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Book Tour with Excerpt, Guest Post and Giveaway! The Black Trillium by Simon McNeil!



The Black Trillium
by Simon McNeil
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy


Confederation rules in Trana—so says the king.


But Fredericton is a long way from the shores of Lake Ontario, and schemes for power will bring together three extraordinary young warriors.



A desert girl who came to Trana looking for refuge but has never found a home



A privileged city boy dreaming of rebellion and hardened by cruelty



The disgraced heir to the throne desperate to win back his place in his father's heart


Sworn enemies or reluctant allies, they all have one thing in common: an incomplete half of the legendary fighting skill known as the Triumvirate sword art. They fight for glory, for power, for the monsters lurking beneath the streets, and for the mysterious society moving in the shadows of Trana—the Black Trillium.



Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25334228-the-black-trillium




AVAILABLE in print or ebook

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Black-Trillium-Simon-McNeil-ebook/dp/B00W27J4L0


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/the-black-trillium/id984246146?mt=11


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-black-trillium-simon-mcneil/1121718689?ean=2940151863292


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-black-trillium






My bodyguard, the mute giant Brutus Cloven, fell in behind me as I left the chamber from where he’d been waiting in the anteroom. He was milk-pale, entirely hairless and his eyes were pink. The giant looked freakish but he was a comforting presence too. He’d been with my family as long as I could remember, stolid and silent, a worn marble statue of loyalty.

Brutus never spoke a word but his pink eyes never missed a threat, and he’d saved my life on many occasions.

“We ride out tomorrow at dawn,” I said to Brutus. “Round up your best guards to accompany us. We’ll have enough trouble in Trana, if the rumours of the Black Trillium prove true.”

Brutus saluted and left to follow my orders. He looked more nervous than usual, as if marching on Trana was somehow particularly unsettling to him. Or perhaps he simply didn’t like travel.

There was one other person I needed to speak to before sending for Marc and planning the campaign. It gave me shivers just to think it. At long last I would be planning a campaign.

I walked to her suite, one of the most lavish set of rooms in the entire iron palace. They had been mine once. Even a disgraced son of the king could expect good lodgings.

I opened the door and she was there, brushing her long black hair. Her huge green eyes fixed on mine from her mirror, a real glass one, not bronze. That mirror alone cost as much as the arms and horses for a dozen knights, but it was just the least of the marvels in her room.

And if I could I would have given her more.

“Sophie,” I said. “We leave in the morning, for Trana.”

“But I haven’t finished searching Fredericton for it.”

Ah yes, the manual, the book of sublime martial skill that she hunted.
“If there were any swordsman with the skill you say the manual contains in Fredericton, we’d have found him by now,” I said.

Sophie frowned, her big red lips beautiful even in a scowl. “I suppose you are right.”

“Trana is the largest city in Confederation, there are fifty-thousand people there. Perhaps somebody will have heard tidings of the manual.” I knew how much the manual meant to her. It was seeking it that led her to Fredericton to begin with. All she knew is that it was somewhere in Confederation. Or at least that is all she would tell me.

There were many things about her past that Sophie kept even from me.

She smiled. “Yes, perhaps Trana would be a good place to seek the manual.”
“And when you find it?”

“I will be eternally grateful,” Sophie said and she turned, looking at me in the flesh rather than the glass of her mirror.

“When we return,” I said. “I will make you my queen.”

“Yes,” Sophie said, “when we have the manual, I think I would enjoy being queen.”

“I have much to do,” I said. “Be ready to ride at dawn.”



Do your characters hijack your book? Is there anything you would change about the book?


When I write a novel the only constant throughout the process is characterization. The entire plot may shift, settings change, timelines fluctuate, but the thread of character remains the lodestar of the story.


Kieran was always callow and passionate.


Savannah was always withdrawn but compassionate, more cynical than Kieran but still hopeful for a gentler world.


Kyle was always a selfish prick with daddy issues and far too much entitlement. How these characters bounced off each other and their secondaries was always what shaped the book.


So yes, they hijacked the story, but I couldn't have written it any other way. But there is a weakness in this, and that's one thing I would have changed if I had to do it over.


When I was finished the book I wasn't entirely satisfied with Sophie's characterization. There's an interesting character there but the characters who served as my POV couldn't see her.


Kyle was too fixed on the image of Sophie he had in his head and never bothered to really learn who she was within herself. Savannah only saw a monster to fight, and never tried to get to know her and Kieran had very little to do with her. I felt the absence of her internality was ultimately a flaw in the story, and I think, if I could ever do it over again, I'd make her a POV character in her own right.



Simon McNeil is the author of The Black Trillium, a story of revolution and martial arts set in the ruins of Toronto. This novel is published by Brain Lag Publishing.
He is an online marketing communications specialist with a major educational institution when not wandering the world looking for trouble. He is a life-long martial artist, has published several articles in Kung Fu Magazine and he’s probably a little bit too fond of kung fu movies.

He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife who has happily laid out rules to prevent the sword-through-glass-lampshade incident from ever happening again. The Black Trillium is his first novel.




Website - https://simonmcneil.com/


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/simon.b.mcneil


Twitter - https://twitter.com/simonm223


InstaGram - https://www.instagram.com/simonm223


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Simon-McNeil/e/B010M9JE8W


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5031089.Simon_McNeil


Brain Lag Publishing - http://www.brain-lag.com/books/the-black-trillium.php










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Release Day Book Blitz with Giveaway, Excerpts & Guest Posts! Alpha's Call: A Collection of Shifter Romances by Lia Davis, Louisa Bacio, Kristal Hollis, Christa Ann, Lori Titus & Misha Carver!




