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review 2021-07-13 03:13
Caught in the Moment (Freefall #1) - Brandy Walker

Laurel is the photographer for the yearbook in high school. She crushes on Quin, the football team captain. After taking photos of the team, she takes some candid shots of Quin and he notices her and makes a derogatory remark that ends up making her last year of high school a living nightmare. Ten years later she is taking photos for a book and ends up at his skydiving school where he does not remember her. When he finally puts it all together he wants to make up for what he did in high school. She still has her crush but will she see him as anything more?


I enjoyed this story. It was quick and focused on the two of them. She tries to keep the personal from the professional but the lines blur. I liked that we get his thoughts on what happened in high school and what he hopes for now. I liked both Laurel and Quin but his brothers still the show when Laurel goes to Guys Night. I laughed at how they teased Quin. Just like siblings!


I hope I already have the next book in the series; otherwise I might not be able to finish this series. And I want to!

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review 2015-03-24 13:34
At Death's Door by Astrid V. Tallaksen
At Death's Door (Freefall Book 1) - Astrid V. Tallaksen

At Death's Door takes a very interesting take on angels, demons, their motivations, and how they all got here.  I really enjoyed this look at the world as it took a new turn that I hadn't read before.  There is a story about the Garden of Eden that I particularly enjoyed, but can't say much more.  Let's just say that it gives the story of Adam and Eve a whole new dimension.

Sara and Daniel's story wasn't always a happy one.  Their story was the small bit of romance in the story, and it was a bit of a tragic one - but not completely.  Their history was a little confusing and there were a few things I never quite seemed to wrap my head around - but they were little things.  Their history set up a ton of great surprises to come out as the story unravels and leaves a lot of questions unanswered - perhaps more will be revealed in book two.

Both characters were quite dynamic.  While Sara had the most growth and change due to her circumstances, Daniel has his moments as well, especially towards the end of the story.  Sara's son raises a lot of questions for me.  I know he is something special, but he just didn't seem quite right to me.  I hope the author makes his personality and character more clear in the second book.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2015/03/review-at-deaths-door-freefall-1-by.html
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text 2015-03-18 04:18
HURRY Great BOGOF offer!
FREEFALL (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 5) - Zara Cox

Love sexy romance? Check out FREEFALL, an Indigo Lounge novel, by Zara Cox and even better news, as a special thank you, if you pre-order FREEFALL, you'll get the novella, HIGH: THE WEDDING for free! Details :http://bit.ly/1EW2Ige 

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review 2014-05-05 12:32
Freefall - Andrea Speed

There are many aspects that I love about Speed's writing. She has a way of developing strong and well developed characters and her descriptions pull you right into the story, but unfortunately, it’s not all good. She has a tendency to tell rather than show and merely summarizes large portions of the plot. This has always been an issue for me. I also think she has too many mysteries going on at once and tends to lose focus on any one given issue.

As far as character advancement and development, I enjoyed book 1 (Freefall) better than book 2 (Bloodletting). The mysteries not so much. There were a lot of holes and were rushed at the end. The mysteries in book 2 were fairly solid.

In book 1, we see Roan’s destructive behavior in the forefront. He uses his anger as a shield. It’s basically his go to emotion. It created a tense and volatile atmosphere. Roan is depressed and hates what is happening with the lion, along with almost everything else in his life. It’s heart-breaking to see him struggle with everything. I didn't get the same feel in book 2. I’m not a fan of splitting the books into two novellas or books. For me, even though not a lot of time passes, it breaks the flow and the feel of the story telling. 

Book 2 brings an entire new set of issues for Roan and because I was in the same frame of mind from book 1, this was a letdown. I was expecting to see more of Roan’s self destructive behavior but the story shifts to Roan’s problem with headaches. I can see where the author is taking this but because of the change in story-lines, her writing seems clunky and doesn't always work for me.

I really enjoyed hearing more from Dylan and Holden. I love how Holden is becoming a prominent character. That’s really what saved book 2. Although I like Dylan and I think he is good for Roan, I hope he’s strong enough to handle the relationship. 

One of my favorite parts was when  

Dylan sketched the tattoo of Paris on Roan’s arm. At first I thought it was selfish of Roan to include Dylan in this but once Dylan was sketching I saw how much it brought them closer together. Dylan is so understanding and loving and it allowed Dylan to share a part of Paris with Roan. 

(spoiler show)

 It was a perfect moment.

This is always a fun world to be in.

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review 2014-04-11 00:00
Infected: Freefall (Infected Series)
Freefall - Andrea Speed There was a definite change in pace here from the previous ones. There was some more show than just plain tell (although in all fairness, it was sort of 'told', just most the stuff was at least actually told by characters and not a disembodied narrative voice, so I wasn't left feeling so off about it), unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed having insight in the life of characters other than the MC, most that tell was kind of boring to me. Maybe I just wasn't as invested in that particular storyline. The rest of it was okay, I enjoyed the book (and the series so far), but it's probably not something I'd re-read.
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