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review 2018-05-22 19:33
Our Kind of Cruelty: A Novel - Araminta Hall

Wow, this guy Mike was definitely cray, cray. The whole book was about him and Verity (V). The author really only showed us things from his point of view. And, his point of view IMO delved way into the fantastical.

The author never tells you what V is thinking until she makes her statement at trial.

I've read reviews where people are blaming either V or Mike and why they they feel that why. Here's mine, for what it's worth.

I think Mike is pretty much delusional in his thoughts and V did not know how to handle him. Every time she told him that she loved someone else, he would dismiss it and carry on as if she had said nothing.

I think everyone is going to see something different in their regard to this question.

An interesting book that will be debated by everyone who reads it. It had me shaking my head many times and saying "unbelievable, how he sees things". I can only say, read it and see what you think.

Thanks to Farrar, Strous & Giroux and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2018-05-18 07:37
Our Kind of Cruelty: A Novel - Araminta Hall

Mike and Verity, or V as he calls her, are in love, or so he thinks. He’s not even shocked to discover she’s engaged to someone she met during his sojourn in America. It’s all part of the weird game they play and she’ll soon be back again, ready for the next episode. Intense or what! Neither of this pair have particularly likeable qualities it has to be said. Creepy Mike sees hidden messages or signs in everything to do with Verity and she is all he can focus on to the detriment of anything else. It was a great start as we get into Mike’s mindset, but there’s a bit too much repetition, especially in court when it’s all played out again. If only the epilogue was from Verity’s point of view, then there would have been some sort of ending, instead of just Mike, Mike, Mike. Loved the style of writing, the idea of this plus the reason why.

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review 2018-05-15 14:21
Our Kind of Cruelty
Our Kind of Cruelty: A Novel - Araminta Hall

Mike Hayes grew up being neglected by his mother. While at university he met the beautiful Verity. She taught him about love. Mike became a successful, wealthy, handsome young man. He has dedicated his life to making her happy and making sure everything is perfect so they can live in bliss. He loves Verity so much that it doesn't matter that they don't live together or see each other anymore. It doesn't matter that she doesn't return his calls or emails. It doesn't even matter that she's marrying another guy. Because this is all just part of a secret game they used to play. If he watches her close enough he'll see that she's giving him signs. He'll know when to rescue her.

I was so excited to start reading this. There were lots of things I did like about this book - Mike made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to talk some sense into him, which wouldn't have worked anyway. The concept was great. Mike and Verity's relationship was intense. Over the years they had grown to know one another well. But what about now? Is Verity really giving him signs? Is she in on this? This book had so much potential but it ultimately left me disappointed. It was boring. It wasn't as dark as I thought it was going to be. It became tedious and repetitious. And, for me, it's also forgettable.

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review 2018-04-30 05:26
The Greed
The Greed - Scott Bergstrom

I personally don't give a shit about the controversy surrounding the author and his remarks on the YA genre. I'm rating the book not the author and both books were damn good! If there's another book forthcoming I'm reading it too.


I actually listened to the audiobook and Thérèse Pullmer's narration was outstanding, as always! I've never once heard a performance from her (or January LaVoy) that I didn't like.

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review 2018-02-03 16:10
3.8 Out Of 5 Stars for this dark, twisted AF love story...
Our Kind of Cruelty: A Novel - Araminta Hall





Book Title:  Our Kind of Cruelty

Author:  Araminta Hall

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Publisher:  Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

Source: I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.









~The Blurb (which is an excellent summarization for this book)~

This is a love story. Mike’s love story.

Mike Hayes fought his way out of a brutal childhood and into a quiet if lonely life before he met Verity Metcalf. V taught him about love, and in return, Mike has dedicated his life to making her happy. He’s found the perfect home, the perfect job, he’s sculpted himself into the physical ideal V has always wanted. He knows they’ll be blissfully happy together.

It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t been returning his emails or phone calls.

It doesn’t matter that she says she’s marrying Angus.

It’s all just part of the secret game they used to play. If Mike watches V closely, he’ll see the signs. If he keeps track of her every move he’ll know just when to come to her rescue…

A spellbinding, darkly twisted novel about desire and obsession, and the complicated lines between truth and perception, Our Kind of Cruelty introduces Araminta Hall, a chilling new voice in psychological suspense.







Plot~ 4/5

Main Characters~ 3.5/5

Secondary Characters~ 3.8/5

The Feels~ 5/5

Pacing~ 4/5

Addictiveness~ 5/5

Theme or Tone~4/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 3.8/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 4/5

Originality~ 4.5/5

Ending~ 3.7/5  Cliffhanger~ …sort of open-ended.


Book Cover~ Okay, I guess…

Setting~ London, England





~My Thoughts~


A compelling, provocative, and utterly disturbing story about obsessive love…with a decidedly English feel (this is coming from an American, though) to it.  Being inside Mike's head is uncomfortable…I really despise stalkers, and he left me feeling positively icky.  It is odd though, that he made me doubt, like seriously doubt, everything.  In fact…I don't know if I truly understood the ending.  Maybe, that's what the Author wants???  But, overall, I was hooked while reading this and had to know where this was ultimately going.  Although, I was slightly mystified with the ending.


~Will I read more from this Author?~ I don't really know, honestly.


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