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review 2018-01-16 20:00
Monsters Among Us
The Last Wish : Introducing the Witcher - Andrzej Sapkowski,Danusia Stok

"The Last Wish" is a collection of stories about Geralt Rivia, the Witcher, whose occupation is to deal with monsters. This is a frame story in which other stories are the memories that the protagonist recalls as he recovers from a nearly fatal wound.

Readers who enjoy dark fantasy, fables, and fairy tales will love this book. The author retells some well-known fairy tales with ingeunity, such as "Beauty and the Beast" , "Sleeping Beauty," "Rapunzel", and "Snow White", and he also offers unique twists on ancient Eastern European legends such as the strigoi and rusalka, jinn, and even the Fair Folk, Fae or Elves. Some stories are pretty scary, and some are fairly humorous. Some have a little of both. All are written with loving care, with emotional depth, and plenty of action scenes.

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review 2018-01-16 18:39
Oracle (The Blood Legion #1) by Myka Ramos
The Blood Legion: Oracle - Ashlyn Daube,Myka Ramos

Switching POV's got me confused  little.

MC's talking, instead of fleeing (never mind another person is endangered too), was extremely frustrating. 

However, this is a short story for a free event and other than those two instances I really enjoyed the adventure. The world building is pretty good for a short, the characters endearing. The end result is 4 stars. 

Eagerly awaiting book 2 =)

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review 2018-01-16 15:14
World Building a Bit of a Mess and Characters Needed Developed More
Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic) - Melissa F. Olson

This was a straight 3 star book. Nothing really grabbed me, but it wasn't written poorly. I just thought way too much was going on for this first book and have just a general state of confusion occurring while I was reading this. I kept checking to make sure this was the first book in the series, and it is. I was told after the fact that I should have read something called the Scarlett Bernard series first before reading this and my reply was "Seriously? I don't have time to read three other books before I read a series starring this same person? Also why was there even a spin-off? This makes no sense!" So yeah, that turned into a 30 minute conversation I will never get back. 


Olson sets up a world in which there is something called the Old World that deals with supernatural creatures (witches, vampires, werewolves).


One of our main characters is Scarlett Bernard who is a "null" someone with the ability to null the magical effects around witches, vampires, vampires. For example, if Scarlett is around a vampire, the vampire becomes human. I have no idea why the person wouldn't just turn into dust if they are a 1,000 years old, but I learned to stop asking questions like that while reading.


The other main character is a former friend/partner whatever of Scarlett's, former LAPD detective Jesse Cruz. Jesse is bitter over a divorce and feeling like he got played by the Old World people (I barely manage to figure out what happened based on all the hints floating around).


When a former vampire friend of Scarlett (goes by the name of Molly) asks for her help, Scarlett goes up against the Old World to prove she was set up. She enlists the aid of Jesse who agrees to saddle up to work alongside Scarlett again. 


There was no there, there for me while reading. Scarlett got really annoying. I have no idea what her issues were, but she apparently has a long term boyfriend that she treated like an annoyance, a supernatural dog (that I never want to hear about again) whose every mood and tick she can pick up on. Jesse got a bit self righteous for me. Molly's character made no sense to me after what we see of her. I am speaking of the ending and the terribleness that is found out about why exactly Molly was targeted. 


There are additional characters in this, but none that really stuck with me while reading. 


The writing was okay. The book just got a bit awkward when it went from Scarlett to Jesse's POV. It didn't work that well. 


Look, I am always looking for an urban fantasy to sink my teeth into. This one just didn't move me either way. I may read the second book or I may not. I just hope that the author manages to fix the world building and develops the character. I get this was the first book in a series. But there was way too much information being thrown at me that didn't work seamlessly into this story. For example, we just got told that Jesse used to have feelings for Scarlett and they haven't seen each other in three years. There could have been some dialogue about that between the two of them. The only thing that I did like was Scarlett being happy she could just be friends with Jesse without any romance going on. I am sure that gets thrown out later, but I swear I loathe love triangles. If any of the future books seem to be heading in that direction just let me know. 

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review 2018-01-16 14:03
Dream World (Dream Waters #2) by Erin A. Jensen
Dream World - Erin A. Jensen
Dream World takes you back to Charlie a few weeks after his release from the mental hospital. He is unsure what to do with himself, and also doesn't know what to make of the invitation given to him in the dream world by David. Since his release, he's heard nothing from David, or anyone there, and feels like he's been left - again. However, some advice comes from a mysterious stranger, who also gives him some different things to consider. Charlie needs to figure out just how to help Emma, who is fading by the day...
This story is intriguing and will definitely keep your attention. You won't know who to trust, or what to believe. It keeps you on your toes and you will love every moment. There is no such thing as good and evil, Light and Dark. Things are always shaded by the varying amounts of 'good' and 'evil'. Something dark doesn't necessarily mean bad, which is something Charlie has to learn for himself.
The scenes in here, although each chapter is told from a different perspective, helps to give the reader a more rounded version of what is going on, whilst still keeping them in the dark until necessary. It takes skill to write in such a way, and Erin A. Jensen has perfected that skill, in my opinion.
As with book one, there were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. The scenes flowed where they should, and kept my attention. I would even say that this book is better than book one, which rarely happens. Most definitely recommended by me.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2018/01/vbt-excerpt-reviews-giveaway-dream.html
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review 2018-01-16 14:02
Dream Waters (Dream Waters #1) by Erin A. Jensen
Dream Waters - Erin A. Jensen
Dream Waters is the first book in the Dream Waters series, and straight away I can tell you that this is a book that is refreshing in its originality.
Charlie is the main character, and he has been a long term resident of a mental hospital. This is due to the fact that he can see people's dream forms in everyday life. He is a bit of a character, but tries to remain positive. His life gets more interesting when Emma shows up at the facility. He feels the need to protect her, but also admits to liking her. Slowly, throughout the book, we find out Charlie's full story, Emma's story, and also get snippets from Nellie and Bob.
This is not a book to be rushed! It is to be savoured and enjoyed, as the author takes you to a world very different from the one you recognise. It is very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed. The pacing is smooth, and the scenes flow without disruption from one to the next. With a very interesting cast of characters, this book will definitely leave you wanting more. Highly recommended by me.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2018/01/vbt-excerpt-reviews-giveaway-dream.html
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