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review 2018-02-07 19:41
Witchblade (2017) #1 - Caitlin Kittredge,Roberta Ingranata,Bryan Valenza

Complete reboot of Witchblade written and drawn by a woman. 


It's compelling, because it's got the same feel while being new, too, and I'm loving the trend of novelists writing comics.   


Beautiful art, and Alex Underwood, the former reporter with PTSD, is a fuller character than I'd expected.   She also now works with victims in New York City, and advocates for them.   


And she's got the Witchblade, although she doesn't want to acknowledge it yet.   She thinks her 'hallucinations' are part of her PTSD.  


We get a glimpse of her real power at the end of issue one.   Probably going to keep getting this digitally at this point.   I just don't have the room or money to keep adding paper books to my pull list :/

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review 2018-02-02 20:24
Beautiful and heartbreaking
Birthright Vol. 1: Homecoming - Joshua Williamson,Andrei Bressan,Adriano Lucas

When Mikey disappears on his birthday, his father is blamed: after all, Aaron was playing with Mikey near the woods.   One year later, Aaron's life is falling apart - and an adult man who claims to be Mikey shows up, raving about wizards that he has to destroy and a fantasy world that he was supposedly living in during that year.   


Except nothing is at it seems, and there's a lot of tension between Mikey, his family and the people from Terranos, the world he's been living in as of late. 


Beautiful artwork, gorgeously heartbreaking story that blanches the Earth story and Terranos story nicely.   Wish I had more of this, but alas.  I may purchase or borrow at some point.

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review 2018-01-04 17:50
I don't even know how to write this review
God Hates Astronauts Vol. 1 - Ryan Browne,Ryan Browne

This is batshit.   Crazytown bananpants.   


Like I have no clue what to say except that this is hilarious and just what I needed; I'm still unsure of what to read now because nothing is working for me, but this?   This did.  


It's hilarious and brilliant, and I didn't have to think too hard, I just had to sit back, read, and have fun.

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review 2017-12-28 00:07
Fabulously horrific
Demonic #1 - Niko Walter,Dan Brown,Christopher Sebela

Demonic is about a detective named Scott Graves who was raised in a cult (because his parents abandoned him and his siblings there) and he's tormented by this fact.   His daughter is very sick, to the point of four years of visiting doctors, and an immunologist is mentioned at one point.   (I'm guessing an autoimmune disease, but it's never outright said in this issue.)


When a woman who claims to be taken over by a demon kills someone, Graves rushes in and is the only one to hear her talk about Novo, and the demons.   (At first I thought Novo was the demon, and it may be, but it's also the name of the cult: the Novo cult.)   


Graves may have a demon inside him as well, one who promises to cure his daughter if he becomes hers at night and kills for him each night without fail.   


It's creepy as hell, and I'm thinking of looking to see if it's on sale with the post-Christmas sales on Comixology since I only have one issue from Humble Bundle!

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review 2017-12-27 23:26
Black Road #1 - Garry Brown,Brian Wood,Dave McCaig

It's nice to read something awesome.   So, yeah, guys, I just bought another Humble Bundle - because Judge Dredd - so I'm trying to clear some of the things I like less off my computer to make more room for more PDFs.  


I'm blowing through some single issues right now, and Black Road fit that bill.   It was also a historical story about the Vikings being converted by the Christians.   Magnus, who could be on a Viking boat, is skulking around.   His wife is dead, and he's trying to learn more about Christianity and the Christians to decide if he's fighting for or against them.   


When he's hired to take a Cardinal along the 'Northern Road' - what is locally known as the Black Road - he discovers the Cardinal's guardian angel, and what said Cardinal was fighting against.   Julia explains, and the Cardinal had been less violent or hypocritical than any other Christian Magnus has met, so for now, he's helping.  


Fun, and while there are hints of the potentially supernatural elements, none of the events have been portrayed as unexplainable by rational means.   So I'm not sure where that will go, or if this series will continue to walk that fine line. 


So far it's just been a great deal of fun!

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