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review 2017-11-09 20:25
Bound (The Clipped Saga, Book 2)
Bound - Devon McCormack

“Love isn’t about forcing someone to be with you. It’s about being with them because you want to be, because it’s the only way you can keep on.”


Phew…what a roller coaster ride this one was.  I cannot wait to see how this all comes to closure and will continue to hound our dear Devon until I get my hands on a copy.


While the moments with Kid tore at my heart, it was once again our dear Trey that emotionally tore me up.


“I don’t think it’s something I can explain. I just… from the moment I first met you… from our first encounter… there was something about you. At first, it made me furious… it made me hate you, because it was so strong. But in the brief interaction we shared, I saw something in you—something that was the reason I came to defend humanity to begin with. Something mystical. Something I’ve never seen in any creature before.”


Gaaaahhh…so love him. 


And then there is Kinzer…he will continue to just break my heart, I am certain of it.


What horrible curse made this always happen to him? Was he so trusting that he let in these twisted, most heinous of characters?


But honestly it was some of the other characters that made this book even better for me…


Eilee…such a fascinating character and brought forth quite a different dynamic with Trey than we have seen before. I loved seeing a bit of their history while also seeing the love that Trey holds for Kid.


Maggie…I grew to love that crazy ass woman more with every page.  Her moments were not only disturbing but rather gut wrenching as well. 


Vera…still the biggest bitch in the land, there is no doubt.


But no one topped Hayde.  I WANT HIM!!!! HE’S MINE.  MINE.  MINE.


I will say the only thing that kept this from being a 5 star book for me was the number of fight scenes…my heavens…I think even Jason Bourne would have been exhausted.



While we got some emotional moments and tender *giggles* lubeless sex, I needed more of these moments.  I eagerly await the conclusion as this is one series that will remain at the top of the stack for me. 


**Highly Recommended**



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review 2017-10-26 17:36
Review: Solar Bones
Solar Bones - Mike McCormack

if a tree falls
if a tree falls
in the forest and no one is present
does it make a sound
and if a string of words
has no end punctuation
is it a sentence
these are questions void of question marks posed by a reading of Solar Bones questions of purpose why make a novel out of one sentence—if one may call it that—and why make it stream of consciousness and are either of these labels being placed on this novel accurate
not at all
because this book is neither stream of consciousness or one sentence but that doesn't mean it fails, it is not stream of conscious truly because no one—or so I believe, maybe just very few—think in such complete complex thoughts we are creatures whose minds bounce around from one incomplete thought to another rarely stopping to return to—what was I saying—this novel is better classified as a slightly rambling experiment in form, a term that is as muddied as it sounds, perhaps it's better to call it interior monologue lacking grammatical accuracy, which is often confused with stream of consciousness, neither is this novel one sentence because, as I hope we've established by now, if you've made it this far and actually are understanding this rambling experiment in form that I call a review, a sentence isn't a sentence without the 
tangy taste of
Miracle Whip
that comes in the form of
end punctuation of some kind
but Solar Bones doesn't fail in story which is important since I guess you could say the point of a story is to tell a story or something, this gets confusing and the fact that Mike McCormack could write like this for more than two-hundred pages shows that he's either really skilled or that once you start a bad habit it's easy to stick with it, like
what if McCormack's intention wasn't to create something experimental, but what if he's just a bad typist
the fact I'm going off on tangents may lead a reader to believe that I am writing in stream of consciousness but I'm not
I'm just rambling
stream of consciousness would look more like, squirrel this is
nuts how did McCormack write for 224 pages like this but
once again I stray from the review at hand
which is difficult because all I want to talk about in this review is style and the definition of stream of consciousness and pointing out that a string of words without end punctuation is merely a string of words, all this should indicate how significant style is to this work and it begs questions like
why did McCormack elect to use this style
I can only venture a guess that it's because our narrator is a spirit, a fact that I don't think was made clear enough in the opening pages and that this lack of proper grammatical sentences is a case of I-don't-give-a-fuck by our ghost friend which speaking of language
reminds me how lilting the language is throughout this story, it's poetic haunting and crass, initially it's a little hard to get into the style and 
I'll be honest here, I'm probably not doing it justice, but once you get used to the voice, it sort of flows easily but take too long of a break, a day or two spent in another book and
the rhythm is thrown completely off, you have to get back into the book relearn the rhythm that is the voice of Marcus Conway, spirit
if you actually read all of this review, I wish I could buy you a cup of coffee but digital coffee sucks and I'm poor, but I hope you enjoyed it and if you didn't because you found the style irritating then you may not like this book because it is written in a similar manner though it truly does grow on the reader after ten pages or so but
if for some reason it doesn't Solar Bones may drive you
may drive you
may drive you nuts

