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text 2017-12-16 16:12
Reading progress update: I've read 92 out of 203 pages.
The Ginza Ghost: and other stories - Ho-Ling Wong,Keikichi Ōsaka

"The Phantom Wife" - Huh. Okay then. I wouldn't really call this a mystery.


A teacher divorces his wife, believing her to have cheated on him. The wife kills herself, and then the teacher is soon found murdered. The teacher's servant sees the scene of the crime and thinks the wife came back as a ghost and killed him (many of Osaka's murder mysteries start with someone thinking they have a root in the supernatural), but of course that wasn't what happened. Rather than deducing everything, the doctor who examines the body figures out just enough to know where to go next, after which they find a letter that explains everything. I think this is the second time this has happened. Not really my favorite thing for a mystery to do.


Next up, "The Mesmerising Light."

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review 2017-12-09 17:20
The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror - William Meikle

The Ghost Club: an informal gathering of the literary icons of the Victorian Age. The price of admission...a dark tale told by each member.
William Meikle has not only offered up 14 lost tales by this illustrious group, he has done something that raises him to a "Victorian Voice" in his own right, and surely an honorary member welcome to his place with them. No author has the talent to give voice to the dearly departed quite like Mr.Meikle. The man has a full blown author seance in his head. He even gave me pause with authors I consider myself wholly familiar with.
THE GHOST CLUB more than earns it's place next to the classics on any horror purist's book shelf, William Meikle has earned a place with the authors of those classics.
A magnificent collection of dark delights.

Highest possible recommendation.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Crystal Lake Publishing for the chance to read and review the e-arc. You've all outdone yourselves.

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text 2017-12-09 16:34
Reading progress update: I've read 82 out of 203 pages.
The Ginza Ghost: and other stories - Ho-Ling Wong,Keikichi Ōsaka

"The Monster of the Lighthouse" - The Shiomaki Lighthouse has been having problems for a while now - instead of sending out light every 15 seconds, it has occasionally sent out light every 30 seconds, which has so far resulted in one sunken ship. Now something else has happened: one of the lighthouse keepers has been killed in a way that appears to point to the existence of a monster. A red, squishy, octopus-like monster somehow threw a 300+ lb rock from the sea into the lighthouse, crushing the keeper, and then invaded the lighthouse.


This story definitely captured my attention, but the explanation of what actually happened pissed me off. This is the second story

in a row in which a woman has gone murderously crazy.

(spoiler show)

At least in the previous story, all the details held together pretty well. This one, on the other hand, was just a mess.


Next up, "The Phantom Wife."

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text 2017-12-08 18:52
Reading progress update: I've read 66 out of 203 pages.
The Ginza Ghost: and other stories - Ho-Ling Wong,Keikichi Ōsaka

I have a three-day weekend, so I went to an eye doctor appointment (it went well! now if only the dentist stuff would resolve itself...), took care of some chores, and am about to go to a big craft sale. First, though, I sat down and finished Osaka's "The Mourning Locomotive."




Not only does this story have several gruesomely described animal and human deaths-by-train, the conclusion was horrifying. And also tragic, but mostly horrifying. I don't know how I feel about it as a mystery, but it's certainly going to stick with me.


Next up, "The Monster of the Lighthouse."

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review 2017-12-08 15:07
First Halloween in Wagtail, VA
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer - Krista Davis

Holly has just returned from renting her place near Washington, DC and packing all her stuff to return to the Wagtail Inn to help her Oma run the place. It is the first big event in the town and ghost hunters have come to town to search the town for ghosts. Mallory, a young woman who has spent time telling anyone who would listen that she was going to marry Mark, the author of a book on hauntings in Wagtail. She also flirts with all the men in the ghost hunter group. She is found by Holly, floating in a shallow pool near a haunted inn. Holly and Dave, the police officer assigned to Wagtail, don't believe she drowned on accident. 


There are many things happening while they try to find out the truth of the death of Mallory. 


This is book 2 of the series and I have not read this in order and while it may have been more cohesive, it was not necessary to read in order. It was a fun read and is definitely a Halloween themed story. 

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