Alpha’s Call: A Collection of Shifter Romances 
Publication date: November 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance





Can you resist the Alpha’s Call?


This collection of hot alpha males is a must have for every shifter lover’s ebook library.


Six bestselling, fan-favorite authors bring you action-packed romances ranging from sensual to scorching. Wolves, big cats, dragons, and much more heat up the pages.


Go ahead. Ignore the Alpha’s Call. We dare you.




Davis Raynes Publishign Group-




Add to your shelves at


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42188214-alpha-s-call


BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/books/alpha-s-call-a-collection-of-shifter-romances-by-lia-davis-and-louisa-bacio


AVAILABLE in ebook –


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Dfhrsx


B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/alphas-call-lia-davis/1129662163?ean=2940156066049


iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/alphas-call-a-collection-of-shifter-romances/id1437713828?mt=11


Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/alpha-s-call-a-collection-of-shifter-romances






5 Reasons to Love a Shifter
by Lori Titus



5.  Your mate is naturally protective and instinctually senses when something is wrong.

4. You quickly become adapted to a “changing” personality.

3.  No matter what happens, you know that your mate had super speed and strength.

2. Shifters are notoriously good lovers.

1. Shifters bond and mate with the one they love for life.





Are You Dating A Wahya?
by Kristal Hollis



If you have ever looked at your man and thought, "There’s something different about this guy that I can’t quite figure out," then he might be a Wahya. Here’s how to know for sure.

1. If your man seems to ignore you during meals, salivates at a sporting event when the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs fills the air or glares when you try to steal a French fry, he might be a Wahya. They love to eat and can be quite stingy with food. However, if a Wahya willing shares his food, it’s a good sign he is bonding with you.


2. If your man is especially frisky during a full moon and wants to have a howling contest, he might be a Wahya. You may also notice that in his home, clothing is optional.

3. If during a disagreement, your man growls soft, low, and menacing, then he might be a Wahya. You may also hear this sound when he is jealous, or simply in a bad mood. However, pay close attention to tone and watch your man’s eyes. If the growl resonates more like a purr, you might be in for a rocking night of romance.


4. After a date, if you look out your window and see a wolf in the shadows watching your home, your man might a Wahya. They are very protective of the ones the love and will always put themselves between you and any threat, no matter how great or small.

5. If you hear the word, “Mine,” incessantly run through your mind in your man’s voice, he might be a Wahya who has decided to love and cherish you forever.

If your man meets all five descriptions, especially number five, then you are definitely dating a Wahya. Wrap your arms around him and hold on tight. You’re in for one wild adventure.




How to tell you’re dating an Olmec Jaguar shifter

By Louisa Bacio


What would you do if a gorgeous hunk showed up your door professing to be from a legendary extinct tribe with paranormal shifter powers? Talk about a big cat! If you’re not quite sure what to believe, here are a few tips to figure out if they’re really an Olmec Jaguar shifter.

Intrigued? Read on!


1) His eyes flash golden when he’s aroused.


2) His abs are as hard as stone


3) and sometimes he can be old fashioned (ahem: hard headed), too.


4) His sworn enemy who promises to destroy all happiness is La Peña, which translates into The Pain.


5) They know where the treasure is buried!



Legend of the Jaguars, Book 1


Alpha’s Mate


A were-jaguar must find his mate before an ancient evil transforms him to stone…again.


After the were-jaguar Hector awakes in a museum, trapped within stone, he begins a quest to find his life mate before his enemy once again transforms him into a mythic ancient relic.


Legend has it that Kaitlyn’s family once was part of a tribe, and she was destined to save it from extinction. She never expected the prophecies to come true.


With his tribe’s sworn enemy hunting him down, Hector must convince Kaitlyn that she’s his destiny – the only person able to revive the were-jaguar and legend of the Olmec — before it’s too late.



10 Sexy Things About the Alpha Male


I'm pretty sure there are more than ten. Hell, he has more than ten body parts, doesn't he?

There are things about that strong male that makes him sexy. Some are physical and some come from within.


1. His smile. Got to love a man who knows how to smile and make others smile with him


2. Abs! Rock hard, tanned, or not, and lickable. Need I say more?

3. His scent. I'm talking his natural scent. No perfumes or colognes. Us humans don't notice like vampires and shifters and other creatures lurking about would. But we do pick up his scent when close to him.

4. Tattoos. I don't know about you, but tats fascinate me. Gives me something else to trace...with my tongue.


5. His voice. Deep, husky, and soft. And oh, the things he whispers in your ears...

6. His touch. This one depends on the mood. It's tender when you need it and demanding when you need it. ;)


7. He stands beside his woman, not in front of her. He's always there to catch her too.

8. Protectiveness. Who doesn't like to feel safe? Knowing that he will do anything to protect me, yeah that's sexy.


9. Compassionate. He's not afraid of showing his softer side.

10. His hands. Rough, soft, or in between. It's all how he uses them.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to the list? Care to expand on one or more of my ten? Share your thoughts. What makes the alpha male sexy to you?




Top Ten Reasons Why Every Woman Should Marry A Shifter


Have you ever wished there was more to your man? What if he could shift into something else – a wolf or a bear maybe? The idea might seem frightening, but these are the reasons you should marry a shifter if you’re lucky enough to date one.


1. Shifters are Multidimensional


Have you ever dated someone who bored you to death? A shifter has many sides and never seems stale or old. Whenever you get bored of his human side, focus on his wild side.


2. Shifters are Immortal


Ever been afraid of dying old and alone? If you marry a shifter, he’ll be with you for life. Since they’re immortal, he’ll outlive you for sure. Not only that, but you know he’ll be there to put flowers on your grave year after year.


