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review 2018-04-08 22:02
Mi ha sorpresa la sincerità.
La vita nuova - Dante Alighieri

«Ecce Deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur michi.»

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review 2018-01-27 02:40
Delivering Dante (Made Marian #6) by Lucy Lennox Review
Delivering Dante: A Made Marian Novel (Volume 6) - Lucy Lennox

AJ: I know Dante’s story better than anyone. After all, I was the one who rescued him from his homophobic, abusive father eight years ago. Since then, I’ve kept my distance, but when I run into him at the Marian House gala and he doesn’t recognize me, I can’t resist the incredible, sensitive man he’s become.

I would do anything to protect Dante Marian, but what if his past keeps me from being part of his future?

Dante: Every new relationship has obstacles, it just turns out that ours involves my bumbling inexperience (ugh), an octogenarian naughty toy party (don’t ask), and being on the run in an RV with Aunt Tilly (it involves the Secret Service— no really, don’t ask).

When my biological father takes his homophobic views to a national platform, the only way to stand up for what I believe in is to claim my past and confront him. So now it’s time to decide: do I put the past behind me and walk away from AJ for good or face my biggest fear and fight for what’s mine?

Fair warning: Dante and AJ’s story contains frequent detailed scenes of man parts touching, little old ladies being inappropriate (this time with, ah, props), and two hearts finding their HEA when they least expect it.

While it can also be read on its own, Delivering Dante is the sixth in the Made Marian series. Each book tells the story of one of the Marian brothers' search for true love.


This entry in the series is the most madcap comedy based paired with the most touching of the stories dealing with homophobia and abuse. 

Overall, it is pretty light hearted but Dante suffered a great deal as a child and confronting his abuser as an adult hurts. 

Dante and Angel have explosive chemistry and the entire gang is along for this ride. We have babies and great aunts and grannies everywhere. 

It is a good time even if the the emotionial resolutions are a bit ham handed.

I am looking forward to a few more in this world even though we are out of brothers

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text 2018-01-20 13:13
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - The Druid's Gift (The Nameless Gods #1) by Dante Silva & Vanessa Mozes
The Druid's Gift - Dante Silva

After facing betrayal, Nuné undertakes a pilgrimage into the mountains at her druid sisters' behest. Plans of washing away her sorrows at journey's end are dashed when she falls prey to the night elf warrior, D'leer. With her magic in danger, Nuné must make D’leer see reason lest others befall her fate. 

Tyrinden D'leer always knew he would advance to highest rank one day, but not like this. Caught between adhering to his superiors and resisting the tenacious druid, he finds himself in an impossible position, but when Nuné saves his life, he can no longer ignore his feelings. 

However Tyrinden D'leer isn't the only man to come from the mountains, and the danger that lingers threatens to take him from the woman he can't let go of.


@SilvaMozes, @debbiereadsbook, #Fantasy, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/debbie/thedruidsgiftthenamelessgods1bydantesilvavanessamozes
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text 2018-01-16 16:36
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - The Banger Trilogy by Donya Lynne
Choose Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
Covet Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
Cherish Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe

She wants a sexy summer fling. He wants more. And he won’t stop until he gets it. 

Katherine Clayton, divorcée and single mother of two, just sent her kids to California to spend the summer with their father. During the ten months of the year when they’re in her custody, she gives all of herself to her children. She doesn’t even date. But the summers are hers, and she’s going to make the most of their absence with her annual summer fling. 

Unfortunately, her past four summer romances have fallen flat. If she can’t find a man this summer who can fulfill her needs, this year’s fling will be her last. Katherine needs a man who won’t leave her unsatisfied. For her, bigger truly is better, and anything less than huge won’t do. 

Greyson James is more man below the waist than most women can handle, and he’s beyond frustrated that he’s unable to enjoy the great sex other men take for granted. Since he finds no pleasure in causing women pain, traditional sex has become a novelty . . . until he meets Katherine. She’s exactly what he needs and vice versa. And the chemistry between them is undeniable. 

But after one night of intense passion, neither is prepared for the wicked ride fate has in store for them. Katherine just inherited her retiring father’s company, and the last thing on her mind is selling. But that’s exactly what Greyson wants her to do, which she finds out in a shocking turn of events when she shows up to a meeting in her father’s place to find that the person she’s meeting with is none other than the captivating man she spent one gloriously erotic night with just days before. 

Now Katherine must decide if she can trust Greyson with not only her heart, but her company. 

As the Banger Trilogy unfolds, Greyson and Katherine will wrestle with their feelings for each other, long-held family secrets will be revealed, and scandals neither could have imagined will rock them to the core. 

Will what they’ve found in each other be enough for happily ever after? Or will one passionate summer be all they share?

Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/debbie/thebangertrilogybydonyalynne
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review 2018-01-10 16:10
get the tissues, you'll need them!
Cherish Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
I AGAIN stress my point: You NEED all three before you start!! Seriously, DO NOT attempt these books til you have all three (book one is currently free Jan 6th 2018) Book three picks up right where book two leaves off, with that devastating revelation that leaves both Kathrine and Greyson heartbroken. And me, to tell you the truth! That bawling your eyes I mentioned before?? Here, in flipping buckets! Make sure you have tissues! It is emotionally draining, reading about what really happened to Greyson dad, and to Katherine's mum. What happened to push his dad to do what he did. What pushed HER dad to do what he did. It's vague, I know, but I work hard NOT to include spoilers! It's just one big mess! And there, front and centre are two broken hearts. Two people who cannot deal with all this at the moment, but they HAVE to. Two halves of one whole that NEED to be back together, but still there are walls. Walls around her heart, his heart too, that need to be broken down for them to be really happy! And while it IS heartbreaking reading, it is also amazing watching them both, deal with what's happened. Having their breakdown, and pulling themselves out of that funk and fighting for what they want. Greyson, especially pulls no punches in going after the one thing, the one PERSON who totally makes him whole. And of course, there are a couple of dramas along the way, that were sprung outta nowhere, and throw everything about, but its great watching Katherine overcome those. And they do, finally, in a most awesome way, get their happy ever after. I read this one in one sitting, 90 minutes again! I'm annoyed with myself, you know?? Because I WAS going to buy these books when they were originally published in 7 parts, and I never got round to it, and I could have had all this awesomeness on my kindle way before now. So, I can only give this third book the same as the rest, 5 full and shiny stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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