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review 2017-05-27 01:19
Fortunately, I've posted a new review
Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman,Skottie Young

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Skottie Young is simply delightful. It's hard for me to decide which was more enjoyable: the writing or the drawings. Honestly, I think that the reason I enjoyed this book so much was that the two of them paired so well together. This is exactly the kind of story that an imaginative parent would tell their child and embellish over time. The main character of this book is a father who is left alone to watch the kids and who goes out to get milk for breakfast and takes forever to get back home.When he finally returns he spins an impossible yarn to explain his tardiness to his extremely skeptical children. Anyone who has read Gaiman's writing knows that he's an absolutely wonderful fantasy author but it's his sense of humor that makes this book unique. Maybe you've heard of 'dad jokes' before? Well, this is basically one big dad joke accompanied by super cute ink illustrations. 10/10 on all fronts.


I absolutely love the illustrations by Skottie Young. This is another one of those books where you want to hang up the illustrations on the wall of your house...at least I do.

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2017-02-10 19:42
The World's Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes More Than 500 of the Punniest Jokes Dads Love to Tell
Wonderful book this edition of The World's Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes More Than 500 of the Punniest Jokes Dads Love to Tell by Barbour Publishing.

This book will be released on April First, and you will find truly truly hilarious jokes, for all tastes and ages. 

Some of them pretty known but all of them remarkably funny, there will be a good laugh for all the family. 

Jokes are organized in sections so that you can find them with great simplicity discovering for every occasion the best joke to tell to your friends or to the rest of your family, for building memories with a laugh or a good smile or for enjoying a special moment of relaxation all together. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Barbour for this book.
Source: alfemminile.blogspot.it
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url 2013-12-12 18:23
Dad Jokes by Rick Grimes

Only tenuously related to books - the show is based on a comic, I guess? - but reader, I lol'd. 


Oh, also, possible spoilers. 

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text 2013-11-10 18:02
Day 10: Book That Reminds You Of Home
Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle - Si Robertson
Bambi - Felix Salten

When I think of home, I think of my dad's house in Newbern, where I grew up. He still lives in the house we've owned since I was 2, and not a lot has changed. Not even the carpet. (Yikes. Trust me, it needs changing.) It's country, with a gravel driveway and a carport and a big, swampy lake in the backyard.


So books that make me think of home always involve the country, the woods, hunting and general Redneck-ery.


Si-Cology 1 just reminded me of my dad because of the sweet tea, the camo and the constant hunting. Plus he made bad jokes, just like my old man.


Bambi isn't your typical "reminds me of home" book, but it makes me think of home because I read it, sitting on my dad's old 70's gold couch when I was 11. I had cable, a Sega Genesis and a phone in my room (we we're dirt poor so this stuff is a big deal, people), but I still chose to turn all that off and read quite a bit. This one, in particular, was special because it involves a deer, and we're avid hunters.


Now I feel the need to go call my dad and tell him "I love you, you cranky old fart."

(Daddy and me sleeping on one of our old couches. I think he's wearing suspenders. Dad was hipster before it was cool. LOL)

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review 2013-11-08 02:34
I Have 2 Dads (kinda)
Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle - Si Robertson

Really, this book is a 3-star read, but I gave it an extra star for Si being so much like my dad. (My husband can vouch for me on this.)


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