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review 2018-08-28 02:33
Horn Gate (Scratch #1) by Damon Suede Review
Horn Gate - Damon Suede

ORN GATE: Open at your own risk.


Librarian Isaac Stein spends his lumpy, lonely days restoring forgotten books, until the night he steals an invitation to a scandalous club steeped in sin. Descending into its bowels, he accidentally discovers Scratch, a wounded demon who feeds on lust.


Consorting with a mortal is a bad idea, but Scratch can't resist the man who knows how to open the portal that will free him and his kind. After centuries of possessing mortals, he finds himself longing to surrender.


To be together, Isaac and Scratch must flirt with damnation and escape an inhuman trafficking ring—and they have to open their hearts or they will never unlock the Horn Gate.




There is a lot of to be had in this dense smoke and mirrors paranormal story. 

I really love a plain Joe hero but he gets transformed here and while that worked with the plot we didn't get enough time in the story to think about this process.

The mythology is great as we take a deep dive into Jewish folklore but sometimes the smoke is a bit too thick in these aspects of the tale even though the prose and is fun.

Overall, I needed more romance with Scratch and more detail.

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review 2018-08-05 11:37
Scratch the Surface
Scratch the Surface - Susan Conant

I don't know how this book ended up on my TBR; at a guess it was a freebie a bookseller threw into one of my orders, but it's about cats and I'd read the author's dog series years ago, and remembered enjoying it.


At first I didn't think I'd get through it - the mc struck me as shallow - but there's a strong satiric vibe to the story; a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun poked at cozy mysteries, their authors, and the preponderance of cats involved in mysteries.  The flagrant use and acknowledgement of all the cliches, as well as serious name and title dropping, kept me going.  And the cats of course.  They don't talk, thankfully, but there are a few chapters told in the third person, but from the cats' perspective.  Nothing unreasonable, but contributing to the plot's resolution.


The mystery of who killed the dead guy ends up solved accidentally - although the cats' get some credit, or course - and the solution didn't feel all that plausible.  Or, maybe it felt plausible but too abrupt to work for me.  Regardless, it was a decent read and I enjoyed it, just probably not enough to make any wild efforts to buy any further books (if there are any).

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review 2018-04-22 00:00
Binky: License to Scratch: 5
Binky: License to Scratch: 5 - Ashley Sp... Binky: License to Scratch: 5 - Ashley Spires 4 stars

Binky and the gang are back for another humorous adventure. After being dropped off that the vet for boarding while their humans are away, Binky, Gordon, and Gracie have to face down the aliens and the professor who is working on their behalf. Quick, fun read.
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review 2018-04-15 03:26
Review: Starting from Scratch
Starting from Scratch (Lancaster Discoveries) - Kate Lloyd

Eva Lapp is a young girl or woman. She takes a job that her cousin Olivia recommends. Her brother and his family show up at her parents home two days early. Her sister-in-law decides to send her on her way. 


When she gets to Yodel’s Nursery she is in surprise for she thinks she goes to be working with plants. There a surprise when she finds out she is to manage the small cafe. 


She seems to be getting suitor left and right, though she does not feel them. She thinks they are either too young or she does not know for sure. 


Jake returns and Eva has a feeling for him. Are they true or is she just think she got feelings. Things get a little bumpy when someone breaks into the cafe or at least looks that way. Stephen seems to have a feeling for Eva but does Eva have a feeling for Stephen? 


There is an adventure at every turn once you start reading. Some folks keep blaming Jake for the burned down fire? Did Jake do it? Eva also is having trouble with whether to stay Amish or to go English? Kate Lloyd writes a completing story and shows how Eva Lapp is snuggling with her problems. Can she overcome them? Will Jake and Eva turn towards God for help?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/04/review-starting-from-scratch.html
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review 2018-02-15 00:00
Life From Scratch
Life From Scratch - Melissa Ford First fiction book in a couple of years - a pleasantly absorbing three-hour read. Better than going to a movie! Delightfully crafted word pictures. It was lovely to have a middle-aged, less than perfect Rachel. I didn't see the ending coming until it arrived, then the final few pages were predictable.

But the book is not much about food. Yes, she cooks, but that takes a back seat to the the drama of Rachel's life. One lovely character is Arianna... I liked her quite a bit. I must be getting old fashioned for I didn't care for the speed with which Rachel falls into bed for the next guy she dates. This probably rules out some bodice-busters from my reading list.

I would read this author again, and would read a sequel, if there were one. Melissa Ford, I will be perusing the fiction aisle of the library more often, thanks to you.
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