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review 2020-05-02 19:13
Review ~ Awesome!
Lily - Michael Thomas Ford,Staven Andersen


Book source ~ Gifted


On the morning of her thirteenth birthday Lily touched her father and saw his death. Thinking it was a bad dream, she realizes it’s a curse when he dies that very day. Her mother whisks her away from the village she grew up in to the outside world that doesn’t have any magic. Joining a traveling tent revival the evangelical preacher uses Lily’s gift for his own gain. In the meantime, Baba Yaga has taken an interest in Lily. Which is surely not a good thing. How will Lily get back to the only place she loved, rescue the girl she’s falling in love with, and complete the quest Baba Yaga has given her?


This is a fascinating tale about Baba Yaga and a girl who can see death. Strange and compelling I couldn’t help but drop into the story and stay there to cheer Lily on to a satisfactory conclusion. It defies pigeon-holing and crosses several genre lines. It’s young adult, fantasy, horror, and LGBT. Plus, it’s illustrated! This is my first read of Michael Thomas Ford and I look forward to delving into more of his works.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2020/05/lily.html
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review 2020-02-01 22:50
Review ~ Great read!
Burden of Truth - Kristin Ward

Book source ~ Review copy. My review is voluntary and honest.


Enora Byrnes has lived her whole life under the control of the DMC. Water is scarce and the resource must be carefully guarded. But the resistance believes the DMC has more than they are sharing. Enora and Springer were soldiers for the DMC once. Now they are with the resistance and with each day that passes, things get worse. Stories are told on both sides, but they both can’t be right. Can they?


This is a bleak look into a future we don’t want. Ever. I can’t imagine this world as a real world and yet I know it could happen. If we aren’t much more careful with this planet we live on, that supports us, we will be staring right into the face of this tale. And it is not pretty. Enora is such a conflicted character. At times it’s hard to like her because she has a tendency to be an idiot, but for the most part I feel for her. Springer is her one constant and he’s still a bit of a mystery. One thing that’s unquestionable is his devotion to Enora. He always has her back. They are in this together, all the way to the end. And then there’s Ander. What are they going to do with him? If you like YA Dystopian stories then you should really pick up After the Green Withered and this one. They will wring your heart out until you’re left with a dried out husk. Fitting for this desolate world.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2020/02/burden-of-truth.html
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text 2019-08-19 14:33
Author Spotlight ~ Tour

Hop over and catch my author spotlight on Dianne Duvall's Death of Darkness book tour. There's an awesome giveaway, too!


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/08/death-of-darkness-author-spotlight.html
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text 2019-06-11 10:51
Choosing the Right Tuition Center Makes the Difference

Now that everyone has realized the necessity of getting their children admitted in good tuition centers, the question is the way to find the best tuition centers. The online method seems to be best because you can see all the details on the web. You can see what curriculum they are adopting. There are details about what is being taught in each tuition class. The website also gives details about the tutors that teach in the center. This will give you a good idea about the center and whether it is best for your children.


Teachers Should Pay Individual Attention


The coaching center should have a lesser number of pupils in a class so that the students can get individual attention. This is required to improve the performance of these students. The main problem with school is that the students don't get the full attention of the teacher as there are too many students in a class. The center for tuition should solve this problem.


The tutors must know the needs of each student and take care of that. The must know the aspirations of the students and guide them about reaching their career goals. They should give the students enough information about how to get admission for their preferred courses and how can they prepare for their desired career.



Let Them Learn a Higher Level of English


The aim of the Gifted Education Program is to reward students who score very high marks with a chance to overtake their peers. It also helps the students to get easier admissions to colleges. But studying the GEP subjects is not easy. They are at a much higher level than the mainstream syllabus. The students should take extra efforts if they want to ace the subjects.


The GEP English tuition provided by a good tuition center will help them cope with the higher standards. The tuition will teach them the use of complex words. They can learn to write in a much better way. The vocabulary of these students is improved with such tuition. This tuition will help them in scoring high in the exams.



Learning the Intricacies of Science to Score Better


The tuition for a higher level of science learning is conducted by teachers who can take the students on a journey that is most interesting and educative. The GEP science tuition aims at making science as interesting as possible while making students ready for the tough tests then face.

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text 2019-04-19 11:42
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - Diablo (The Gifted Ones #2) by J.M. Wolf
Diablo (The Gifted Ones #2) - J.M. Wolf

Trace Black hasn’t forgotten the tragic death of his parents and birth pack. His only focus since then was looking after his twin brother, Casey. Now that Casey has found his fated mate and started a family of his own, Trace has given everyone the cold shoulders, preferring the comfort of solitude. But one alpha who rescued him from being attacked by beta wolves changed everything for Trace, as he once again faces the monster who killed his family. Unfortunately, that same monster is also his fated mate. 

A decision made in the heat of anger and vengeance changed Antonio de la Llama’s life, and not for the better. Now an alpha jaguar shifter and fire mage, Antonio spent the next four-hundred years unable to control the evil that burned within himself, thus granting him the name, Diablo. But one encounter with his fated Omega and Diablo has found more reason than ever to prove to Trace that he’s not the same monster who killed his family. That the strength which comes with love is greater than anger. But can Trace put his own anger for the alpha in the past? 

An alpha who’s trapped in the flames of hell, and the omega who’s destined to set him free. Can these two troubled souls who’re still trapped by their past learn to let go, so they can face the future together? Will Trace be able to forgive the alpha who stole everything from him, and will Diablo find a new kind of strength worth holding onto? 

This MPREG novel contains sexual and verbal adult content specifically made for adults 18 and up! This novel also contains a lot of action and violence, death, snarky ice wolves, sexy belly dancing, steamy fire play in the bedroom, and cute babies. 

*** This is book 2 in the series, but can be read as a standalone story – no cliffhangers ***


@debbiereadsbook, @author_jmwolf, #MM, #Paranormal, #Romance, #Mpreg, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/04/19/Diablo-The-Gifted-Ones-2-by-JM-Wolf
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