3. Shifters are Men and Pets All Wrapped Up in One


Tired of cleaning litter boxes or taking your puppy outside? Tired of remembering to feed your pets? A shifter is both a man and a pet wrapped into one – and best of all they’re housebroken.


4. Shifters Don’t Age


Do you ever worry about what your mate will look like twenty years down the road? No need to worry about that if you marry a shifter. Since they’re immortal, he’ll look exactly the same fifty years from now as he does today.


5. Shifters Are Loyal And Faithful


Once a shifter imprints on you and his inner wolf or inner bear (or inner whatever kind of shifter he is) tells him you’re the one, he’s yours for life. No worrying about infidelity with a shifter around.


6. Shifters Keep You Safe


A mortal man can’t guarantee that he’ll win every fight, but a shifter can. No matter how much danger you’re in he’ll rise to the challenge and rescue you.


7. Shifters Have Great Bodies


No worries that your man will lose his six pack abs or grow a beer belly. No, sir. When you marry a shifter you’re guaranteed that those rippled abs you’re touching today will be just as hot in fifty years. Who’d want to marry a mortal man when they could marry a shifter?


8. Shifters Make Great Lovers


Wish your man would bite your neck and pull your hair? Want to hear him growl? Shifters are primal and make awesome lovers. Why settle for anything less?


9. Shifters Usually Come in Packs


You’ll never have to worry about hating your mother-in-law. Shifters usually have an equally loyal pack with them, so you’ll gain a new family that will always have your back.


11. A Shifter Doesn’t Need A Halloween Costume


Are you tired of how commercialized Halloween has become? If you marry a shifter, you’ll never have to buy him a costume. He can just shift and he’ll win best costume year after year.


Shifters sound like better mates than any mortal man could ever be. So, if you get lucky enough to date a shifter, get him to put a ring on it, and he’ll be yours for life. If you’re single, forget about meeting a man at the Laundromat. If you’re looking for the one true great love of your life, check out the forest instead.

By: Misha Carver




An Alpha’s Fate
A Birchwood Pack Novella
By Lia Davis

Chapter One

No. No. Bile rose, threatening to force Reagan’s lunch to make a gruesome return. The snow-white walls of her home closed in around her, and the air seemed colder. How had she not known?

Because they weren’t true mates. Even though they were bound together, their emotions and thoughts weren’t, not like they would have been if she’d mated with her fated mate.

She stared at the open journal as fury built inside her, putting her wolf further on edge. The names neatly handwritten in black ink blurred. For ten years, she’d done all she could to protect the wolves of Greenhedge; the least she could do after being forced to mate the male who’d become Alpha—a title rightfully hers. All her efforts were wasted. The bastard had sold packmates to a rogue Pack to be made into monster assassins in exchange for what? She didn’t know. She sure as hell didn’t see any extra money go into the run-down den.

Fucking power-hungry bastard.

The front door swung open, slamming into the wall. A low growl cut through her as she met the poor excuse of an Alpha’s stare. Lifting the journal, she shook it at him. “You lied to me.”

He stalked toward her, his eyes glowing with his wolf. “You are out of line, Mate.”

Was she? She thought not.

“My place is protecting my Pack from monsters like you.” Anger had all but consumed her. It was one thing to blackmail her into a loveless mating and slap her around, but to hurt her Pack?

Mason stopped before her, then gripped a handful of her hair, jerking her to him. Pain shot through her skull. She gritted her teeth and focused on his energy, his Alpha power. As his mate, she had the ability to use his strengths. Something he hadn’t realized she could do. Or maybe he thought she didn’t know how.

“You have crossed the line for the last time, asshole.”

He bared his teeth and flipped her so he could shove her torso against the desk. Her vision blinked out as her head hit the wood. When he started to tug her pants down, she roared and jerked her head up, slamming it into his nose.

Crying out, he released her and stumbled away a few steps. Not wasting time, she shifted into her wolf faster than she ever had before and lunged at him, tackling him to the ground. Her wolf had taken over, and for once the woman relished in it.

The thought that it was unfair to fight another while they were in human form was a whisper. One her wolf ignored. Mason Doyle had fucked over his last victim.

She struck, fast and hard, sinking her teeth into his neck. He bucked under her, but he was unable to shake her off. Adrenaline raced through her veins, fueling the rage. The animal wanted blood for all the innocents lost over the years. With a growl, she shook her head, tightening her hold until his body went limp and the mating bond broke.

Her breaths came in and out in deep waves as she slowly backed away. The taste of his blood coated her tongue. The wolf wanted to finish him, to revel in the kill, but there was no time. Someone was coming, and without the bond to the Pack she couldn’t tell who.



Alpha’s Fight
Hidden Breed Series
By: Christa Ann


Chapter 1


A tall man wearing camouflage came into view caring an automatic rifle. “Follow me.” he started walking back the way he came.


Carson’s voice boomed, “Who are you and where are you taking us? I want an explanation.” Being the alpha, he expected an answer.


Stopping, the stranger glanced over his shoulder to look at Carson. “You will be informed at the next stop. I don’t take orders from you, alpha. If you want the answers you seek, I suggest you follow me. Or you can go back to your pack. Your choice, make it.” He looked forward and continued on the path he started.


Logan came to stand beside Carson, “I don’t like this. You stay here alpha. If it’s safe, I’ll come back for you.”


“You all come, or no one will. That’s the only option.” The man never stopped moving.


“Let’s go, Logan. Just keep your eyes and ears open.” Carson shot a look at the man they followed. “Can I at least have your name?”


