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review 2016-09-08 15:32
Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner
Missing, Presumed - Susie Steiner
If you love guessing up until the very end, then this is the book for you. Clues and misdirections abound, mixed perfectly to lead you down countless potential trails of exploration. Manon is a unique character and the first book in this series shows us how intricately woven her personal and professional lives. Both sides of her life have such an impact on each other and I really enjoyed being fully immersed into her life (and it's an interesting one).
My one and only dislike about Manon is she is a bit too depressed most of the book. She's a little too lost at times, and one period of being lost is followed up by another one - while she may be on the ball professionally, her personal life is a mess - but I needed a little bright side to it before the end of the book.
But, we're really reading this for the crime. Edith is missing, foul play is almost certain, and the police are rapidly running out of time. This part of the story was beyond perfect. I really enjoyed seeing the glimpses into Edith's parents' lives and the lives of her friends that are involved in the investigation. Things don't go smoothly, and things go horribly wrong at one point. In fact, I think it's safe to say it all starts to fall apart. 
But there is a solution to the case. It isn't what I expected (which is good), but looking back through the bits and pieces of clues I can see it (which is good). It's a little out there, but completely believable. If  Manon could just find a little light in her life, then I think this book would be just about perfect.
Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2016/09/missing-presumed-by-susie-steiner.html
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review 2016-08-09 03:30
Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall by Aaron Safronoff
Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall - Aaron Safronoff

Sunborn Rising was an incredibly fun story - and it is perfect for all ages. With bright illustrations and lots of excitement, I could even see some middle grade readers enjoying it. The creatures of Sunborn Rising are vaguely familiar, but still strange and mysterious. Barra is clever and mischievous and will appeal to readers of all ages with her brave, but often foolish, ideas and adventures.

Every page was filled with new and amazing scenery and characters. As Barra and her friends venture from the treetops do the depths of the ocean and even beyond into a place that I couldn't even begin to describe - all in the search for a way to go home and save it.

I'm very excited that this is going to be a series, and the ending of the story leaves room for some great adventures to come.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2016/08/sunborn-rising-by-aaron-safronoff-review.html
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review 2016-07-20 22:32
Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld - Review
Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice - Curtis Sittenfeld

This has to be one of the best Pride and Prejudice re-tellings I've read. The Bennet family is perfect, set in their ways and determined to go about as usual. Mr. Bennet is priceless. His dry wit and off-hand humor was amazing and spot on. In fact, all the characters were portrayed in a way that kept true to the original, but still updated them to our contemporary time.

Liz and Mr. Darcy - the classic romance - can definitely hold its own in a contemporary settings. The tension, the fights, the misunderstandings, all laid out perfectly for the modern times. I loved their interactions and banter. The "hate sex" was a great addition that really portrayed their relationship well.

I think I desperately need to go and read the rest of The Austen Project series. If they are as good as this one, I know I'll be in for a good time.

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2016/07/eligible-by-curtis-sittenfeld-review.html
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review 2016-07-05 17:08
The Immortal Crown by Kieth Merrill - Review
The Immortal Crown - Kieth Merrill The Immortal Crown - Kieth Merrill
I love finding a good epic fantasy series to really dig into. The Immortal Crown has a lot of the elements I love to see. We start out with a prophecy - one that's changed over the years and over the miles. We even start with a hint of dragons.
Eventually we follow several potential prophecy fulfillers as they journey into new parts of their life - from adventure to first tastes of freedom to potential love. There are sooo many characters, but each story seems to entwine itself in the overall storyline in an easy and memorable way. I didn't once have a problem remembering who was doing what and where they were in the journey.
Some of the characters and lore were a little expected - the girl who prefers pants and is surprisingly good at swords, the ancient people who left a forgotten legacy, but it was done with just enough of a twist or with a little bit extra that it really made the characters stand out.
I would have liked a tad more excitement. There are a few great moments, but I feel like I missed a bit of the "sword" in the "sword & sorcery" book. 
*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2016/07/the-immortal-crown-by-kieth-merrill.html
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review 2016-04-18 14:34
Morning Star by Pierce Brown
Morning Star - Pierce Brown

A very exciting conclusion to the Red Rising Trilogy - with lots of surprises. I wasn't sure how Pierce Brown was going to find a way out of the ending to Golden Son, but find a way he did. Darrow is back and so are the Sons, but neither of them is the same. Things are quickly escalating out of control and plans need to be made to finish this fight.

But what a fight it is. Stretching from the far reaches of occupied space, Earth, the moons, and on board the ships - the fighting is everywhere. Some of these battles are quite complex with multiple layers of attack - so make sure you pay attention. Every move is important. Every word has meaning. Every person has their fate (and I didn't like all of them). Darrow ingenuity and way of thinking will be very important and could either win or lose the war for them.

The ending was a bit of a surprise. While I had some suspicions it may head in a similar direction, it took quite an about-face at the last minute and left me quite surprised at the maturity of a small boy. I was sad to see the saga end - I have grown to love all the characters and will miss hearing of their adventures and schemes. But the ending was very satisfying as well.

Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2016/04/morning-star-by-pierce-brown-review.html
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