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review 2018-02-24 00:00
Cruel Crown
Cruel Crown - VICTORIA AVEYARD Nice quick read with interesting details regarding Cal and Farley's back stories. It isn't really essential reading for the series, much of it is inferred in the main books. But they're a fun read nonetheless.
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review 2018-02-23 00:00
King's Cage
King's Cage - Victoria Aveyard King's Cage - Victoria Aveyard I am enjoying this series of books. I find it quite interesting, many of the characters and the strategies they employ bring to mind those used by many insurgent groups and terrorists around the world, whichever label you apply depending on the 'side' you are on.

The personal interactions are also interesting, especially that between Maven and Mare, which in my mind resembles that of a either a stalker or a domestic violence offender. There is no way that Maven can be rehabilitated in my mind. Aveyard's writing of these interactions is quite nuanced at the beginning, but by this particular book, the reader should be in no doubt. Maven abuses and tortures Mare.

I wondered at the events that may have influenced Aveyard, the techniques utilised by the Scarlet Guard and Silvers and the manner in which women and those of a lower status are viewed as objects to be traded for more power and status. I wonder what effect the events of Sept 11 2001 had on her. I believe she may have been about 10 or 11 years old?

The book, and the entire series seems to explore themes of terrorism v insurgency, obsessive/stalking attachment (I will not call this sort of thing love) and cruelty and torture in a domestic setting. While the Mare is not perfect, she has a lot on her plate and her unwise decisions must be viewed in their context. The difference between her and Maven at this point seems to be her desire to do right by others rather than simply fortifying her position and power.

That may be the lesson of the series, to what degree do we absolve someone of responsibility for their actions because of their situation and how much responsibility should they bear regardless of their situation?
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review 2018-02-12 00:00
Glass Sword
Glass Sword - Victoria Aveyard Not quite as good as the first one, but I fear that second volumes usually lag a bit in general. I will keep reading though as Mare’s final act in this volume probably sign posts her redemption to come.

It is interesting reading all the usual tropes common in wars, civil wars & acts of insurgency/terrorism. It’s a dialogue we hear every night on the news, convincing ourselves we are on the side of right.

Given that the book has made me think about these issues I will definitely keep reading to see what’s next.
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review 2018-02-02 00:00
Red Queen
Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard I really enjoyed this book. It was fun watching Mare come into her own power. The story will probably take off on other tangents, there is no point coming into your power if you aren’t ultimately challenged.

The writing was great and really well paced. Finished it in no time.
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review 2017-08-14 15:18
Glass Sword
Glass Sword (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

Ugh. I was hoping this book would get better for me than the first. Based on some reviews, I knew there was a risk it wouldn't, but a girl can hope, right?


Mare started out in the first book as kind of a badass. Then by the end of book one, she turned a bit whiny. Now, at the end of book two, she's basically just a cold-hearted bitch. I'm struggling to find any sort of redeeming quality for her. Yeah, she's young and been through a lot - I get that she might snap a few times and say something insensitive. But we're in her head, so it's her thoughts too. She turns on everyone - all because Julian, who she knew for only a short period of time, once told her that 'anyone can betray anyone' (and we hear that statement ALL THE FREAKING TIME). She apparently trusts what this Julian says more so than her family or Kilorn who she's known her whole life and continues to stand by her even though she shits on him all the time. Julian must have been right because Maven, the guy she didn't really know and was betrothed to out of force, betrayed her. Sure, that makes perfect sense for why she wouldn't trust the people who have been by her side from the beginning. What??


And I'm seriously missing why Mare is treated as the most important person in existence, by both sides. I could understand why Maven would be obsessed with getting her back under her control -- except for the fact that he tried to kill her. So if he wanted to control her why wouldn't he have done that from the start? 


And it was way too long. By like 200 pages. Maybe more. Just a lot of nonaction and thoughts from Mare which were the same thoughts on every other page. 


Ugh. I'm taking a break from this series. There's one more out right now, and I think there's a 4th coming. I hope that will be the last one. I don't know yet if I'll finish out the series. I sort of don't really care at this point.

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