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review 2016-01-05 15:16
Book Review: Bite Me (Lupo Legacy Episode #1) By Elizabeth Kelly
Bite Me: Lupo Legacy - Elizabeth Kelly


This was a cute and quick read because it's a serial. In other words, a series of very short "novels" releasing usually within a span of 2-3 weeks apart to complete a full story arc. This is the first time I finally picked up a serial in my reading history and I can't say I hate it. 


The story started off very cute, but I did have a few issues with it. For instance the event at the pool with Ty. Why was everyone so laid back about it? Does everyone know something the reader and the main heroine (Emery) doesn't know? It really felt like I was only beginning to scrape the surface of a mystery.


Ash was nice, right up to the point when he started making no effort to spend time with Emery anymore even though they were BFF's for maybe 13 years. It just made no sense to me. You may ask why this drama happened and I can safely answer you for once: A GIRL. I was really disappointed in him and in their so called friendship.


Overall, it was an interesting story even though I found the ending unnecessary. I will be continuing on in this serial. I hope the "villain" isn't as obvious as it's seeming right now. I want to be proven wrong for once! Also Teegan was an awesome character.


My Favorite Quote:

"So you want to tell me what's going on with you and hank o' love from across the street?"

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review 2015-12-22 13:16
Lupo's story is here....
Lupo (The Immortals Book 8) - Monica La Porta

I was gifted an ARC of 'Lupo' from Monica La Porta, in exchange for an honest review.

There was absolutely NO confusion with just who this book was about, once I started I was sucked into Lupo's life once again. Starting right after book 7 'The Lonely Wolf', which I HIGHLY recommend you read first, maybe even read "The Immortals" series from the start... Lupo has been sentenced to a year in prison, what a fun filled year Lupo is stuck with (please note the sarcasm in this sentence). The constant heartache after losing Jasmine, the black hole in Lupo's heart, the attacks because of WHO Lupo is & the vendetta against him... had me seriously aching. I can't say much more without giving away an entire plot, but I can say it left me gripping my seat, unable to stop reading. I had tears, crossed my fingers, wished with all my might.... that everything would be alright. OMG I couldn't stop, I had to find out just what was going to happen.... WOW. I can't wait to read what Monica La Porta comes up with next.

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review 2015-06-09 09:10
La magia del lupo
La magia del lupo. Cronache dell'Era Oscura vol. 1 - Michelle Paver

La magia del lupo, é un racconto ambientato in una foresta, il giovane Torak, ha appena visto spegnersi davanti ai suoi occhi il padre,esperto cacciatore, dopo essere stati assaliti da un orso indemoniato.


Torak cercherà più volte di seguire il suo destino e salvare la foresta dall'orso, ma vi saranno stolti che gli metteranno sempre i bastoni tra le ruote. Cercheranno addirittura di ucciderlo per addempire la profezia sull'uomo che ascolta.


Un racconto crudo dove Torak va a caccia, sbudella e cucina le sue prede in compagnia di Lupo, e scoprirà segreti su suo padre che cambieranno per sempre la sua vita.

Una storia semplice che fa trasparire dei temi importanti come quello dell'amore fraterno e della fiducia reciproca che rendono possibile l'impossibile.

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review 2013-09-28 00:00
The Necessity of Man - Tarrin P. Lupo I want to give this short story three and a half stars. It was fun, interesting and very short. The time passed quickly. I had an idea of the ending but enjoyed reading it nevertheless. I know this is a short story and I am more of a novel reader, so I would have like more depth to the characters and a more detailed description of the world the author created. I would recommend this quick read to anyone looking for an enjoyable, quick, twilight zone-esque read.
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review 2013-08-15 00:00
Jenny Maybelle and the Cocker Spaniel Who Needed a Perm
Jenny Maybelle and the Cocker Spaniel Who Needed a Perm - Gloria Williams Lupo I was so blessed to receive a free copy of this delightful book in exchange for an honest review. It was a pleasure to read. It was like going back into a happy dream. I'm not sure that children dream about flying as we do when we get a little older, but I'm sure they will when they read this story on Jenny Maybelle's adventures in the fourth grade, and the lessons she learned won't be wasted on the young readers either.
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