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review 2018-09-05 20:49
The Expendable Man
The Expendable Man - Dorothy Hughes

Venner departed with the hate still ugly in his eyes, with more hate for an innocent Hugh than for a guilty. The Venners would not be changed in their generation.

I'm not going to provide many plot details for this book as I found it hugely beneficial to know next to nothing about this book. 

Every reveal, every additional detail that Hughes affords the reader changed the context of the story and how I read this. She did this masterfully. 


It is very much a story of telling you the facts, then changing one little thing, and suddenly the same facts appear different, more complex, more ... prone to consequence. 


Suddenly we get to understand why Hugh, our MC, is eager to keep his head down, does not want to engage, does not want to stand up for himself. It's because he can't. The Expendable Man tells a story of oppression (in more ways than one as we learn throughout the story) taking place in broad daylight. 


I was angry for Hugh, for his helplessness. And, yet, there are glimpses of hope in this book, too. These glimpses might just be individual characters but they were there and if we have learned anything it is that it only takes a few good people to inspire others.

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text 2018-09-03 23:52
Halloween Bingo - Amateur Sleuth
The Expendable Man - Dorothy Hughes

I'm just under half-way in this extraordinary novel and have finally been able to figure out which Bingo square this will work for.


I am allocating this one to Amateur Sleuth. It would also work for the Suspense square.


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text 2018-08-25 22:06
Aaaaargh..... & Halloween Bingo's First Book Choice
The Expendable Man - Dorothy Hughes

Since Moonlight Reader Madness is the mastermind of mischief, she's totally messed with my reading plans for this week. 

I was planning on just finishing my two current reads, and then leisurely organising my books for Halloween Bingo...


But no. Since the announcement that we are allowed 1 pre-read this week hit me on the train home this afternoon, I have been thinking about nothing but which book to pick.

It's been agony!


After a bit of shelf shuffling, I am going to read The Expendable Man by Dorothy Hughes.


I know very little about this book (and would like to keep it that way ... i.e. I want to discover it without any research), so I cannot say yet which square this one will fill. If all else fails, Genre: Suspense: or Terrifying Women should work. 


Also, since this is on my physical shelf but not on Mt. TBR, I get to swap a Mt. TBR book for this one. See what I'm doing there? It's called strategic shrinkage reading...very much in line with this month's focus on reading only physical books I already own! ;D


Happy Halloween Bingo, All!


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photo 2018-07-28 20:46
RX For Love

If you love shows like Grey's Anatomy you'll love RX For Love, the new romance by Kindle Scout author, Michelle Hughes.  Pick it up today at your favorite book retailer https://books2read.com/u/mqZEze



I thought I knew where my life was going. Which goes to show that we don’t know anything. I had the perfect life. A husband who loved me, getting the promotion as the head of our cardiopulmonary department, and a life plan that gave me purpose. Then with one fell swoop, everything was destroyed. Finding your sister in bed with the love of your life puts things in a different perspective. Discovering that she’s stealing your dream makes you question every thought you’ve ever had.

I lost everything except my medical career. The one place where my life wasn’t falling apart around me. Until it was. Dr. Eric James was our ER physician, and maybe if I hadn’t had a life plan I’d never have noticed him in the way a woman discovers a man. Maybe I’d never known what passion was before him. I came to him in a moment of weakness, and he mended a part of me I thought was broken forever. Life has a way of screwing up even the best things that have ever happened to you. 

Trauma. When reality crashes into a fantasy, sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath. I knew the right thing to do but giving up when a person’s life was in my hands went against everything I was taught. Love doesn’t follow the right rules. Unlike a medical emergency, there is no plan for survival. What I needed was a prescription for love that wouldn’t destroy the tiny part left of me still fighting to live.

Source: I thought I knew where my life was going. Which goes to show that we don’t know anything. I had the perfect life. A husband who loved me, getting the promotion as the head of our cardiopulmonary department, and a life plan that gave me purpose. The
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text 2018-07-04 19:12
Secrets of the Island - Linda Hughes


The oldest twins of the Sullivan family both enlist to serve in WWII... Harriet as a WAC nurse and Harry in the army, and end up in the same location in northern Africa. Harriet learns Harry has been injured and is being hid the day after she married her childhood sweetheart and Harry's best friend Bill. Her new husband has been injured in battle resulting in a broken leg, but when he learns Harriet is determined to rescue her brother from behind enemy lines from a native's hut, he refuses to allow her to go alone. While enroute to the rescue, they are spotted by Nazis and unbeknownst to them are followed to the hut. While in the hut, a Nazi storms in, kills Bill, wounds Harry even more and rapes (though not described in graphic detail) Harriet. A British spy posing as Nazi makes his appearance at just the right time and saves Harry and Harriet. 
Back in the states, after they return and are battling PTSD (or shell shock as it was known back then), the Sullivan family starts to uncover secrets of their progenitors that they had been unaware of. One shocking secret leads to another, and the Sullivan clan comes to realize that much of what they had thought of their ancestors was wrong. They all realize that those living trying to conceal secrets are not alone, and each generation had its share. 
This is a entertaining read, and those that enjoy historical fiction, mystery, suspense (with some romance thrown in), or unraveling genealogical puzzles would enjoy this. I received this book in exchange for an honest review-- thank you!
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