Glancing over his shoulder, “It’s Clay.”


Jag spoke for the first time. “I’ll cover the back, alpha.”


Carson took the lead with Logan following and Jag at the end, guarding their backs. He sent a message to both Logan and Jag. Remember, stay alert. I don’t like this, but we need answers. As they moved deeper into the forest Carson listened to small animals racing over leaves and twigs on the ground. The birds above resting on branches began calling to one another, alerting them of the predators. Suddenly, everything went silent and his shoulders stiffened. He heard sounds that shouldn’t be there. Footsteps not a part of their group shuffled, moving quietly but not silent enough.


At the same time Logan yelled, “Get down!”


Five men holding guns appeared out from every direction. They were all masked with camouflage in greens and browns. The one in front spoke, “Alpha. We’re only here to make sure no fighting starts and to escort you the rest of the way.” The unknown man emphasized the word ‘escort’.


How had he not scented them? They must be able to mask their scent somehow. Do either of you scent anything off? Both Logan and Jag shook their heads.


“You will need to give me more proof then just your word.” Carson growled out while in his crouched position, claws extended and ready to shift.


“Hello, old friend.” That came from a familiar voice he hasn’t heard in over five years.


“Decker? What the fuck?” The surprise evident in his voice.


Decker held his hand up to halt his questions, “Yes, it’s me. I had to ensure that you would come. Just follow me.”


“Why didn’t you just call me? Why all the sneaking around and what’s with the guns?” Carson retracted his claws and stood upright, stunned by who was behind all this.


Carson sent a silent message to his enforcers. Stay vigilant. Only members of his pack that completed the rights of section could send and receive telepathic messages, so their conversations were silent to outsiders.


When they came to the opening in the trees Carson stopped dead in his tracks at the military tent that had tables, chairs and equipment. But, what shocked him the most were the three other alphas standing there with guns trained on them. “What the fuck is going on?”




Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)

$25 Amazon gift card

5x $5 Amazon gift cards

each entrant gets a free eBook copy of Bears of Blackrock boxed set by Lia Davis





Featuring Bestselling Authors:


Lia Davis


Lousia Bacio


Kristal Hollis


Christa Ann


Lori Titus


Misha Carver




Hosted by




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Blog Tour & Giveaway with Excerpts & Guest Post! The Zyan Star Series (Books 1-3) by A.A. Chamberlynn!



The Zyan Star Series -



Zyan Star is a soul thief, bartender, and bounty hunter. What else could a woman want? Most certainly not to get involved with the forces of Heaven - unless they can help her get the revenge she seeks on her most-hated of exes. Things are about to get complicated.


Savior of humanity? Not so much. Or so she thought.



Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/series/186770-zyan-star


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C341J6R?ref=series_rw_dp_labf




Martinis with the Devil
Zyan Star Series Book 1
by A. A. Chamberlynn
Genre: Urban Fantasy

When offered a job on the Holy Representative’s special security team, bounty hunter Zyan Star couldn’t be less interested – until she finds out it’s her most hated of exes that they’re trying to track down. He broke her heart and dumped her, which in turn led to the loss of her soul at the hands of an immortal soul thief.

Now she too exists on a diet of souls, with the occasional martini thrown in for good measure, and she’s had over two hundred years to fantasize about revenge. She just didn’t quite imagine it playing out alongside the emissaries of Heaven.


Working with Eli, the uptight angel that heads up the HR’s security, is just about as much fun as Zy expects. He of course wants her vampire ex brought to justice through legal avenues, which is very inconvenient and incredibly boring. As she dives into the case, however, she realizes there’s more at stake than her plot for payback. Like, the free will of mankind, and preventing the minions of hell from taking over the sovereign dimensions. 


This job is going to push her to the limits of her abilities, and there’s just a slight problem with that: the powers she’s suppressed for centuries after losing control of them are exactly the powers she’s going to need to save the HR, end her millennia-old ex and stop Lucifer’s little plot to join the party and invade Earth. 

Savior of humanity? Not so much. Or so she thought.


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29506498-martinis-with-the-devil



Whiskey and Angelfire
Zyan Star Series Book 2

Can Zyan avert the war that’s brewing before her past catches up to her, quite literally?


When one of the angelic warriors goes missing, Zyan and Eli head off to Dublin to join the search. As soon as they arrive, they're swept into rising tensions between the angelic forces and the other supernatural races. As more supernaturals go missing, Archangel Michael will stop at nothing to put the perpetrator behind bars, even if it means placing the city under martial law.


To add to the mess, Zyan's sister Anna is in Dublin, and where Anna is, Lucifer is only a step behind. Not to mention Alexander, Zyan's sworn enemy. Zyan has more than a sneaking suspicion they’re at the heart of a spree of recent demon invasions. But something is odd about these demons, and if she doesn’t figure it out before Lucifer reveals his ultimate plan, the price could be catastrophic.


As if things couldn’t get worse, being back in Ireland where she was turned immortal has dredged up the worst from her past. Including her maker, Olga, who’s none too pleased that Zyan’s come back.


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30369215-whiskey-and-angelfire




Vengeance and Vermouth
Zyan Star Series Book 3


Book three in the Amazon bestselling Zyan Star urban fantasy series!


To bring her best friend back from the dead, Zyan will march into Hell itself. But first she needs to amass a force that can challenge Lucifer on his home turf. 


With Archangel Michael and the forces of Heaven on her heels, Zyan criss-crosses the globe, gathering a supernatural team of epic proportions. She’s calling in all her favors this time, summoning figures from her past both dangerous and deadly.