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review 2017-10-24 23:04
Faking It (Metropolis, #1) by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack Review
Faking It - Devon McCormack,Riley Hart

Gary should be living it up in his South Tower unit of Metropolis, but he's having a hard time adjusting to his newly single status. It's not easy to walk away from five years with his ex, who he discovered was cheating on him with some North Tower twink. After a night out partying, licking his wounds, he goes to bed alone. When he wakes the next morning, there's a naked guy in his bed. Not just any guy. A stud from North Tower. But hot as he is, what the hell is he doing in his room?

Travis doesn't get why Gary's freaking out. So he went home with Gary's roommate and accidentally crawled into the wrong bed. It's not the first time he's woken up in a strange place. Maybe Gary would loosen up a little if he gave it a try as well. Travis has more important things to deal with though...like his meeting with an investor who could give him the money to start his massage clinic.

They're both sure that's the last time they'll have to deal with each other until a mix-up leads Gary's ex and Travis's investor to think they're an item, which Gary and Travis use to their benefit by posing as a couple around town. Soon, they discover the chemistry between them is off the charts. Travis brings out a sexual confidence Gary didn't know he had--one Travis enjoys exploring with him. But as the two keep up their boyfriend hoax, Gary realizes Travis isn't as shallow as he thought. Gary's starting to develop feelings for him. But Travis doesn't do relationships, and Gary should know better, considering they're just faking it...


I like a good fake relationship romance and this is a fun one. 

I like Gary who is still hurting from his awful ex. Travis is harder to like but I warm up to him as the book goes on.

I like the idea for the series and the circle of friends is enjoyable. I am glad when Travis and Gary get their HEA.

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review 2017-10-05 09:31
Owning It - Devon McCormack,Riley Hart,Michael Pauley

I really liked Derek in the first books but this one was too much.


He jokes and talks about sex non-stop to keep people from seeing through the mask. To keep them from getting to know the real him.


Luckily, Jackson doesn’t keep his distance and keeps working on Derek’s walls. Once he finally gets through and we get to see more of the real Derek, it’s all good. They are good together – I liked the age difference and the Daddy/boy dynamic they had going on. But the most part of the book, we saw Derek as he has presented himself to the world for years.

Boy, if there ever was a guy with a one-track mind. It is nearly impossible for anyone to have a normal conversation with the man. Everything is turned towards sex and flirting. I felt nothing but annoyance and exhaustion.


Although this book was disappointing, I will definitely be jumping on Frankie and Evan’s story. Those two sound promising.

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text 2017-09-13 03:41
Thoughts on the Eve of the 2017 Man Booker Shortlist
Home Fire: A Novel - Kamila Shamsie
Exit West - Mohsin Hamid
Days Without End - Sebastian Barry
Autumn: A Novel - Ali Smith
The Underground Railroad - Colson Whitehead
Solar Bones - Mike McCormack
History of Wolves - Emily Fridlund

The Man Booker Prize shortlist announcement is hours away and I've been working hard to read my way through the list. Despite my best intentions, I was only able to completely read seven of this year's nominees as well as three others in part. That leaves three novels that are at this point a complete mystery to me, so I cannot speak on them. Here are some thoughts on who might make the list tomorrow.

I think Home Fire, Exit West, and Days Without End are the three strongest contenders from the ten I've read. I will be surprised if these three do not make the shortlist. I'll be really surprised if none of the three do.

Personally, I didn't enjoy The Underground Railroad much, but I think it also stands a good chance of being shortlisted. I'll be annoyed if wins the Prize given how much attention it has garnered this year, but a shortlist nomination would be accepted.

Rounding out the list is difficult. Autumn and Solar Bones are possible contenders.

I'd love to see History of Wolves on the list as it has been a personal favorite, so far. I know many readers had a very different reaction to this novel, however, so it's a long shot to make the list. (And it has zero chance of winning the Prize.)

If I had to put money on six and only six titles, they'd be
1. Home Fire
2. Days Without End
3. Exit West
4. The Underground Railroad
5. Autumn

6. History of Wolves (anything's possible, right?)

Have you been reading the Man Booker nominees? Have any thoughts on who might be shortlisted?

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