist keine Intrige aus Eifersucht. Es ist viel, viel schlimmer.


Meine Meinung:

Ich hatte im Vorfeld schon sehr viel von dem Buch gehört und war sehr gespannt darauf, der Klappentext hatte mich schon einmal sehr angesprochen. 


Das Buch konnte mich von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite fesseln, es war ein richtiger Pageturner für mich. Lediglich das Ende konnte mich gar nicht begeistern, es war mir zu absurd und realitätsfern. 


Es wird abwechselnd aus Louises und Adeles Sicht geschrieben, was das Ganze auch sehr interessant gemacht hat. 


Die Charaktere fand ich sehr gut ausgearbeitet. Mit Luise konnte ich mich direkt gut hinein versetzen, eine junge frisch getrennte Frau, die nun alleine mit ihrem Sohn lebt und an einem freien Abend in einer Bar einen interessanten Mann kennenlernt, der sich später aber leider als ihr verheirateter neuer Chef herausstellt. Und wäre das nicht schwierig genug, freundet sie sich auch noch mit seiner etwas seltsamen Ehefrau an ...


Alles in allem war dieses Buch für mich ein sehr gelungener raffinierter Thriller, lediglich das Ende hat meine Begeisterung etwas geschmälert, aber insgesamt war es ein tolles Leseerlebnis. Ich kann hier eine klare Kauf- und Leseempfehlung für alle Thrillerfans geben. Von mir bekommt das Buch sehr gute 4,5 Sterne. 



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review 2017-02-24 02:41
A dynamite book marred by a preposterous ending
Behind Her Eyes: A Novel - Sarah Pinborough

David and Adele have just moved to London to try to get a fresh start -- she's a stay-at-home wife, gorgeous, and seemingly frail -- most of all, she's deeply devoted to her husband. David's a psychiatrist who might be a bit too fond of his drink, and doesn't seem to be as devoted to Adele as she is to him. From the get-go we know there's a few things really wrong with their marriage, and you can tell that finding out just what they are (and if the drinking is really as bad as it seems) is going to be interesting, to say the least.


Louise is a single mom who needs something fun in her life -- things are going well for her ex and his girlfriend, and her son is going away for a month with them. Louise doesn't have a lot going on in here life other than her son -- she has pretty much one friend, a part-time job, and a social life that mainly consists of Netflix, cigarettes and wine. She's our point-of-entry character, the reason we care about anyone else in the book -- she's relatable, she's fun, she's real. On a rare night out, Louise meets and kisses a man (David) who later confesses to be married and leaves.


Naturally, the next day Louise meets her new boss -- David. They pledge to forget that night and move on professionally. Soon afterwards, Adele runs into Louise and a friendship develops between them -- Louise carefully never admitting that she knows Adele's husband.


Yeah, up to this point, this could be the fodder for a comedy -- something that Jennifer Weiner might write, but with a little more edge, and involving people in London. So maybe it's a dark Helen Fielding feel. Anyhow, Louise's relationships with each get deeper. And as that happens, the tone gets darker and darker -- everyone involved has secrets, and at least two of the people in this triangle aren't who we think they are. And before you know it, you've left Women's Commercial Fiction and turned the genre corner into Crime Fiction. There is evil or madness -- maybe both -- at the core of this story, and it's dark. But the book never goes as far as it could into the darkness -- it's careful about showing it. Just lets it out every now and then, so you know it's lurking out there.


The story is told from Adele's and Louise's perspective -- with flashbacks to earlier in Adele's life. Adele clearly has some problems, but it's unclear what they really are. It's tough to know whose perspective on things is more realistic -- particularly their competing ideas about David. Eventually, we start to see that one of these women is manipulating the other two in the triangle and their plans are pretty serious.


Pinborough does a masterful job of drawing you into the story, the characters, their destinies -- you can't help but care, and even before things become a psychological thriller, you'll find yourself very invested into what's going on with these people and what will happen. Once things become perilous . . . forget it, you won't be able to tear yourself away from this book. I loved the tone, the character development -- Louise is one of my favorite characters of 2017.


Now, for the first 290 pages I was enthralled and was about ready to call this the best thriller I've read in months -- maybe years. You can understand the hype about this book -- why Two Crime Writers and a Microphone devoted an episode to this book, etc. But the last 16 pages . . . I just don't know. It's impossible to really discuss these pages without defying my "no spoiler" policy. Let me put it this way, if you can swallow X -- you'll dig the last 16 pages, and your jaw just might drop in the final 6. Me? I choked on X, and was fed up with the last 6. Since I finished it, I can understand what Pinborough was trying to do -- and can even make a decent argument defending it. But I don't like it -- and think that even the best argument in her defense is codswallop.


Behind Her Eyes is a really strong book that will grab you, keep you entertained and will give you a conclusion that you'll talk about for days (at least).

What I want to give it after the last 16 pages:


2 Stars

Buuuut. . . . I think it really deserves this:


4 Stars

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/02/23/behind-her-eyes-by-sarah-pinborough
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review 2017-02-16 00:27
Behind Her Eyes
Behind Her Eyes: A Novel - Sarah Pinborough

Why is everyone talking about the ending in Sarah Pinborough's Behind Her Eyes, why indeed? That is a legitimate question and one of course that I am not going give you the answer to, you really have to read the book to find out.

"Pinch myself and say I AM AWAKE once an hour
Look at my hands. Count my fingers
Look at clock (or watch), look away, look back
Stay calm and focused
Think of a door"

Thus starts this psychological thriller that will have you turning the pages into the wee hours, I know it did me.

David meets secretary Louise, not knowing that he is her new boss and he is married. They share conversation, a drink and a kiss. Louise is a newly divorced mom with a little boy working and really has no life and only a few friends. She really does not want to get into a relationship with a married man, but eventually does.

Enter Adele, David's wife, who 'accidentally bumps into' Louise on a walk, they go for coffee and develop a mutual liking for each other. The have a blossoming friendship unknown to David. David and Louise start to have an intimate relationship unbeknownst to Adele. Or is it?

David and Adele have a secret that Louise eventually tries to figure out. Adele had given Louise a journal to read of when Adele was in an institution after the death of her parents in a fire. Adele came from wealth and we learn that David worked on the estate and when Adele was young, she followed him around. As she grew up she developed a relationship with David, against the wishes of her parents. A fire breaks out in the house and David rescues Adele and is severely injured in the process.

While Adele is at this institution, she meets a young man named Rob who after Adele is released, comes to live with David and Adele for a short period of time. Things happen that we really don't know about as the reader, why did David and Adele have to keep moving around? All of these things culminate in an ending that will knock you sideways. Just when you think that you know what is going on and who did what, the story twists. I really love these kind of stories, the stranger the better because I do not want to figure out what happens to easily. Well this is one of those stories. Kind of a freaky ending for sure. I think this will end up being my favorite thriller for 2017. A must read!

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