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review 2017-08-31 13:19
Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX (2015) #4 (Giant-Size Little Marvel- AvX (2015)) - Skottie Young,Skottie Young

The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans get involved as the fight over the twins spills over to everyone. 


Funny, charming, just gorgeous art - pencils, inks, colors, everything - this is a perfect mini-series.  I need to remember I own this on Comixology whenever I need to cheer myself up.   Love, love, love!

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review 2017-08-30 23:44
I'm rereading this series for apparently one panel of Black Bolt
Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX (2015) #1 (Giant-Size Little Marvel- AvX (2015)) - Skottie Young,Skottie Young

Worth it.   This is Skottie Young's take on AvX: all the heroes are children and they're fighting over things like burnt toys, and who gets the new twins in town X-Men or Avengers.   It's adorable, and it sidesteps all the real reasons the Avengers versus X-Men were really fighting: to save the world, because they thought they knew what was best, the same reasons as ever, really. 


Still, you'd think the lack of tension would hurt this title, but it only adds to my delight.   How wonderful to see these childish version of these heroes.   Young take every opportunity he can to make a bad pun, or throw in a reference to the heroes origins stories, that he can, too, and this adds another layer to the storyline.  


There's enough warmth and humor that I end up caring about this silly little street fight, even knowing what it was really based on, and how serious those issues of freedom versus safety were, and still are. 


Love, love, love this series.   

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text 2017-08-13 20:23
Doctor Strange (2015-) #23 - Dennis Hopeless,Niko Henrichon

More Secret Empire.   So gross.   Especially the whole Wilson Fisk thing.  I'm over this all right now.   


I wish I could give this whole event and all the tie-ins negative stars.

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text 2017-06-26 23:14
To Marvel
Doctor Strange (2015-) #22 - Dennis Hopeless,Niko Henrichon,Chris Bachalo

You keep shoving the Secret Empire tie-in in my regularly read comics.   I hate SE.   It's gross.   It's all gross. 


It's particularly fucking heinous that you force Doctor Strange to work with Wilson Fisk.  I'm gonna give a big, fucking middle finger to that bullshit.   So here's your one half star, which apparently you've been begging for.  Fuck that bullshit.   Fuck it all. 



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review 2017-06-08 23:36
Hey, another Aaron issue!
Doctor Strange (2015-) #20 - Jason Aaron,Chris Bachalo,Kevin Nowlan,Various

Not sure why 20 came out after issue 21, though?   But it was nice to find another Aaron issue, and one not connected to Secret Empire!   When Zelma's life is put on the line for Doctor Strange, he finds himself compelled to consider a solution that will save her life - but also change it forever.   A solution that, by the way, Wong finds so abhorrent that he walks out of the room when Doctor Strange makes the suggestion. 


And when Zelma is confronted with the choice, she chooses life no matter the cost.   What will it mean for her, and for Strange himself? 


I'm sad to see some things change, but excited by others.   This issue was funny, but showed Zelma to be more than the normal girl she thinks she is: she's warm, brave, and smart.   The art, the writing, everything is top notch, and this issue shakes things up for the next phase in the Doctor Strange series.   

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