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review 2018-03-12 10:00
New Release Review! Absolved (Altered #3) Marnee Blake
Absolved (The Altered Series) - Marnee Blake



Since a brain-altering drug killed most of Luke Kincaid’s town—including his father—and left him telekinetic, he’s determined to stop the fanatic who stole the drug to create his own super-powered army. That means working with scientist Dr. Beth Jenkins, whose graphic tees and beautiful smile are some of Luke’s biggest distractions.

A science prodigy, Beth works with the FBI and solves the toughest crimes, but she can’t figure out what caused her mother’s early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The drug that ravaged Luke’s town is volatile, and the mortality rate is still high, yet Beth is convinced it holds the key to saving her mother, even if sexy and tortured Luke doesn’t believe it should be adapted for commercial use. 

When bodies start to pile up, though, the two loners must decide if the goals that tie them together are greater the fears that would tear them apart.




Thrills, superheroes and supervillains keep readers on the edge of their seat throughout this exciting Altered book.


Beth and Luke are strong, dynamic characters that draw readers in and refuse to let go as they chase bad guys and work through their issues in order to embrace the attraction that pulls them together despite their differences which has sparks flying and the readers easily becoming enamored with the couple. The romance is sweet, full of angst and steamy heat while the fast paced plot keeps readers on edge with lots of twists, turns and thrilling suspense as well as exciting action as they try to get ahead of the bad guys and stop the carnage that they are causing in a diabolical grab for power.


I haven’t read the first two books in this series but I will definitely be remedying that as I was completely captivated by the characters and fascinated with the world. Marnee Blake created an exciting world that is the stuff of comic book heroes, with wonderful characters and some unique elements that add spice to her story and she brought it all to picture perfect life with well written words that make it easy for readers to imagine every last detail. So, I will be reading the ones I missed and looking forward to reading more from Marnee Blake.




Absolved is the 3rd book in the Altered series.


Absolved is available in print or ebook at:

Amazon    B&N   Kobo   GPlay   iBooks   eBooks


Marnee Blake can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   BookBub   Facebook   Twitter   Pintrest   Instagram



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text 2018-02-12 01:28
Reading progress update: I've read 67 out of 516 pages.
Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan

"Lot of the hotels on this strip are A.I.” She grinned at me through the smoke. “That’s why no one stays in them. Shame, really. I read somewhere they’re hardwired to want customers the way people want sex. That’s got to be frustrating, right?”

Morgan, Richard K.. Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs Novels) (p. 67). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.








Wants to say something about how I'm hardwired, but can't think straight enough to get that done. 


I'm not really paying attention to the audiobook: too tired, too nervous about the internship tomorrow. 


Anyway, yeah, gonna finish up a couple things, then go to bed and read for a half hour or so before I sleep, I think.


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text 2018-02-12 00:24
Listening to the audiobook
Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan

I wanna.   And the thing is I have it accessible via Scribd.   


Scribd, who didn't make me add my credit card when I got the code for their free six months, so I don't even have to worry about them just spontaneously charging me.   I'm having a  lot of fun so far.   Got the one thing I wanted to get done via homework today, so I'm reading a little.   Or listening, while knitting.  


I'm quite enjoying this narrator, Todd McLaren.   

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text 2018-02-11 22:56
Reading progress update: I've read 63 out of 516 pages.
Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan

Why someone had seen fit to equip the Hendrix’s security systems with twenty-millimeter automatic cannon was beyond me, but they did the job with devastating totality.

Morgan, Richard K.. Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs Novels) (p. 64). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Sighs.   As much as I love the Hendrix Hotel - and Jimi Hendrix - this is disappointing on some level.  I suspect Hendrix will be drastically different from Poe, who ran The Raven in the show, but their use of unnecessarily brutal violent when they take on host prerogatives is a similarity.   And I could love them equally, but right now I miss Poe!  


Anyway, homework for the rest of the night, but I might slip in some more reading during my lunch at my internship tomorrow!  

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review 2017-09-20 04:33
Halloween Bingo - Cozy Mystery - This time for sure
The Case Has Altered - Martha Grimes



I thoroughly enjoyed this.


If I were a truly dedicated mystery reader, I might have been bothered by all the side stories, for there were a lot of them.  Jury's romance, and Plant's lack thereof.  The courtroom shenanigans of barristers, solicitors, and the wanna-bes.  Aunt Agatha and the Long Pidd denizens were like old friends I hadn't seen in a long time.


Oh, yes, and the murder.  Or murders, I should say. 


Although I liked Ruth Rendell's The Babes in the Wood, I felt the resolution was a little too much after the fact.  Here, however, Grimes held virtually nothing back.  All the information was there for the right person to put it together.


Two women are killed.  One is a well-known beauty who is almost universally disliked.  The other is an unattractive servant who is almost universally ignored.  One is shot; two weeks later the other strangled.  The local police inspector, one Arthur Bannen, has only circumstantial evidence, but it all points to a woman Scotland Yard's Richard Jury has more than a passing interest in.


In an attempt to collect additional information, Jury enlists his friend Melrose Plant to pose as an antiques appraiser.  Plant, the wealthy former earl, is none to eager but he agrees to learn just enough about a few important pieces.  He has no idea how valuable that knowledge will become, or how it will impact people who have absolutely nothing to do with the murder investigation.


I like reading about people I can care about.  Even though this is the first Grimes novel I've read in close to 20 years, I still felt as though I knew these characters.  Sgt. Wiggins with his allergies, Aunt Agatha with her . . . designs.  I enjoyed spending some time with them again.


Did I figure out who the murderer was?  Oh, toward the end I did, when a little bit more information was made available and a few people let some things slip.  But I'm not one of those who has a need to solve the case before the end of the book.  I'm content reading and discovering right along with the characters.



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