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review 2016-10-03 18:32
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life - Lance Armstrong,Sally Jenkins

This biography covers from his childhood and his first days on a bike to his first victory in Tour de France. Besides his battle against cancer and marriage and first son. It was interesting and enlightening. However, Lance Armstrong is truly a nasty character. It is true that, in regards to the bike, he improves a little bit after his battle against cancer, and by improving, I mean he comes to like the bike. He didn't before; it wasn't a passion for the sport, for the freedom, or whatever every sportsman feels. No, he started because he wanted to get out of his town. In a way, that is impressive, and no wonder he is so cocky about it. He truly got where he is due a lot of effort. Still, he was so nasty with people around him. Always cocky, always on the defensive, always "me, me, me". Impossible NOT to dislike him, regardless of his talent and all his accomplishments. I was even feeling sorry for his first serious girlfriend, the one who was besides him when he was sick. She was mentioned like, twice and was dismissed so fast once he meets his first wife.

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review 2015-10-15 13:48
Behind Iron Lace - Mercy Celeste

DNF at 81%

About a quarter of the book was good. I liked Darcy's personality, I liked the chemistry between him and Caleb. It may not be gay-for-you... it is in reality a I-realize-I-am-gay-because-of-you, which is nearly as good as a g4u. Nearly, in my mind, but not entirely. The sex scenes are smoking hot. The lust and heat between these two was amazing. For those scenes alone I would have rate it a lot higher. And what I love the most is that their hot scenes are not in the bed, but on an otoman, on the floor, on the couch, etc. Super steamy.

But we know that a MM Romance is not -entirely- about sex scenes.

The things I hated **spoilerish**:

- Insta-love. They are proclaiming their love for each other at the 3rd day. THIRD DAY. While I may have forgiven that, they were saying ILY every freaking chance. And not only when they were intimate.

- Darcy had never been with a guy before. Never thought about being with a man before. But he bottoms like a pro. Takes it like a pro. And they did not even use a freaking lube. Gah, while I think spit is a gross form of lubrication, at least there is a kind of lubrication. But not to use it at all on a virgin-butt guy... and that he enjoys it... yeah, right. Oh, and the tiny little issue that THEY DO NOT USE CONDOMS. They have known each other for 2 days, Caleb could be a manwhore for all we know, but he gaves the "I am clean" trash.

- Caleb is WAY too dramatic. His life I mean. Everything bad that could happen to someone happened to him. His mother has cancer, when he was younger he had been used by his first lover (who used him as a prostitute), he killed that guy, he had been in prison, he had been raped, etc. WOW, talk about a rough past. It was just too much.

- Darcy's ex-girlfriend is a crazy psycho who did crazy stuffs. Another WAY too melodramatic problem.

- Turns out, everyone is gay. Darcy, the goth guy, Bailey, Amber, Caleb's mother and his housekeeper, Caleb's best friend. Am I missing someone else?

- Which leads to the final con. Bubba, Caleb's best friend, is in love with him. He hates Darcy. He is also married to Caleb's cousin. I hated when he showed up when Darcy and Caleb were having sex and watched them. It made me sick. But worst of all, when he, afterwards, kissed Caleb and Caleb kissed him back. With tongue and all. And of course, Darcy discovered them and then ran away. They were already in an established relationship -Caleb and Darcy-. They were living together, Darcy came out with his parents, were so "in love". Then goes freaking Caleb and kissed Bubba like he meant it, and oh, all because he had known Bubba for years and had been his first love.


I don't care if there are past feelings or whatever. Caleb cheated on Darcy and would have continue if Darcy did not walk on them. **vomits**

I HATE any kind of disloyalty. I guess stupid Darcy will forgive him eventually, so this is a DNF for me.

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review 2015-08-20 17:22
The Curse of the Island Pool - Virginia Coffman
Pros: the mystery. I had no idea who the murderer was, everyone was a suspect. When it is finally revealed it seemed to OoC, proving that the murderer was the least suspicious of them.

Cons: the heroine, Cathy, was a hysterical chick who depended too much on the men. Weak character who did not have enough common sense. The other characters were all unlikeable. There is a woman killed by a car and no one reacts like it is supposed to. The love interest was bland and without a trace of humor. He was also a watchdog (Cathy could not give a step alone outside of the house without him or another bully dragging her back) and an ass.

He smiled a little to soften his reply. "Never think, Cathy. It is not one of your strong points.

And her reaction:

I was half pleased at his mastery and half annoyed at his remark, and I sat silent, in a huff.
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review 2015-06-24 15:20
Royal Date - Sariah S. Wilson

I was waiting impatiently for the release of this book. I loved the author's first book, and I felt also part of the publication of this book because I voted for it in Amazon (my first time).


Boy, this turned out to be a total disappointment. It was boring, so boring. I could not stand the MC (I forgot her name, she is THAT forgettable). Seems like fun, right? A common girl meeting a prince. She is a guest in his castle and they fall in love. Yeah, it would have been fun if they said characters were NOT so perfect. I hated the prince. Was there a reason? Not really. Just that he was TOO perfect, physically and in behavior. I distrust this kind of man, to be honest. If he had at least ONE flaw... but he didn't.


Very corny, and all situations are extremely unbelievable.

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review 2015-06-24 15:02
Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

I think I may have read all the good ones written by SK. Because this one was awful. Well, not really. It would have been good if it wasn't for "ghost" Sadie.

I hated her, intensely. She behaved like a spoiled girl the entire book. Her shouts made my head hurt. It was like she was shouting in my ear. If it wasn't her stupid necklace it was Lara's clothes. Or Ed. Or dancing. I can't say which one was worst: necklace, Ed, dancing. Multiply that by a hundred and you will get Sadie's demands. And no, she wasn't funny AT ALL.

I had to scan-read the last chapters cuz I just couldn't take her anymore. Gosh, her whinny voice. Strident noise for my ears.


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