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text 2016-03-18 15:54
Taylor Swift Book Tag




This tag is perfect for me! I LOVE Taylor Swift! This was created by TheBookLife 



1. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

*Pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with*



Storm by Donna Jo Napoli: A teenage girl stows away on Noah's Ark. It was actually boring and the writing was terrible!



2. "Red"

*Pick a book with a RED cover*

Sisters Red (Fairytale Retellings, #1)

Sister's Red by Jackson Pearce: Bonus points for red in the title? Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I found it meh.



3. "The Best Day"

*Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic*

Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-8

Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborn: I loved all of these books when I was younger and they all took you on an adventure! 



4. "Love Story" 

*Pick a book with forbidden love*


Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma: Does It get anymore Forbidden than a brother and sister? I really enjoyed this one.



5. "I Knew You Were Trouble" 

*Pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love*

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines: Favorite bad boy Rush Finlay. 



6. "Innocent" (written b/c of Kanye West!)

*Pick a book that someone ruined the ending for*

Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set, Books 1-7


Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: They didnt tell me exactly what happens in The Deathly Hallows BUT Books-A-Million spoiled the entire store on Harry's future when they were advertising a pre-order for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. IM STILL MAD.



7. "Everything Has Changed" 

*Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development*

Prisoner of Night and Fog (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #1)

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman: Gretchen Muller, niece of Adolf Hitler. I really enjoyed this one!



8. "You Belong With Me"

*Pick your most anticipated book release*

Like a River Glorious (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #2)

Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson: The second book in the Gold Seer Trilogy. I NEED IT



9. "Forever and Always"

*Pick your favorite book couple*

The Best of Me


The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks: Dawson and Amanda. It was a very close call between them and Noah and Ally from the notebook. 



10. "Come Back, Be Here"

*Pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much*

 Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #1)


Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson: Book one in the Gold Seer trilogy. Historical fiction gold rush era, with a bit of a twist. My absolute favorite!




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review 2015-08-11 14:05
Remembrance by Michelle Madow Review
Remembrance - Michelle Madow

Goodreads Synopsis: 


Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from 1815, England ... but she doesn't realize it until she meets her soul mate from the past and he triggers her memories to gradually return.

When Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school, she feels a connection to him, like she knows him. But he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching Drew is more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind?

Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, but fighting fate isn’t easy, and she’s determined to unravel the mysteries of the past.





After hearing that this story was inspired by Taylor Swift's song 'Love Story' I had to read it. However, I was quite disappointed.


I'm a sucker for a bit of soppy romance in a story but this was overly cheesy for me. Lizzie's character was annoying as she would admit to Drew that she wanted to be with him but would then turn around and say she needed to think about it, mixed signals much? I think by the end of the book every character besides Keelie either turned out to be an awful person or annoyed me in some way. The fact that when Chelsea found out about Lizzie and Drew instead of just asking her friend about it she decided to catch them out instead, that is not something a best friend does. There was also Lizzie's relationship with Jeremy which was extremely frustrating as Jeremy could be so mean towards Lizzie but if Drew hadn't shown up she would have still stayed with him regardless. 


Then there was Drew and Lizzie's relationship....I just couldn't get into it which I think was due to the fact that they were already supposed to have had this relationship back in 1815 so already knew everything about each other. I think this inhibited my opportunity to get to know them which is why I couldn't connect with them.


Considering Michelle Madow wrote this as a junior in college it was a great debut novel but I don't think I'm going to continue with this series as it just wasn't for me.

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text 2014-12-09 00:38
The Taylor Swift Book Tag



This is the Taylor Swift book tag where you take songs by her and pick a book. The tag was originally created by TheBookLife. When I saw this tag I had to do it because for one I love books and two Its about Taylor Swift and I love her I really don't care what anyone thinks. I think she is awesome.

1. We are never getting back together - pick a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with but then wanted to break up with


Twilight: This book was around the time when I just started getting more into reading and I use to be so in love with this book but I want to break up with it. Before the movies come out I really enjoyed this book it was just such a fun read and I loved the forbidden romance. My two favorite books from this series was Twilight and New Moon the other two were ok. After all the hype, the movies, and the crazy fans I was just over it.


2. Red - pick a book with a red cover

Ruby Red: This is the book I'm reading right now and it is the perfect book cover for a red cover. Just look how pretty the cover is. So far I am really enjoying this book and can't wait to read the other two books.


3. The best day - pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic

Harry Potter: I could not put these books down and read them all at once. At first when I heard of this series I did not think I would like it but then I watched the movies. I wanted to know what was going to happen next so I picket up the books and it was love. These books made me so happy and I wish it could go on forever.


4. Love Story - pick a book with a forbidden love

Luxe: I have not finish these books yet but I have read the first one and love the love story with Diana Holland and Henry Schoonmaker. Henry has arranged marriage with Diana older sister Elizabeth In which nether one want to married the other. Henry and Diana sneak around. I absolutely love them together and hope they end together in the end.


5. I knew you were trouble - pick a book with a bad character you couldn't help but love

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels Eric: My favorite bad boy would have to be Eric you can tell he is trouble by just looking at him but you just can't help it you still want him and you know he is nothing but bad news.




6. Innocent - pick a book that someone ruined the ending of

There has not really been any books I read that have been spoiled for me but there has been a few books that are movies where someone spoiled a few details.

7. Everything has changed - pick a book that has a character who goes through extensive character development

White Oleander Astrid: It has been a long time from when I have read this book. I would say Astrid change a lot in this book. She started out 12 living with her mother. she thinks her mom is the greatest person and admires her. Her mom ends up prison leaving Astrid going to different foster homes. Astrid grows and changes with each foster home and realizes her mother is not so great. I feel like from all the books I have read Astrid changes the most.


8. Forever and always - pick your favorite book couple

The Mortal Instruments Clary and Jace: I just finished this series and I just love the story with Clary and Jace. It was fun to read about them their ups and downs and how everything worked out for them. My favorite part is when they first officially met. Jace was wondering why she could see him when no one else could so he finds her at the coffee shop while she freaks out because she has no idea whats going on.




9. You belong with me - most anticipated book release


Winter book 4 of the lunar Chronicles. I wish I didn't have to wait a year for it to come out.


10. Come back, be here - pick a book you wouldn't lend out to anyone for fear of missing it too much

I don't really like people borrowing my books to begin with unless I really trust them. A book I would not want people to borrow at all is the ruby red books these cover are so pretty I would not want anything to happen to them.


11. Tear drops on my guitar - pick a book that made you cry a lot

If I Stay: Right from the first chapter you will cry. There are many sad moments and also happy moments.

12. Shake it off - Pick a book that you love so much you just shake off the haters


Battle Royale: This book is one of my favorite books I enjoyed reading it but there are many haters. There are a few similarities between Battle Royale and The Hunger Games so there has been this big debate. A lot of the people will compare the movie Battle Royale and the book The Hunger Game in which you cannot do. They took so much and changed few things when they made the movie. People will say that it does not have any background story and we do not know anything of the government but that is just not true you are not suppose to know that much about the government you are only suppose to know how much the kids know. Also there is a lot of background story of every kid there so when they dies you feel something for them unlike The Hunger Games. But I just need to shake it off.


This was a fun tag to do and I tag anyone who read this. Even if you don't like Taylor Swift you should still do it because it is still fun. In the future I would like to do other book tags after I have read more books.


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review 2014-04-09 00:00
Taylor Swift: Love Story
Taylor Swift: Love Story - Amy Gail Hansen Taylor Swift is a good singer. But she's freaking 22 or 23! Live life, truly experience things; and then write a autobiography/memoir/whatever.
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