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review 2016-12-17 02:36
Stealing Snow - 3 Stars
Stealing Snow - Danielle Paige

First, the names in this aren't my favorite. I mean, Snow? Seriously. Yes, she controls the snow. Sure. But Paige really could have come up with something better than Snow. And Jagger? Like, hey, look at me. I'm a bad ass. Nope. And Algid. Sucks. The names just suck. Period. Moving on. The pacing at the beginning of the book took a bit too long for my liking. I get that she wanted back story so we'd all know how Snow how suffered in Whittaker. That way she could bemoan it later. It just took forever. Like 1/3 of the book. I just couldn't bring myself to care about the Robbers. Oh, and her precious Bale. OMG! I am so over Bale already and he is barely in the book. Was actually hoping they'd just let him die at the end. Sure he had his own little surprise, but I don't care. Move with Kai.

Ah, Kai. I liked him. He was the only character that came off as not pretending through the book, even in the end. I just have a feeling he knew exactly what was going on. He knew who he cared about and didn't let that sway him. Also, I like that he doesn't do magic. I don't know how I feel about the magic in this book. Everything is elemental or potions. That's different, but I'll have to read more to decide how much I care for it.

1. Kai
2. River Witch
3. Snow
4. Greta

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review 2016-12-17 02:29
Zom-B Underground - 3 Stars
Zom-B Underground - Darren Shan














Felt like a lot of filler until the very end. A lot of Becky just going on about the facility.

However, the facility was pretty cool. Not so much what they wanted them to do to the real zombies, even if they are already dead. I'm glad Becky didn't give in like the others, and her actions made the others thinks about what they were doing. The end was pretty cool, but poor Mark. Why was he there? Hopefully, the next book explains. The zombie process was interesting. It was unlike anything else I've heard of. Becky goes into detail about it (filler!), and it could have been shortened, but it is good to know. Glad Josh let her go in the end.

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review 2016-12-17 02:26
Bad Blood - 5 Stars
Bad Blood (The Naturals #4) ((The Naturals #4)) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Everything came full circle in this book. Lia got some closure. Michael was freed from his father. Cassie found her mother. Okay, granted she killed her. But she found her. Silver lining. And it wasn't her choice anyway so... We get to learn so much about Cassie's past with her mother. Was shocked by the director's involvement! Hello! Did not see that coming. Glad he's out of the picture. Cassie gets to be with her family and the other Naturals which is great now that she knows what happened to her mother. And Dean! My boy Dean. He didn't play as much of a role in this one, but I love that he supported Cassie like she did for him in the second book. He gave up control, which for him was hard after his father, but he trusted her. You just didn't know who to trust in this one and it was great.

"The world is full of drowning people, ready and willing to drown you too." -Ree

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review 2016-05-20 19:39
Wolfsbane- 2 Stars
Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer

Title: Wolfsbane

Author: Andrea Cremier

Format: Hardcopy



So much dialogue! Seriously. I didn't think I could take any more of it. It was nonstop talking. Virtually nothing was done for 9/10 of the book because all they wanted to do was stand around and talk. Talk. Talk. This is not an exaggeration. Every word was either people talking or description of how people were talking. It was too much. And the back story, if it can be called back story. They explained all the wrong things. There was so much to be done but all anyone would do is stand around and talk. 



I have to admit, none of the characters at the institute really did anything for me. None of them were too memorable. In fact the only character that I cared about through this whole book, Ren, was barely in it. They were all just annoying. Honestly, the only tolerable character was Silas and that was only because his flaws were constantly being brought up, though he seemed the most useful person with all the knowledge. 



Seriously. There wasn't one. Monroe went on and on about how important it was to get the pack back for the alliance, but did it ever happen? Not until so far into the book that it really didn't make much difference. Only the last 50 pages or so really advanced the story whatsoever. I don't even know what Cremier was trying to do. There was just so much dialogue through every single page that the plot became a second thought.

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review 2016-05-05 02:57
Star-Touched Queen- 3 Stars
The Star-Touched Queen - Roshani Chokshi

Star Touched Queen

Roshani Chokski

3 Stars

Kindle e-Book: Netgalley



I don't even know what to say about this book. Honestly.
I really liked the beginning. It had this Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast thing going and I was feeling it. Amar and Maya were getting used to each other and it was really sweet how she slowly feel in love with him. I even liked Gupta. He was a great side character in a setting where there was NO ONE. The world building was great. Magical. Mystical. Loved it. (World Building is what got this book 3 stars, BTW).
But the whole second half was WFT??? It was just random weirdness. I still don't understand how she just woke up with a horse trying to eat her. And what was with the elephant guarding the ocean to the Otherworld?? I just don't get it. I feel like I missed something. Or I've been reading books that may follow this formula called PLOT too much, but the second half of this book was just random. The last three chapters maybe were okay just because they were set back in the Otherworld and I got the character's motivations. But that whole middle part with Kamala (though I did enjoy her:) ) made no sense to me whatsoever.

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