And to get into Hell she must work with the worst of them all, the one who murdered her friend in the first place. Zy will have to put aside her burning need for revenge to pull off the biggest mission of her life, but that may prove to be the one thing she can’t do.


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31559145-vengeance-and-vermouth




AVAILABLE in ebook –

Martinis with the Devil

**Only .99 cents!!**


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CXT1RR0


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/martinis-with-the-devil/id1093054171?mt=11


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/martinis-with-the-devil-aa-chamberlynn/1129723335?ean=2940152918359


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/martinis-with-the-devil-part-one



Whiskey and Angel Fire


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GKRZUAG


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/whiskey-and-angelfire/id1121362352?mt=11


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/whiskey-and-angelfire-aa-chamberlynn/1129723336?ean=2940153057262


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/whiskey-and-angelfire-part-one



Vengeance and Vermouth

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KNGFGM2


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/vengeance-and-vermouth/id1145955435?mt=11


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/vengeance-and-vermouth-aa-chamberlynn/1129745582?ean=2940153684765

Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/vengeance-and-vermouth-part-one



Excerpt - Martinis with the Devil (Zyan Star Book One)


The spawn turned to look at me with their orange goat eyes. They were ugly little buggers, similar in appearance to goblins, but with tiny wings on their backs. Five of them stood between me and Eli, whose arms were folded neatly over his chest, the veins popping out along his skin.


“None of your concern,” croaked the largest one, who stood only five feet tall, almost a foot shorter than me.


I smiled. “Actually this is very much my concern, as this fine gentlemen is a patron of my bar. I don’t appreciate my customers being harassed.”


“I didn’t buy anything,” Eli said.


I rolled my eyes. Gotta love the appreciation. “Be that as it may, I’m here now, and I’m not about to let a bunch of underworld offspring lurk around my establishment.” I pinned my hazel eyes on the leader. “That’s me asking nicely. I’ll only do it once.”


A slight twitch of a muscle was the only warning the first one gave before launching himself at my face. I brought my blade up before me and watched as his body sliced in half from forehead to groin. Two pieces of black flesh fell to the ground and sizzled into ash.




Two more of the spawn leaped towards me, and the other two at Eli. My sword blurred silver in the night, decapitating the first and taking the arms off the second. Eli dispatched his with a blast of white energy. They poofed into the air, little gray clouds that floated off into the sky.


I leaned down over the armless spawn, who grinned at me like a mental patient. “What’s so funny about bleeding out while your appendages lay beside you?” The tip of my sword pointed under his chin.


“You can’t stop it,” he laughed. His green blood oozed onto the pavement.

“Stop what?” Eli commanded.


“He’s coming. He’s coming! And then we will roam freely.” His smile widened, then he abruptly threw his weight forward, piercing his neck on the blade. “You can’t stop it,” he gurgled through his own blood. A moment later he dissolved into ash.

“What a drama queen,” I muttered.


Eli watched me, his eyes unguarded for just a moment before he lapsed back into what seemed his usual scowl. “That sword’s an interesting choice. Not a fan of hand-to-hand combat?”


“And ruin my nails? Don’t think so.”


“Why’d you even come down here? Did you seriously think I couldn’t handle five tiny demon spawn?”


“My turf, my business. Like I said earlier, I didn’t need them hanging around here anyways.” I ran a wash of magic over my blade to clean it and then caught sight of my boots. “Oh, God damn it!”


“Would you watch your mouth?” Eli snapped. “What’s wrong?”

“Look at my boots!” I lifted one off the ground and pointed my toe so he could see all the green gooey blood soaked into the black leather. “Now I’m gonna have to throw them away.”


“You just fought off a pack of demon spawn that spouted cryptic doomsday messages and all you can think about is your boots?” His voice was hard. Like his abs. Not that I’d been looking while we were in the middle of a battle.


“Come on, you didn’t take that guy seriously, did you?”


Eli’s jaw tightened. “It is my duty to take threats to the sovereignty of humankind very seriously.”


I laughed. “Well, you have fun with that.”


“You know, some of us actually have unselfish reasons for our existence. I’m sorry it isn’t as glamorous as your life.” He lifted his chin, golden hair falling against his jaw line.


“Yes, you should be.” I turned and strode away, leaving him on the street. “Oh, and by the way, you’re welcome,” I called over my shoulder.


Excerpt - Whiskey and Angelfire (Zyan Star, Book Two)



A loud rumble reverberated through the building. Dust shimmied down from the rafters above and sprinkled into our drinks.


“What the hell?” Riley groaned, staring mournfully at his glass.


Gus on the other hand stood up quick as a flash, his body rigid. The tendons in the side of his neck popped out and a ripple moved across his skin from head to foot. Riley’s head whipped in his direction and he sniffed the air, a purely animal move. His eyes went wolf.


“What’s happening?” Quinn squeaked.


I stood too, wobbling a bit. Whatever it was, this was a super terrible time to get caught up in it. We were wasted, though the look on Gus’s face started sobering me up pretty quickly.


“We’ve been having a bit of a conflict with one of the other shifter clans,” he said, and that was all the explanation we got, because the next moment he shot for the door in a blur of speed that would put a vampire to shame.


“Not good,” I groaned.


The other patrons had all headed out into the street too, leaving the three of us alone in the room, booze and adrenaline hanging heavy in the air.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fight when I’m this drunk,” Riley said, running his fingers through his short black hair.


“Well, there’s a first time for everything.” I grinned and strode for the door. Nevermind that I bumped my hip on the corner of a table on my way out.


