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text 2022-01-25 20:34
Release Day Blitz: The Hunted by S.B. Alexander

[Because facebook has very unfairly blocked my blog, Punya Reviews..., from being promoted on their platform, I'm using booklikes as a "gateway" of sorts so I have a link to promote. It's been over a year but I tried for the first 4 months to reach them through any means I could find without any luck whatsoever. Doesn't look like I'll get the block removed anytime soon, if ever. More on what happened can be found here.]


LINK to my release day blitz post for The Hunted on Punya Reviews...: 


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review 2020-02-03 15:18
ARC REVIEW Wicked Cowboy Wolf by Kait Ballenger

Wicked Cowboy Wolf (Seven Range Shifters, #3) Seven Range Shifters #3, This one is my favorite of the three so far. I knew I would love Rogue and Maeve. I loved that they had history, even if Mae doesn't know it at first. The romance between them definitely has some Beauty and the Beast like qualities. I think this can be read as a standalone but I would at least recommend reading book #2 even though certain events are mentioned and explained book two is where it happens so you get the full story, if I remember correctly.

Maeve is once again the target of the vampires, her blood was used to create a serum so that the vampires could drink from the shifter and now the vampires want her dead so an antidote can't be made. Rogue's plan is to hide her away safe from everyone while they track down the scientist who created the serum in the first place and have him make the antidote. Mae reluctantly agree for the safety of her pack. She doesn't trust Rogue especially since she has an undeniable attraction to him. Rogue has always loved Mae, even before he became Rogue, not that Mae recognizes him anymore, and he plans to keep it that way until necessary. But the longer she's on his ranch the more she worms her way into his heart and the hearts of his people.

Overall, I think this one was paced better than the previous books. I loved all the characters, I felt a connection for both Rogue and Maeve, loved the secondary characters especially the kids. I'm really getting into the series I can't wait to find out what happens next.


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review 2019-06-26 16:31
ARC REVIEW Alpha's Promise by Rebecca Zanetti

Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10)Dark Protectors #10, I enjoyed this one for the most part. I'm excited for the direction this is going, The Seven working with the Demon Nation and The Realm to stop the big bad from being released and destroying everything they hold dear. I like the side story with little Hope Kylwood and her friends. What I didn't like was the romance, not romance sex, I like Ivar and I like Promise I just didn't like them together or I should say when they got it on. I guess I'm just over the whole dominance thing, ya know been there done that now it just triggers me. But the actual story was great.

Dr. Promise Williams is just the scientist they have been looking for and she's an enhanced. She's someone who can figure out how the transporting works and figure out a way to bring home safely their missing brother. Ivar Kjeidsen demon vampire hybrid survived jumping through countless hell worlds before finally finding his way home and it just made him all the more determined to bring back his brother, Quade, before his world collapses, literally not figuratively, in fact the prison world they trapped their big bad on is colliding with Quade's world. It's crunch time and the Kurjans aren't helping matter because it's their religious figure they are trying to release so they will stop at nothing to prevent the Seven from completing their tasks.

I liked Promise, she's logical and everything is math and very analytical. Half the time I figured she was a high functioning autistic with how she was around other people but with the parents she had it's no wonder she's that way. She was rational and listened when it came to her own protection she is Sooo not the TSTL heroine, that is probably what I liked the most. I'm however getting bored with Grace and Adare's bickering I wish their book was next but no it's not, frustrated sigh. Overall, it was a good read. Not really meant to be a stand alone I would suggest at least starting at Vampire's Faith for this story arc.   


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review 2019-06-21 21:37
ARC REVIEW Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing by Kait Ballenger

Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing (Seven Range Shifters #2)Seven Range Shifters #2, I liked this book about as much as I liked the first book, which really wasn't all that much. Once again I couldn't connect to the main character, Colt, even with his in depth backstory I ended up just pushing myself to the second half of the book. Belle was fine she was a little wimpy for my tastes, she's a born rogue and steers clear of packs, because packs hate rogues, and she got mixed up with the Wild Eight Pack due to her own insecurities and yet life by herself on her own and she can't defend herself, ehhhh, but she does have a backbone. I did believe the chemistry between them the strong physical attraction mixed with all their pheromones and them not wanting to act on it because of current circumstances but taking the risk anyways, well at least for one night because Colt's past and the secret he has kept from everyone in the pack.

I liked the second half of the book better, the first half aside from one or two fight scenes was really slow but the action and the suspense picked up a bit and the story has a better pace and kind of flows easier. The secondary characters I liked them, I think they were written better in this book than the first. This can be read as a stand alone, all the stuff you need to know is given. Overall, the story was good, even if it took a bit to get there. I always like it when the vampires are the bad guys. If the next book is going to be about who I think it going to be about, which Ballenger kinda teased, I'm looking forward to that one. 


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review 2019-03-08 14:32
ARC REVIEW You Had Me at Jaguar by Terry Spear

You Had Me at Jaguar (Heart of the Shifter #1)Heart of the Shifter #1, first book of the USF spin-off. For fans of the Heart of the Wolf series( and the other spin-offs) we do see some familiar faces but this book centers around Valerie Chambers and Howard Armstrong. I didn't get into this one as much as the previous books, it just didn't catch my attention the same way. Jaguar shifters don't mate for life, they also can sleep with each other before deciding to mate, unlike wolf shifters. I liked the set up for the series and the characters well enough even though I really didn't feel the chemistry between Val and Howard and the story didn't grab me.

Val and Howard met in training for the Enforcers where they make a practice of putting the men against the woman so the women can find ways of subduing larger prey. Val so far has been the only who could pin Howard down. Couple years later Howard started working for the newly formed United Shifter Force, a co-op where shifters of all kind work with each other. Val is still an Enforcer, the Jaguars shifters execution squad for those who have killed humans and/or shifter. Val has been working just fine on her own but for some reason her parents, who are also both Enforcers, thought she would need back up on this next mission. They asked the USF to provide some for her; Howard and one of his wolf shifter partners Jillian get called in for the job. The job was suppose to be an easy one in Val's opinion the guy turned his wife and murdered her when he couldn't handle her and with irrefutable proof he did it all Val had to do was track him down and then put him down. Val didn't want the back up but when her guy makes a trip to Belize with his new girlfriend he's thankful for all the help she can get because once they get down there things get way more complicated especially when they discover the case Val's parents are on and hers are connected.

Overall, I enjoyed the characters more than the story. Terry Spear, much like Lynsay Sands, tends to be formulaic in her writing but it's still entertaining to read, the quirky characters make each book memorable. The story felt neverending, up into the last 90% of the book they were still trying to finish the mission and then the climax felt rushed. I am curious about what side characters in this book will continue on to the next book, I kinda want to see Rowdy get his HEA.   


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