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text 2014-09-15 17:32
Left disappointed again...
Brokendown Hearts - Cameron Dane

Sorry for the repost here my friends but my slightly compulsive behaviour demands a cover for my books.


I'm starting to believe that Cameron Dane is no longer a must read for me. I bounced back and forth on this one. There were things I liked, but there were issues, Oh man, were there issues!


First I liked the idea of David getting a second chance, wanting to make amends for his past mistakes, recognizing the behaviour that led to his incarceration. 


Unfortunately the list of things I didn't like was longer I didn't like the fact that his and Ben's relationship seemed at times to be incredibly unhealthy and honestly more sex based than anything and while a healthy sex life is part of  a good relationship. I really don't agree with the "I've pissed you off so now I'll screw you and everything will be fine." solution to relationship problems.


In general there were a lot of people in this story who I think might have benefited from some form of therapy and some of them were the therapist. And one of the things that annoyed me the most was the ending (sorry if you want to know more you'll have to read the book).


For the most part I felt like I was watching a train wreck while I was reading this book. I didn't always want to look but I couldn't quite make myself look away either. In the end I'm just really not sure how I felt about a lot of what was in this book. I think it had a good premise but somewhere along the way it got derailed and things just started to loose direction and focus.


At the end I was left feeling oddly uncomfortable and disappointed with too many things to feel like I enjoyed what I read. I like a book that makes me question things, makes me look at my perceptions and how I think and feel about issues. Sometimes I reconsider what I've believed or how I've felt about an issue other times it leaves me feeling more solid and secure in my values. This just left me feeling a lot of WTF? 

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review 2014-03-13 20:50
I'm going to die in Scotland...
Ball & Chain - Abigail Roux

Oh Nick, you're not going to die in Scotland. Don't you remember? You have your own series, it's called Sidewinders, silly Nick.


I did it, I am done this book and I managed not to see any spoilers or read other reviews and as many of you will agree it's been challenging at times. I finished Ball & Chain last night and due to other commitments I had some time to ponder it before coming here to do my review.

I loved this book. As always I enjoyed every moment of Ty & Zane, I have become quite fond of Nick & Kelly even more so now. The ideal world for me would have these four men in all the books. I loved the humor I don't remember the last time I laughed so much when I was reading a book. I laughed with the book and not at it, just to clarify. I found the interaction between the four as friends added depth of character to all of them as individuals and as a group.

So yeah at the end of it all whether it's Cut & Run or the Sidewinder series, sign me up for the next book. I want it!

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review 2014-02-19 22:07
I love being WOWED by a book and this book WOWED me.
Training Season - Leta Blake

I love it when a book surprises me and this one did exactly that. It was a wonderful surprise. It went from being a pleasant, enjoyable story to "OH MY GOD, I cannot put this book down!"

At the beginning things were ok and as anyone who has read my updates know my only peeve was Matty, not the character the name. Try as I might I could not shake the image that to me a Matty is a 5 year old boy. I know it's my personal issue, but it's there and if you've read the book you know there are scenes where no 5 year old boy belongs, so for me there was that. But putting that aside and chanting my mantra of "Matty is a big boy." I got through it.

Now the important part the story, it was sweet and sexy, heartbreaking and romantic and sometimes so incredibly intense I felt swamped by the emotions being played out.

There were a host of wonderful characters in this book aside from Matty & Rob who were just incredible together. These two characters came together like a piece of perfection. I loved Matty's family, loving and supportive as a family should be, his friend Elliot, totally an over the top diva but also a staunchly loyal friend, Rob's friend, Billie and his roommate with benefits who he might have liked a little Angus, Anja, his other best friend and the mother of their son Ben and so many other minor characters who filled out this story and gave it life. This was a story that was also heartbreakingly grounded in reality for Matty and that left this reader with a very real message...Sometimes finding your happiness is about getting what you want, it's about grabbing on to what life has given you and realizing that we all make our own happiness.

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review 2014-02-17 01:47
Fun in the sun!
How I Met Your Father - L.B. Gregg

I totally enjoyed this book. It was a light fairly brief holiday story about a retired boy band getting together in a beautiful tropical setting for the wedding of one of it's members.


But before we can have the wedding we have to get to it and that is where the story begins for Jack, the father of the bride and Justin, the groom's best man. Now if each of them only knew who the other one was...they might not have gotten as up close and personal at their first meeting as they did. From here this story just gets more and more entertaining as the days progress to the wedding. People who thought to never see each other again suddenly do, there's tension between the groom to be and the father of the bride, there are secrets to be revealed and if that's not enough Jack has a teenage son who idolizes Justin and what the heck just for good measure let's all go mountain climbing in a rainstorm.


If that's not your idea of a fun time you need to read this book because you've been doing it wrong.

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review 2014-02-13 21:29
All the stars & glitter!
Glitterland - Alexis Hall

This is my 5th and final effort to write a review of some kind about this book. Each time (twice here and twice on BL) just as I get it finished it vanishes. So somewhere out in cyber space I have 4 short but rather nice reviews of this book. So now in sheer frustration all I can say is this is an amazingly beautiful & excellent book and I loved it.

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