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review 2019-01-30 20:47
The Other Book
The Other Book - Roe Horvat

His hand on my nape stroked gently, coaxing me back to consciousness. I lifted my head from the crook of his neck to meet his gaze. His eyes were soft, and I knew that look. I recognized it from other faces, directed at lovers, but not at me. It was how Adam gazed at Christoffer.


Once again Roe Horvat’s writing captivated me. Definitely a step into the erotic realm but done so in such a remarkable and beautiful way. Yes, this has graphic sex between 2, 3 and in one case 4 people, but never is the emotional connection between the main characters lost. And while this story is about Tyler and Joel, my heavens…Adam and Christoffer are simply irresistible. I am not sure there are many cases in which a side couple has mesmerized me the way these two have. Their love for each other is breathtaking and their love for Tyler is remarkable.


Yes this book, as stated above, includes sex with other people, however this is in no way what I would view or characterize as an open relationship. Roe is first and foremost about consent, love and commitment.


While this moves from a hate/lust relationship to love rather quickly, it just worked for me. I wanted these men together. They simply needed each other and Tyler’s nurturing aspects came forward quite well…something I am sure he learned from his loving mother. She was simply remarkable.


Joel stood by the table, his back to me, bent and curled down low enough so he could fit into my mother’s ambitious embrace. She was petting his hair, soothing. Her eyes met mine over his shoulder, and she smiled a sad smile. I blinked and backed off noiselessly into the kitchen.
My mother was a witch. There was no other explanation.


All the love for this book and I simply cannot wait for Adam and Christoffer’s story.


*Note: I had the opportunity to beta read this and was given an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-09-08 03:31
MMM, Cookies!
Mmmm, Cookies - Robert Munsch,Michael Martchenko

Mmm, Cookies! is a fun book to read in Kindergarten-2nd grade. Christopher plays a trick on his parents and gives them fake cookies, but he eventually gets a taste of his own medicine..his teacher plays a trick on him!! Students would love to decorate their own cookies and they could incorporate writing by giving step by step directions about how they made their cookies. Fun & yummy activity!


Lexile Level: 560L

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review 2016-08-04 17:38
Double Blind
Double Blind - Heidi Cullinan

Sam and Randy embraced, kissing like lovers, like children. They were youth inside still, boys who needed love too. This moment, this kiss, was not about sex. This moment wasn’t about anything but comfort, and it wasn’t about anybody but Sam and Randy and the lovers who knew how to give it to them. 


This is easily one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever read and it is with FOUR men. My heavens...Heidi blew me away here. To capture the love that these men have for one another was so impressive and left me wanting to reread this scene again and again.



Scene after scene with Sam & Randy and Ethan & Randy and then with the three of them were so caring and loving and explored so deeply what they each mean to the other.  I have to say however that I missed Mitch.  After 2.5 books with these men, I feel I know little about this man.  He sits on the sidelines mostly and when we do really see him it is only a moment's glance and then he is gone again.  I want him...I want to know him as a character, see his demons, understand what makes him the amazingly loving man he is.  I only hope we will eventually get this, but I am doubtful and that makes me sad.


Poker plays a huge role in this book and is central to understanding who Randy is. 


“This is why you’re good at poker. You’re good at bluffing, and you’re good at reading other people.”


And while Poker the game is played a lot, what I enjoyed was the meaning behind what was shared.  The descriptions of cards, the reading of people, and understanding that so much of the game is about the people.


“Poker is an art,” Uncle Gary had told Randy. “It’s about probability and statistics too, but mostly it’s about art. It’s combining your head and your heart and mixing them together with a little bit of magic. It’s a game of people as much as it is a game of cards.”


Now Crabtree...hmmmm...I honestly liked him.  Yes there were some things that were done that might be assholish but he is a player...he is a manipulator but for me he was never threatening.  I truly believe he cares about these men and only pushes them to be better people and better partners.


Overall, this was so close to a 5 star book for me, but the lack of Mitch and how Billy's character was handled or not handled towards the end, left me a little confused. I think I need to read the end again perhaps...maybe after I read the limo scene and the foursome scene again.  *sighs* 



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