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review 2018-09-30 05:22
A Despicable and Yet Fun Read Graphic Violent Comic Tradepaperback
Body Bags Volume 1: Fathers Day - Jason Pearson

The 90s was an experimental comic scene. It was bold, brave and daring even. When Dark Horse Comics under the imprint Blanc Noir release Body Bags, written and illustrated by Jason Pearson, I had no idea what to expect but filled with graphic violence, a simple yet action-packed sequences and probably one of the most despicable immoral tale of revenge involving a minor. The thing about this comic is... its an enjoyable good read.


Clownface had enough when a body bagger almost killed him and his partner and he is looking for revenge. When his daughter arrived on his doorstep after ten years apart, nothing gets worst than having his daughter wanted to be a body bagger in the action. With guys and knives are in the line of crossfire, Terminus City is about to get blown off.


I love Body Bags. Its simple, its fast and its the kind of action I enjoy most. With an edgy artwork to boot, every thing about Body Bags is worth a read. Although some may not agree due to the content graphic violence that spells despicable, I do find it honest on how its told and there is so much more to it than just action. While I do love the 80s scene, this comic is just right for my liking.

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review 2015-07-28 20:44
So, remember when I said no more Deadpool?
Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas - Jason Pearson,Carlo Barberi,Daniel Way

That was before I woke up, nearly in tears, and unable to get up.  I wasn't working today, but I wanted to get into the studio early.   That didn't happen - and Primus, the studio is hot as fuck today, stupid, stupid heat.   


But I managed to do art after picking up more Deadpool.   So yay!   Deadpool cheers me up like crazy, so I'm sticking with him for now.   



This is a longer story arc in Las Vegas, involving Deadpool's old friend Weasel.   I could totally ship Weasel/Deadpool in a love/hate tug-of-war kind of thing based on angry sex.   Like very angry sex.  I'm just saying, I could.   I want that fanfiction to exist, and am not looking for it.   I will seriously cry if that shit doesn't exist.   And I realize I'm pretty much shipping Deadpool/throw a rock into the Marvel character pool, but there ya go.   (Shut up voices in my head.   It's happening, so get over it, okay?)


But, ugh, Blind Al.   I hate Al's Patty-Hearst-But-I-Think-I'm-Not routine.   One half star off for reminding me that she exists.   I'm just trying really hard to pretend the Joe Kelly run of Deadpool doesn't exist at all, to be honest. 


That being said, the one-issue Deadpool/Ghost Rider issue?  Was so much perfection, it blew by way, way too fast.  I thought it wasn't a full size issue, actually, but it was.   I want more Deadpool/Ghost Rider action.   (Which would either be based on an actual Marvel plot or maybe more angry sex?   Does that fanfiction exist?)


Uh-huh.   Before I focus too much on that, I'm going to do some more art, then while it's drying?   Onto the next volume of this.   


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review 2015-07-13 20:19
Deadpool tells his version of the truth...
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War - Jason Pearson,Duane Swierczynski

And, well, he's not really a reliable narrator.   He breaks the fourth wall, he lies, then says things are sorta-kinda-partly the truth, and so he's not really lying to you completely.   You know part of his story is bullshit because one story is wrapped in another. 


There are two conflicting possibilities and only one can be true. 


Endings that leave you wondering this?   They're wonderful.   And this was great until the ending scene, where the book - and Deadpool - spelled it all out.   You'll never know, there are two possibilities, and we're not telling so make of it what you will.    The problem is that worked out quite nicely until I was directly told.  Only then did this pull me out of the story. 


Still, I was entranced until then.   The art and story, the questions it was bringing up, all were quite lovely. 

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review 2013-05-01 00:00
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War - Jason Pearson,Duane Swierczynski I've always been interested in Deadpool but as with most comic book characters I've not read, I didn't know where to start. I first encountered the character a few years ago when Marvel attempted to bring Deadpool to the silver screen casting Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine: Origins. Most people felt that this was a perfect choice as Reynolds is known for his sarcastic delivery which fit the character perfectly – plus, he’s a fan. I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how badly they would screw it up.

In 2009, Marvel launched a new imprint entitled, Marvel Knights. Knights was going to be responsible for releasing stories that were described as "outside the box" and would challenge the reader's views of their favorite Marvel heroes. Having worked on several Marvel books in the past, Duane Swierczynski was tasked with writing a 4 issue Deadpool mini-series.

Following a bloody massacre in Mexico, Deadpool is forced to sit in front of his superiors and explain his role in the whole ordeal. While doing so, The Merc With A Mouth gives us a glimpse into his origins, his first mission and just why he refuses to show his face.

For my first Deadpool experience, I felt this was a pretty decent effort. You've got his trademark wit, his dark humor and the consistent breaking of the fourth wall (Deadpool is known for blatantly acknowledging he's in a comic book). I kind of expected the odd chuckle but didn't realize just how damn funny this character is. Kudos to Swierczynski for bringing that humor out.

Other than the Wolverine book I read a few months back, this is the most violent Marvel book I've read. That's not a complaint, I can't imagine Deadpool not surrounding himself with a good amount of bloodshed. I mean, what do you expect from a superhero that carries pistols, a couple of swords and is a contracted mercenary? Lots and lots of death.

I guess the only real issue I had about the book was the artwork. Granted, it's not all bad but I think I've had my fill of women with unrealistic busts. It's hard to really blame the artist for what appears to be an industry standard but it comes across as distracting and a little unnecessary.

I'm certainly not finished with Deadpool yet. There's a lot more out there and I intend to start tracking it down. I'm not so sure if this is the best place to start but it's worth checking out.

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