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review 2019-10-30 15:37
Review ~ Whoa
My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve

Book source ~ Blitz. My review is voluntary and honest.


Cosette has had a rough life. Her brother was killed by a texting driver, her parents got divorced and her dad took everything for his new trophy wife, and she’s being bullied at school. At 16 she thinks the answer is suicide, but she doesn’t want to be selfish. So she comes up with the idea to go out and invite a serial killer to do the job for her. Oh, okay.


Cosette’s story started out pretty good. She’s troubled and in pain, but watching her work through the things that happen to her kept me engaged. It’s dark and angsty and a little too convenient at times, but damn. What a ride. And then…the last 20% or so, the entire thing fell apart for me. It goes from being edgy to what-the-fuck to what-the-fuckity-fuck until the grand finale ending is a you-got-to-be-shitting-me moment and not in a good way. Plus, cliffhanger anyone? No. I was all in until about 80%. After that? I’m not entirely sure I want to continue. Maybe someday. Just to see where Cosette ends up as she grows up, but I’m in no rush because honestly? I feel cheated and betrayed by that measly 20%. And in need of some serious cleansing. Because ewwwww. She is nothing like Dexter.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/my-beautiful-suicide.html
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review 2019-10-17 20:03
TWR Book Tour ~ So-so
Shadows (Sapphire Smyth & The Shadow Five #1) - R. J. Furness

Book source ~ Tour. My review is voluntary and honest.


Sapphire Smyth’s 18th birthday may not be the most enjoyable of birthdays, but it sure is memorable. After all, it’s not every day that you turn 18 and get kicked out of the foster home where you thought they cared about you. Abandoned as a child by her father when her mother died and now again by the only family she’s really known. What kind of bullshit is this?


Then something freaky happens. Is she going nuts or is she seeing shadows come to life? And what does her best friend Ben have to do with any of this? She wants answers but Ben isn’t talking. That should piss her off, but Sapphire is a bit of an idiot. And she’s easily distracted from questions needing answers. This is what I consider a major flaw of hers and it is supremely irritating.


Since this is part one of a five part serial I know it won’t come as a surprise that it’s about 100 pages and ends in a cliffhanger. The world building is sparse and the character development lacks, most likely because it is a serial and I think the story gets short-changed in this format. Probably why I don’t read serials. In any case, I think it would read better and be less frustrating (I’m looking at you short-attention-span Sapphire) if it were beefed up a bit. Since the story is very incomplete I may continue on to see what happens and review it as a whole. But I sure hope Sapphire gains some focus. And some answers. Because I just want to smack some sense into her at this point.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/twr-tour-shadows.html
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review 2019-10-02 17:54
TWR Book Tour ~ Disappointing
The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) - Josie Jaffrey

Book source ~ Tour. My review is voluntary and honest.


The Blue is the last city in the world where the Nobles can feed on uncontaminated humans. If a human goes out into the Red then they can never return to the Blue without running the risk of contaminating everyone. If the Nobles drink from a contaminated human then they lose their immortality. So they need to be sure no one wants to venture out into the Red willingly. Stories of how horrible it is out in the Red have grown with each decade that passes until the citizens of the Blue have no desire to brave it. But as with every long peace, there comes discontent.


This story is told mainly from two POVs. Julia who is a young woman low on the pecking order as a server who ends up becoming an Attendant to a Noble. An Attendant is someone who feeds the Noble. And by feed, I mean blood. Nobles are vampires who go by the name Silver in the Blue or Izcacus out in the Red.


 The other POV is Cameron who is a Silver and part of the dwindling Solis Invicti, the elite military bodyguards for the ruling person/family. He has spent tons of years, like 100s I think, out in the Red looking for someone called Emmy. Most of the book there’s no explanation about her, only that Cam is going nuts searching for her and most everyone else has given her up for dead. Since there’s virtually no backstory for Emmy (I think she might be the old Queen?) I find myself not caring about her- whether she’s alive or dead or if Cam even finds her.


While this story is a different kind of vampire story and should have been enthralling, the lack of oomph makes it only so-so for me. Julia is wishy-washy, her friend Claudia is at times a too silly nitwit, but at others she pulls up her big girl panties and becomes someone I could get behind. Cam is just a moron. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. For a being over a 1,000 years old he does some really stupid shit. In addition, I read the 1st half of the book in a constant state of confusion. I had no idea what was going on, so the world building lacks for me. Maybe others are getting something out of this that I missed, but I’m not really interested in continuing with the series.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/twr-tour-gilded-king.html
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review 2019-09-25 15:16
Review ~ Awesome!
Unearthed (Death Seeker #1) - Cecy Robson

Book source ~ Tour. My review is voluntary and honest.


Olivia Finn is not human. She’s one of the Fae, a pixie living in Earth’s realm ever since Death destroyed her world. She works for a law firm where several other Fae work. They wear talismans to hide from humans and Death. But then Death comes to the firm and everything changes. Word gets out that she’s immune to Death and it’s up to her friends and the King of the Dead to keep her alive long enough to destroy the Fae’s worst enemy, Cathasach and the Cù-Sìth. Olivia is just a paralegal and a pixie, not the savior of her people. How is she going to survive the coming war?


If you like a compelling life or death story sprinkled with humor and hope that is a mix of ordinary human life entwined with the Fae in an extraordinary situation then this is the one for you. A fantastic world and great characters make this one of my top reads of 2019. I fell into the story and didn’t want to return to mundane life when I was done. Livvie is a strong, sassy, and funny character who carries the narrative well. Her sidekicks are interesting in their own right though I hope they get beefed up a bit in future editions. This is a world I could easily dive into again and again. Most excellent!

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/09/tour-unearthed.html
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review 2019-09-03 15:47
TWR Book Tour ~ #UltimateBlogTour
A Different Time - Michael Hill

My stop (and review) on The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour!



Book source ~ Tour


It’s 2017 and 22-year-old Keith Nolan is just living his life, working a job he dislikes to pay the bills and haunting flea markets and stores trying to fill out the last of his Uncanny X-Men comic collection as a tribute to his dad. On the day he finds that final edition he needs he also picks up a home video from one of his regular vendors. In the excitement of finding the comic book he forgets about the tape for a bit. When he does remember it and gets it playing, something strange happens. The woman on the 1989 tape is 19-year-ol Lindsay Hale and when Keith plays her tape, they can hear and talk to each other. What?! And this strange phenomenon changes their lives forever.


Told from both Lindsay and Keith’s POV the story will pull you in from the start and keep hold until the end. I wanted to know more about Lindsay and I really wanted Keith to find the rest of her videotapes. This isn’t a typical time travel story because Keith doesn’t go back in time and Lindsay doesn’t come forward, so while it has some sci-fi to it I guess it could also be considered paranormal. In any case, I dare you to read this and not be cheering for these two to get together. Be prepared because this is one exciting and unusual romance with a surprise ending that will make some people happy and others not. I cried and that’s all I’ll say about it.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/09/a-different-time.html
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