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review 2017-01-01 02:36
This was the perfect way to end 2016!
Well Hung - Lauren Blakely

Well Hung - Lauren Blakely 


This was adorable.  It truly was.  Wyatt and Natalie were so great together even if Wyatt couldn't get his head out his you know what.  I had fun, I swooned a couple of times, and even screamed at Wyatt (I actually did that quite a bit).  And then the way that he got them back together...*sigh*.  


With the crappy 2016 I've had, I needed something to make me sigh.  To make me have a little hope for the possibility that 2017 won't be apocalyptic crap show I'm thinking it's going to be.  And this book did it for me.  So for the next two and half hours left to the year, I think my heart will be a little lighter.  Thanks, Lauren Blakely!



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review 2016-12-30 01:33
Cute Cinderella Story
Royally Screwed (The Royally Series Book 1) - Emma Chase

Royally Screwed (The Royally Series Book 1) - Emma Chase 


I really enjoyed this one.  The characters were great and I loved their witty banter.  Olivia and Nicholas seemed to really get each other, and that is so key.  I loved the Prince was so good at the dirty talk.  I can see why he was so successful with the ladies.


I listened to this one audio mostly because Andi Ardnt was narrating but I found a new voice to appreciate -- Shane East.  He did such a great Prince Nicholas, I swear I could have listened to him talk all night.


My only issue with this one was that it was wrapped up way too quickly.  I thought that Nicholas needed to gravel just a bit more for how he acted.  But honestly, I probably would have caved quickly too.


Some big things happened at the end of this one, so I can't wait to see what happens in book two.  

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review 2016-12-28 10:20
Another great time with my girl Lillian!
Easy Street (LillianByrd Crime Series) (Volume 4) - Elizabeth Sims


Easy Street (Lillian Byrd Crime Series) (Volume 4) - Elizabeth Sims 


This book is the fourth installment in the Lillian Byrd series and we see Lillian get into more trouble.  This time with a recently retired cop friend, a homeless man, and a femme fatale named Audrey Knox.


What starts out as trying to help someone out ends up with murder and a mystery surrounding drug money and the people after it.  Of course Lillian is right in the thick of things and craziness ensues.


It seems as though the author sticks for a formula, but the formula works and the stories are different enough that it's just so enjoyable to take the ride with the cooky main character.


Once again the narrator just embodies the whole story for me.  I find myself trying to find reasons to listen instead of read which is unusual for me.


I will definitely be reading all the books in this series.  I'm just a little sad that there are only five.  

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review 2016-12-28 01:59
Oh Sophronia!
Waistcoats & Weaponry - Gail Carriger

Waistcoats & Weaponry - Gail Carriger 


I just adore this series and this book was no different.  There was so much happening in this third book of the Finishing School Series, it was like something new with every page.  It kept me engaged and definitely kept me guessing.  I have to admit that I didn't get the plot right.  I was way off base.  But, it was fun trying to figure it all out.


We have some members of the "team" moving on at the end of this book and some who we are quite sure of at this point.  I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next book.  I for one am kind of rooting for the more unconventional relationship in all of this.


I've continued to listen to this series on audio and Moira Quirk is amazing.  I can't imaging not listening to it.  The delivery is perfect, and I could never do her characters justice in my head.

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review 2016-12-27 23:47
Great Debut Novel!
Under Rose-Tainted Skies - Louise D. Gornall

Under Rose-Tainted Skies - Louise Gornall 


UNDER ROSE-TAINTED SKIES is the debut novel by author Louise Gornall, and it was one of the better YA books I've read this year. All of the characters in the book in flawed but it's in the flaws where their strength lies. It's also in their flaws that the reader roots for them, empathizes with their failures, and truly hopes for them to have that elusive HEA.

This book centers around Norah, a 17 year old agoraphobic with OCD who is essentially trapped in her own mind. She's pretty debilitated due to these things, and it's with the help of her new neighbor, Luke, that she's that although she has limitations, she still has a lot to offer.

Let me start off by saying that this book truly intrigued me. As a healthcare professional, I see quite of bit of psychiatric illnesses come through my office, but Norah is a case that I would rarely see as I am not a psychiatrist and work in an outpatient office. It was painful to read about the many difficulties this young woman was having, but it was also really encouraging to see how she was able to deal with them.

Although this book centered around Norah, I really loved the other characters too. Luke's awkwardness was endearing, Norah's mom was fiercely loyal to her kid when it had to be difficult to deal with her illness all the time, and Dr. Reeves, Norah's psychiatrist was amazing with her.

There was a bit of romance here, nothing heavy, but I thought Luke and Norah were cute together. I thought it was a bit unrealistic, but, I'm pretty cynical, so maybe their relationship could happen in real life. And that was one of my issues with the book. I wish the relationship between Luke and Norah seemed more authentic, but maybe that's what a relationship would look like for Norah.

But, what really drew me to the story was the inner dialogue that Norah had going. It was utterly engrossing getting to delve into the mind of this character. There were so many layers there, and I thought it was extremely well done.

UNDER ROSE-TAINTED SKIES gets *4 STARS* from me for the story, the characters, and the author's voice. I am impressed that this is a debut novel, and I look forward to the great things to come from this author.

*Advanced Reader's Copy provided by NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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