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review 2020-05-28 14:45
The Future Memory Man
The Future Memory Man: Episode Five of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian - Shanna Lauffey

by Shanna Lauffey


This is the fifth book in the series and the plot convolutions just get more interesting. One of the high points of this episode is that we finally meet Harlan, the time traveler Physicist who has been mentioned a few times since the beginning.


I love good science in a time travel novel and this one has obviously been well researched. I found myself looking up information on particle physics and finding books referred to that really exist. I now know a few names of top real life scientists in the field of temporal physics!


The beauty of it though, is that the story flows neatly despite the scientific information and it is accessible to the common person. I've never studied physics, but I followed just fine.


Apart from that, the character development continues to grow. There were multiple points of view and I'm starting to really get to know the subtleties of Marcus. We also get a look into some of Kallie's background and the changes that have happened over time with Connor start to come into focus.


It's tricky to review a book this far into a series because I don't want to write spoilers for previous episodes, but the plot deepens and takes some interesting turns. These are just getting better as they go along.


If you like time travel stories at all, read this series!

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text 2020-05-23 15:41
The Final Episode!
The Book of Revelations - Shanna Lauffey

I've been following this series from the beginning and it has kept getting better and better throughout. I don't follow many series and easily get bored with them, so this is a real exception. It has elements of Mystery and Thriller and even a touch of Romance, but technically it's Science Fiction because of the time travel.


Only there's no machine. The Time Shifters can slip through time or across distance at will, but not at the same time. And they can only move forward and backward within their life span. It's a very original concept and well executed.


I'm both looking forward to and dreading reading the last episode. I'm going to start today. Dreading it because then it will be finished!


I hope this author writes more. Oh and the paperback version is in two omnibus editions and called The Time Shifters Chronicles volumes 1 & 2. I'll add the second one to the database, the first one is already there. The series is also in audiobook.

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review 2020-05-17 14:46
Time Storm Shockwave
Time Storm Shockwave - Juliann Farnsworth

by Julienne Farnsworth


Have to love time travel that starts with an Einstein quote.


The Prologue explains a load of science, so it's definitely my kind of thing. The Earth's magnetosphere and the relationship of time, electromagnetic energy and gravity in Einstein's theories are neatly explained within context of the story. It also gives a theory of naturally occurring wormholes to explain things like the Bermuda Triangle.


So, the story in Chapter 1 starts with the sinking of Mauritania, then shows a tribal group of Time keepers in 98b.c. building pyramids, then jumps to 1943 and the military experimenting with time and space travel in the Bermuda triangle. At this stage it's not clear where the story is going to go, but it has reasonably good descriptive writing and I found myself feeling drawn in. There have been a few typos, but not so many that it brings me out of the story.


Some Bermuda triangle time and space distortions get into this one. The instruments and pilots on a routine military flight in the triangle become disoriented and suddenly find themselves off the Pacific coast. The cover up of the anomaly is more frightening than the anomaly itself, but recorded in history as a mystery.


Eventually we meet our protagonist, and Marine Biologist named Mark who is studying electromagnetic energies in the Bermuda Triangle area. His assistant, Stewart, is scared of the ocean, but swallows his fear to help his friend. Enter Ashlyn, a strange woman who arranges to meet Mark. Stewart immediately doesn't trust her and we soon learn why.


The story has out of the ordinary characters, some interesting twists and turns, and a few surprises. Much of it reads more like an espionage story, and around halfway I was wondering what happened to the time travel aspect. It does come back in later on. However, the story started to lose me just after halfway. Ashlyn, for reasons I don't want to spoil is supposed to be very sharp, but suddenly starts behaving stupidly. The typos increase in the second half and the story moves into the fantastical, which isn't a problem in itself but I suddenly felt like I was reading a different story.


In its favor, the story has a lot of references to genuine Physics and had me looking up a few things. The factual information is entwined with some science fiction fairly neatly, which enjoyed. However, the tone of the story changed in ways that made my assessment plummet from a possible 5 star read to the 3.5 that I've given it. I'd say it's a worthwhile read for time travel fans, but not going on my favorites shelf.

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review 2020-05-17 14:33
Plausible Deniability
Plausible Deniability: Book Four of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian - Shanna Lauffey

by Shanna Lauffey


Have you ever just sat with a finished book in your hand, unable to define the emotions you're feeling but feeling too contemplative to do anything else for a while? Yeah, this one did that. It's been a while since anything else has had that effect on me.


I love that these books are novella length and don't keep me waiting too long to see what happens, but I hate it that they're finished so quickly!


I also love the way this series is developing. Although it's classed as science fiction because it's time travel, the plot has been more like a Mystery and we got some revelations this time. Connections were made for Mason and Julia, plus some new background for Marcus.


Even more fascinating is watching Akalya, aka Kallie, develop. Her experiences over the past few years have had a significant effect on her outlook and I'm seeing the changes in her, but don't want to go into detail because those not as far along in the series will enjoy it more without spoilers.


All I can say is that this is a brilliant series and I'm already gasping for the next episode, although this one finished in a comfortable place. No cliffhangers. I am, however, wondering how a possible new dynamic with Mason might develop and what part Connor, the new character, will play in further episodes. He's a charismatic character and I get the feeling that we've hardly begun to get to know him. I'm also wondering about how his split loyalties will affect his actions.


The one frustrating thing is that we've been given a time loop. I trust that the Physics will be explained eventually, but I'm docking half a star for not giving me resolution this episode!


So lots of questions answered, but new ones presented. It takes a lot of skill to do that in a series. I wonder how much outlining the author does because it all seems to fall into place as if it were planned in advance, yet feels spontaneous while reading. This series makes me feel such a spectrum of emotions that I can't get enough of it. Roll on Episode Five!

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review 2020-05-16 19:17
The Lane Betrayal (Time Box #1)
The Lane Betrayal - John A. Heldt

Mark Lane is about to put in place a decision that will change the life of his family, a corporation and possibly history.  Mark has invented the Time Box in conjunction with the Janus corporation headed up by billionaire Robert Devereaux.   When Mark learns that Robert will only use the Time Box for evil, he makes a difficult decision to sabotage the company, steal the working Time Boxes and disappear into the past with his family. Mark, his wife Mary and children Jordan, Laura, Jeremy and Ashley travel in haste to 1865 Virginia.  The family tries to fit in and rebuild a life as best they can.  However, Robert Devereaux will not let Lane's betrayal slide.  Devereaux's team rebuilds a Time box and sends a hit man into the past  to enact revenge.

The Lane Betrayal is a high-stakes, action packed time travel adventure.  From the very first page the suspense is heightened as Mark destroys his friend's company and is chased into the past.  There are a lot of characters in this book, but they are all very well developed and distinctive.  The Lane's are very family oriented and serve one another well. None of the family members are perfect, but they are all trying their best to do what is right during a very weird situation.   The assassin added another layer of danger with a cold-hearted and focused attitude.  The setting of the tail end of the Civil War was an interested choice.  There is a lot of danger in the time period, especially for the men, but it was a time that they knew about well.  I enjoyed reading about Laura's time as a nurse in the field hospital.  Though her time there was difficult, it was authentic and realistic to the time period.  It was also interesting to read about the family's interactions with Lincoln himself and his advisors.  I was intrigued at the family's outlook at potentially changing history and the influence that their presence has had.  With a cliffhanger ending, I can't wait to jump into the next book and next time period with the Lane family.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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