Before I hit the street, an inhuman scream sliced through the night. It sounded like a banshee. Behind me, Riley cowered down, his sensitive wolf ears in major pain. A moment later a chorus of similar cries split the air. I stepped through the front door right as a thunderous roar rolled between the buildings, followed by at least a dozen others. My katana appeared in my hand without conscious thought. I had witnessed a lot of battles in my life, but the scene before me was one of the scarier looking ones. Yeah, I was sobering up pretty quickly.


To my right stood a couple dozen dragons, ranging in size from that of a full-grown buffalo to a large van. They were all different colors, green and red and gold and purple; a rainbow flung across the cobblestones of the damp Dublin street. I knew Gus was a water varietal dragon, but there were many other types among his clan—fire and sand and forest among them. As I watched, Gus yelled and spun in place. By the time he finished a tight circle, his human form had been shed, his flesh melting into scales, his yell turning into a magnificent roar that shivered my bones. He stood on his hind legs, moon white and obsidian swirls of scales covering his undulating body, a mane of soft spikes along his spine and tail.


On the left, down the street several dozen yards stood a herd of horses. But no ordinary beasts were these. They were twice the size of a large domestic horse, for one. Their coats shone, shimmery metallic in a range of earth hues, reminding me of the wings of the angel warriors—not soft at all, but something flexible and hard at the same time. Smoke snorted from their flared nostrils, releasing an acrid scent into the air. Eyes of orange fire or glowing blue mist lit the dark sky like faerie lamps, and where they pawed the stone, sparks flashed from their hooves.


With one final volley of screams on my left and roars on my right, the battle of the horse and dragon shifters began.



Excerpt - Vengeance and Vermouth (Zyan Star, Book Three)



As we walked down the dock, a stingray glided through the purple water beneath us, outlined in sparkling phosphorous. You’d never guess we were in Hell. Lucifer sure had an eccentric taste in locales.


We were a bit early, but Lucifer already sat at the head of an elaborate rectangular table made of polished abalone shell with pink coral climbing the legs. A dozen crystal candlesticks dotted the surface, and flames flickered up from them, no wax. Silver goblets of dark wine were set at each of the five place settings.


“Zyan, Elijah, welcome,” Lucifer said, rising from his wicker chair and giving a slight bow. “I’m so happy you could join me for dinner.”


I suppressed a snort. As if we had a choice.


“You look ravishing, I must say. Both of you.” Lucifer looked us up and down as if we were the main course for dinner, his perfect pink lips pursed slightly.


“Thanks. Are you expecting others?” I asked, indicating the extra places set.


“Why us, of course.”


I turned to see Alexander and Anna gliding toward us, arm in arm. Judging by the look on his face, Alexander was back to his smug, smarmy self. He wore a light cotton suit like one of those rich beach bums, and Anna wore a green sundress. Eli and I seemed a bit overdressed in comparison.


Seeing Alexander brought a surge of rage, even though I’d seen him an hour before. My vision went red, as the saying goes, except it was red because I saw Quinn’s blood spilling down her chest, over and over. His death sung in the core of me. I just wondered if I could get away with it right in front of Lucifer.


Anna’s eyes brushed mine coldly as they swept past, taking the two seats on the left side of the table. Seeing her only added to my thirst for revenge. She’d lied to me, once again, and Quinn was dead because of it. She was just as guilty as Alexander, even if she hadn’t held the knife. Anna was no longer anyone I considered family. Quinn had been my true sister.


It was all I could do not to pull the dagger I had strapped to my thigh and stab both of them in the back. But I refrained, and Eli and I settled into the seats on the right. I must have been squeezing his hand tightly, because he shot me a worried look and stroked my fingers under the table, his skin smooth against my knuckles.


Lucifer smiled graciously. “Isn’t this lovely? It’s not every day I get four of my most favorite people together in one place.”




The world of Zyan Star



Zyan Star came to me in 2011, this incessant house guest in my brain who simply wouldn’t shut up. Usually it’s plot that comes to me first when I write a book - and I’m at ten completed and probably another dozen partially finished books under my belt. But Zyan was and remains the only book of mine to be inspired by a character, the center of a hurricane around which everything else spun and settled into place.


Zy is a soul thief, a supernatural bounty hunter, and a bartender (a kickass one at that). She’s living a pretty carefree existence in future Seattle, running her bar, Noir, with her two best friends Quinn and Riley, a witch and a werewolf. But everything changes when the angelic forces hire her to help them hunt down someone trying to assassinate one of their top dogs - a job she declines until she finds out the would-be assassin is her evil ex, the one responsible for the loss of her soul. Throw in Pan, the faerie god of nature, Lucifer and a host of demons, and the breakdown of a societal truce between humans and supernatural, and you’ve got a cocktail for mayhem. Not to mention that Zy’s new partner, the stuck-up angel Eli, may have about the most enticing soul she’s ever encountered.

And the series just gets more fun from there J Even though I wrote the first book, Martinis with the Devil, so long ago, I still love going back and reading it. I just adore Zy and the whole cast of characters so much. I’ve written other books that I love, too, but none have come to me as naturally as Zy with all her snark, sass, and badassery. If you don’t like sex, foul language, and fight scenes, this series probably won’t be your cup of tea. There are three novels and two novelettes in the series, with more to come, and also a spinoff series for Quinn, who has an interesting turn of fate in book three.


I hope you enjoy Zyan’s world as much as I do!






$25 Amazon


Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!







Alexia is the author of the Amazon bestselling Zyan Star urban fantasy series and The Timekeeper's War contemporary fantasy series. She lives in Florida with her son, two cats, and a bearded dragon. When she's not writing or reading, she can be found playing with horses, drinking wine, traveling to the next place on her global wish list, or maybe doing yoga. Dr. Who, unicorns, and katanas make her very happy. She is represented by Sandy Lu of the L. Perkins Agency.


