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review 2016-07-05 23:55
Urban Fantasy With Norse Gods YES !
Arctic Dawn - Karissa Laurel

Book Two in the Norse Chronicles series

Spoiler free review


I loved book one, it was the perfect mix of fantasy, action, suspense, with a tease of romance and great writing. Book two, took all that was generated in the first book and intensified it. I did not want it to stop, I dreaded the ending which came too soon. My mind carried the story into my dreams, working out some of the problems for the characters.

The story is written with such beautiful imagery, it's poetic at times. The words twisted to squeeze every emotion out of the scenes. I found myself re-reading lines just to hear them again.


Solina, she is a woman I can admire. She is faced with two or more hot hunky male gods and she doesn't jump on them ripping their clothes off. How she can hold back is a wonder to me. This is a character that thinks things through. It irritated the crunch off my toast a few times but I enjoyed the story more without the typical romantic tangle in the middle of a life or death brawl. This girl takes her saving the world job seriously. She'll think about the body slamming mojo after the job is done. Thank the gods for a thinking female main character.

There is so much happening in this book, when it rains it pours even for Norse gods.

Thorin, son of Thor, ancient and yet young in this human world develops into a more relatable god man. His history, his beliefs and his choices. He is a god, powerful, ancient, and sometimes an idiot. Solina, after a long time away must come out of hiding to search for her friend Skyla and track down a very dangerous weapon. her powers are still in the learning phase but she tries and never gives up. Skyla, the tough as nails Marine finds herself at a well of information, Val does a lot of disappearing, and touching. Helen, well her wicked ways continue.  There are emotional distractions on top of the world saving must do know actions that churn and drive this reader and the characters nuts. We all needed a spa day after that ending.


Let's talk about the ending. Naughty Ms. Laurel, you tease ! Yes, there was a terrific cliffhanger. Now I must hang and swing over the sharp edge till book three is released. That was brutal of you and I thank you for it. 


I was lucky enough to be given an advanced reading copy for my reading pleasure and review.

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review 2015-07-30 02:43
Nordic Loving Urban Fantasy
Midnight Burning - Karissa Laurel

A Nordic myth loving-fest with action, mysteries and sexy Nordic men.

Solina is morning the death of her brother. She goes to the small town in where he lived and worked to find answers and settle his affairs. She suffers from dreams, terrible nightmares that involve  her brothers death and a wolf like creature. she wants to find some answers. First she must deal with two very different men who knew him well.

Aleksander Thorin looks like a Viking, ice blond, imposing body with a side of menace.  He comes off gruff and cold. This Nordic hunk was her brothers employer.   Val was his friend, and is excited to have her in town. He is the intense yet flirty fun guy that her brother brought home with him before. Both imposing, both sexy, both hiding something, secrets hidden always come out eventually.

This town, these people, the mystery changes everything as Solina knows it. Her light will finally shine, as the truths unfold. As her knowledge increases so does the danger. She must place her life in the hands of these men, but she doesn't do it blindly. She keeps her head centered on the goal, and doesn't fumble into rescue me princess mode.

Fantastic urban fantasy, with just the right amount of action, danger, mystery, hunks, gods, tease of romance, and mythology to make my reading heart happy. Wonderful world building and character development, and this is a first book ! Absolutely, an author to watch and follow if her first book was this great.


" He was beautiful...in the same way a size hundred pound feral tiger is beautiful."- this is about Thorin, meow, get me some catnip


"Regrets are like scars-emotional wounds that never heal quite right."- truth

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review 2015-05-30 14:07
Raunchy Hilarious Fun
American Badass - Jeff Chacon

I laughed, cringed, snorted and wanted to grab a sanitizing cloth. This is so off the charts from what you expect in a zombie read. It’s funny, with all kinds of politically incorrect moments, idiotic people, ridiculous situations, bloody bone dipping and of course brains. It was just what I wanted, dark humor.
Ron, the zombie used to be a zombie killer till he was hit by a truck and changed into a slow walking, brain eating flesh addict. The world hasn’t seen a zombie in months and it seems they have become extinct. So what is an ex-zombie killer, who isn’t supposed to exist to do when he just might be the last zombie standing ? Well he heads to Vegas where he can blend in with the other off beat types and find his daughter who lives there. He was married to a blonde it didn’t work out so he only does brunettes now, well he tried. Yeas, he’s a horny one, his lower body brain seems to have a better blood flow, but don’t hold it against him. On the plan a pair of breast attached to a blond woman begin a raunchy adventure through Vegas bars, bathrooms, shag carpet, sex and eyeballs. Why is it that eyeballs taste so good going down ? LOL
Raunchy fun with a dead guy in Vegas. Hangover (the movie) gone dark and twisted but with even more laughs. If this is made into a movie I’m there with my jar of eyeballs, ah I mean olives to much on. Open ended, for American Badass 2 ?

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text 2015-05-21 15:19
Reading progress update: I've read 53%.
American Badass - Jeff Chacon

Oh it's a Zombie Party in the basement 

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text 2015-05-20 19:46
Reading progress update: I've read 32%.
American Badass - Jeff Chacon

Breasts, breasts, breasts and more breasts. LOL Male authors can be so focused on their interests. LOL

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