Website - http://www.alexiachamberlynn.com/


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/aachamberlynn


Twitter - https://twitter.com/aachamberlynn


InstaGram - https://www.instagram.com/aachamberlynn


Pintrest – https://www.pinterest.com/aachamberlynn


Amazon - http://amazon.com/author/aachamberlynn


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/aachamberlynn









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Blog Tour with Giveaway, Excerpts & Guest Post! The Shadow City (Hunters of Infinity #2) Ryan Wieser!



The Shadow City
Hunters of Infinity #2
by Ryan Wieser
Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera
Pub Date: 10/16/18


The Hunters of Infinity have guarded the Daharian galaxy for ages, but when betrayed, they can become a vicious enemy . . .


Jessop, the first woman to join the Hunters, has finally been reunited with those who mean the most to her. In her quest for vengeance, she has left many embittered and betrayed, chief among them Kohl O’Hanlon, the Hunter who once loved her.


Now, as the feared Falco Bane leads his forces into the Hunters’ territory, Kohl attempts to retaliate, flooding their infamous Shadow City with his own followers. Jessop must fight a war on two fronts, testing her commitment to the ones she loves and challenging her abilities as the most elite warrior among the Hunters. With the future of Daharia’s leadership at stake, Jessop is determined to protect those closest to her at all costs. But when allies turn into adversaries, the real threat comes from a place least expected . . .


Add to your shelves –


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40938392-the-shadow-city




The Glass Blade
Hunters of Infinity #1


The Hunters of Infinity have been protecting the Daharian galaxy for years, but there has never been a female Hunter—until now.


In a seedy bar in the shadowy corners of Daharia, Jessop comes to the rescue of young Hunter Kohl O’Hanlon. Impressed by her remarkable sword-wielding skills, the Hunters invite her to their training facility, the Glass Blade, though not all are pleased with the intrusion. But they soon discover that Jessop learned to fight from the rogue leader of the Shadow City of Aranthol—and escaped. Now they want to use her intimate knowledge of their enemy to destroy him.


As Jessop grows closer to this elite brotherhood, their leader succumbs to a mysterious ailment, and Kohl learns that Jessop is hiding dark secrets, raising suspicions about the enigmatic woman who saved his life. Has the Hunters’ security been breached—or do they have a traitor in their ranks?


Allegiances will be questioned.
Loyalties will be betrayed.
Vengeance will be brutal.



"This thrilling, action-packed debut ties together a strong characters with a building story line that will have readers clamoring for the next volume in this new series." —Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW, on The Glass Blade


Add to your shelves –


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35481827-the-glass-blade




Hunters of Infinity series


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads/series/210152-hunters-of-infinity




AVAILABLE in print or ebook –

The Shadow City –


Amazon – http://a.co/14AWrCx


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-shadow-city/id1338272086?mt=11


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-shadow-city-ryan-wieser/1127870141


GPlay - https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Ryan_Wieser_The_Shadow_City?id=lRRIDwAAQBAJ


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-shadow-city




The Glass Blade –


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MXQ1D6


iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-glass-blade/id1252337537


B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-glass-blade-rian-wieser/1126551386?ean=9781635730296


GPlay - https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Ryan_Wieser_The_Glass_Blade?id=7Y8nDwAAQBAJ


Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-glass-blade





The tavern was dark and quiet, barring the muted voices that filled the corners with whispers of quiet corruption and deceit. Hushed sounds traveled on thick smoke to the ceiling and her eyes trailed over the dimly lit corners and over the musty cloaked patrons. Dirty exchanges took place everywhere, too-young girls being offered coins and despair by corrupt travelers, whose lies traveled like fire across the alcohol on their lips. This wasn’t a typical bar, this dark, underground dwelling in the heart of Azgul where there were more shadows than light, more smoke than air. It was a seedy, unsafe locale where illegal exchanges could occur.

A place favored by those in the city’s most important positions, for in this underground dwelling they could act as they truly wished.


From where she sat, with her cloak draped low over her face, she could easily make out the group of Aren. They were more discreet than she had anticipated, but few could go unseen to her well-trained eyes. They were scattered about the bar, donning the civilian attire of common Azgul nomad passer-by. The Aren weren’t common travelers though; they were fatalistic believers who waited anxiously for a supposed impending end. A doom and darkness that would swallow the entire Daharian galaxy whole—their belief in some unimagined state of horror for the universe made her certain that not a man amongst them had ever laid eyes on Aranthol.


She scanned the room, counting twelve of the zealots. Without their robes they appeared as normal men, barring their brand, which could be seen on the base of several of their necks. The tender nape of the neck was where all in Azgul had their brands. She knew that their mark was not well-known though, not as well-known as they would have liked it to be. Thinking of the brandings nearly had Jessop reaching for her own neck, certain she could almost feel the hot iron against her still. The smell of burning, blistering flesh unnaturally recoiling from heated metal filled her nostrils. She shivered at the putrid memory and forced it back to the depths of her mind, where she kept all her locked-away thoughts and all her darkness.


Suddenly, the oddest sensation roused her, overcoming her senses. She could feel silk running across her skin, dragging her fine hairs on end, exciting her cells. The energy of the room had completely changed, thickening the air more than any smoke or liquor could do. She had only ever been around one other of her kind, and to feel the changing electromagnetic charge in the room without him present was as compelling to her as it was terrifying. The draw was a beast’s cry calling her in, feeding her need to find the one like her. It was a pull strong enough to grip her, strong enough to shoot adrenaline through her, to dilate her pupils and ready her muscles and tell her, without question, that Hunters were near.


She closed her eyes and narrowed in on their presence. She could smell the faintest scent of grease on one of them; it had an acidic air to it—like the oil slick found in the Western corner of the city. She could hear his voice though he did not speak. She could see the diminutive smudge of black slick over his boot though she did not open her eyes. Her senses—so refined—ensured she could see most of him without ever glancing his way.


And then she laid eyes on him.







Present Day

In her dream, Jessop wore a linen cloak, identical to one she had first donned in the Blade’s mystical pool. He wore dark funerary robes, and he moved quickly, disappearing around corners, catching her eyes in the shadows. She followed him through the maze, wondering where he went, what he thought. She quickened her step, trotting after him, chasing through the dark corridors. She spun around the wall’s end, and felt a sudden ache in her abdomen. His arm was around her instantly, holding her close to his body. She looked down, over the sheer linen, and saw between her breasts the hilt of his dagger, his gloved hand still tight around the weapon. Blood soaked the robe, slick and crimson, sticking to her form. She wasn’t angry with him; it hadn’t hurt that badly. She rested her hand against his chest, and blood leached through her fingers. She looked up into his dark eyes. A tear ran over the star-shaped scar.

“You’re bleeding,” she whispered, pressing firmly against his chest, ignoring her own wound.

He smiled at her, shrugging casually. “It’s only my heart.”

Jessop woke to the sound of crying, lurching up in her bed. It had been the same dream, for the hundredth time. Her hair snaked around her neck with sweat, her brow damp and hands clammy. Again, the small cry called to her. She glanced over the large, dark bed where Falco slept, motionless and silent. She rolled off, her feet finding the cool ground, and crossed the room, her eyes navigating the dark with their usual ease. Jeco was sitting up in his bed, his damp dark hair standing on end, his large gray eyes
brimming with tears.

She looped her hands under his shoulders and pulled him to her body. “I couldn’t sleep either, love.” He clung to her tightly, burying his small face under her chin. He didn’t care that she was slick with sweat or weary with exhaustion; she was his mother, his protector.

In the darkness, large arms wrapped around her, and she leaned back into Falco, finding the safety in his arms that their son found in hers. Falco was silent in the night, a predatory creature whose abilities amazed her as much in that moment as they had a decade before.

His lips kissed the space where her neck met her shoulder. “Nightmares again?”

“Both of us, it seems,” she whispered, her breath travelling over Jeco’s short hair.

“What should I do when my family cannot find peace?”

Jessop breathed heavily at her husband’s question. It had been a month since Kohl had escaped the Blade, nearly killing her in the process. The Blade had been his home for most of his life. It had been more than a home. It had been his training facility, where he had lived with his Hunter brethren, patrolling the Daharian galaxy on behalf of Hydo Jesuin. The same Blade she had infiltrated and handed over to her husband, Falco. Jessop pushed the thought back, blinking away the image of Kohl O’Hanlon’s face. “Find the one who torments me,” she ordered.




5 books to read this fall according to Ryan Wieser



The Pact by Jodi Picoult


Fair warning: The Pact is a very controversial book. Originally published in 1998, it details the events that lead up to a suicide pact and ultimate death of seventeen-year-old Emily. If you look up The Pact on Goodreads, you will see the book has a 4-star average from over 240,000 ratings, but you’ll also find quite a few angry reviews. Anyone with a Netflix account or access to the news knows that suicide has been a spotlighted topic recently. Picoult tackles a heavy topic with the writing ability of a well-seasoned author, ensuring an intricately woven story for many to appreciate.



The World According to Garp by John Irving


I love this book but it’s simply quite bizarre. What is The World According to Garp about? We follow the life of the character TS Garp, writer son of a feminist icon. Filled with peculiar characters, odd plot developments, and an array of themes, this is a book that I find instantly absorbing, as the plot is equal parts odd and intriguing. I’ve read this book three times. I still cannot firmly say what it is or isn’t about, but it is one of the most masterfully written eccentric tales I’ve ever read.



Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I read Jane Eyre when I was quite young, and odd as it may seem, this is the first book that ever frightened me. Not in a red-balloon It kind of way, but still, I was spooked while reading certain pages. You’ll know the scene when you reach it. Creepiness can only be achieved through expert storytelling, and this book was expertly crafted. Jane Eyre explores themes of religion, independence, and love, and the role of women in society. This is not the easiest or quickest read on my list (we are in the 500 page region here) so some may wonder if it’s worth the time and commitment. Short answer? Absolutely.



Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

I’ve always loved Siddhartha. I’ve read this a handful of times throughout the years and I appreciate that it’s very accessible to many different readers, despite covering some potentially complex notions on life, love, and spirituality. Thanks to the simplicity of the structure, this is a fairly quick read, but I bet that you may just find yourself returning back to the pages to revisit the central themes or to consider the story’s message.



The Alchemist by Paulo Choelho

A fantastic book! Like Siddhartha, The Alchemist also possesses a simple, accessible structure while presenting some serious considerations on happiness, dreams and goals, and the purpose of life. Depending on the kind of person you are, you’ll either love or hate the ending but it’s all part of the ultimate message.

Let me know what you end up reading this Fall!





$20 Amazon


Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!







Ryan Wieser completed her B.A. in Sociology and Socio-Legal Studies before going on to complete her MSc. in Experimental Psychology. Having been raised in Africa and educated across multiple countries, Ryan has a passion for travel and an interest in diverse cultures. She currently resides in Wyoming with her husband, where she is writing her next book.


Website - https://ryanwieserbooks.com/


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17183503.Ryan_Wieser










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