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review 2017-07-03 11:05
much better read than book one.
Luca - Sarah Castille
This is book two in Ruin and Revenge series, but you don't need to have read book one, Nico, before this. While this book follows that one, and reading this before that would be spoilers, it doesn't really matter. I gave book one 4 stars. I enjoyed this one a little more. It's still quite dark, with the Mafia being Luca's family and I think it's a little more violent, because Luca does like to get his hands dirty, but it gripped me a little more, I think. It kinda grabbed by the throat and didn't wanna let go, not til all had been revealed! And let me tell ya, I did not see that one coming!! Nope, not even after that bombshell exploded, did I put the pieces together fast enough and I was like, say WHAT!!! I was somewhat shocked there. I loved that Luca battles with himself over Gabrielle. Knowing she is a Detective and him not being able to walk away could cost him his life, but still, he cannot hold back the dam of protectiveness she unleashed in him. Loved that Gabrielle didn't put her clues together fast enough about Luca. Loved that even though Luca is who he is, and who he belongs to, she can't walk away from the man she loves. Can't watch him lose his life! Oh I LOVED that, when Gabrielle does what she does!! Glad that the bad guy gets his comeuppance, but not saying who or how. There is, as in book one, a third person who has a say. I was worried for this person for a while, but loved how Castille worked him into the plot, and how, small and insignificant he is for most of the book, it's he who gives Luca and Gabrielle the in they need to get the job done. Like I said, a darker, bloodier, read, mainly because Luca does like to lead by example but also because of what Luca suffers at the hands of the previously mentioned bad guy. Not nice reading that. But!! Because it grabbed and didn't let go . . . . 5 full stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2017-05-23 15:25
short and so deliciously sweet!
Mr. Plum - Sue Brown
I won my copy of this book and no review was required, but I gotta tell you about this book! Another addition to the Too Stinking Cute shelf, and I really rather loved it. Its only short, some 30 odd pages, but its so deliciously sweet! Tom will tell the story of his and Dave's relationship with the beginning in the launderette. But Dave will tell you, it goes back far before then, to a cup of coffee in a paper sleeve that matched Tom's tie. Even though only Dave has a say, and Tom doesn't get a word in, at all, I still enjoyed it. Its very written, and you connect to both Dave AND Tom really well, for such a short book. I didn't spot a single spelling mistake or editing errors. Sue Brown in a new to me author, and this was a perfect introduction to her work. Fabulous little hangover cure, if ever there was one. 4 solid stars **Same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2017-03-11 14:39
solid four star read.
Dragon Shifter Romance: Playing With Fir... Dragon Shifter Romance: Playing With Fire: Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) - Meg Ripley
This is a cute, easy read, 194 pages, but doesn't seem that long. Jason is a dragon shifter. His new client needs funds, and those funds could come from a big fan of the mythical creature. But first, Jason has to get through the man's daughter, Shayne. But Jason and Shayne have met before, he knew her as Mary. Will she help?? Like I said, cute easy read. Told from both Shayne/Mary point of view, we don;t get Mary for a while, and I was beginning to think it would be single point. But its not, and I was happy about that! I do think more could have been made of Vincent, and what he did, and why, but for a fairly short book, it gets to the point. I did like that Jason is able to help his client, and save the amusement park. First I've read of this author, it looks like my to-read list just got a whole lot full of dragon shifter books! And y'all know how much I does love me some dragons! I like the way Meg thinks, plots and tells hr story. solid four star read. *same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Booklikes, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble**


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review 2017-01-25 14:13
great second book!
Fallen - Nicole Garcia

I was gifted the audio file of this book.


Gia was never supposed to be the one who fell in love, but here she was, falling for a human she had no business consorting with. Now, she is faced with a dilemma. Does she follow her heart’s true desire? Or will she make the ultimate sacrifice and let Rhett go in order to save his life? She thinks she’s chosen the right path, but when trouble comes crashing through the coven’s door she must decide whether or not her good intentions are worth the inevitable extinction of her kind.


This is book two in the series, there are 6 sisters in this coven and they will all get their story. You don't to have read book one, Bitten, before this but it helps.


Gia is the hardest of the sisters, she is the one who won't fall in love, won't take a mate, all because of what their old leader had told her one day. But Rhett gets under her skin from their very first meeting, and she, for a whole year, wipes his memory after every time they are together.  Pushing him away is the only thing to save him. But Rhett as other ideas and surprises Gia when she is at her lowest.


Again narrated by Kai Kennacott and Wen Ross. Love these two together, I really do. I noticed here, though, there was some overlapping when Gia and Rhett were talking, or rather, Rhett was laughing and Gia was talking. I don't know if this was deliberate, or not, but I really did like it! Because it happens, you know?? Someone will be talking, and someone else might be laughing at them. Cute, I thought.


Garcia has 4 more of these to write, I hope that, somewhere along the way, the boys will have a proper say, because they don't here, and while I usually prefer to LISTEN to books told in the first person, I really REALLY want to hear from the boys in this series, Rhett, especially!


4 stars for the book

5 stars for the narration

4.5 overall.


**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Booklikes, Audible.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com**

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review 2017-01-20 12:59
oh my freaking word!!!
Lord of Ravens (Inheritance Book 3) - Amelia Faulkner
I'm not gonna write a blurby bit, just gonna jump straight in with this one!
You really REALLY should read Jack of Thorns, book one and Knight of Flames before this one. You WILL need it. I wrote in my review for book two, Knight of Flames that Quentin had much to tell about his upbringing. I quote from that review "I think Quentin has buried it deep, and it will take some time for Faulkner to dig it out of him. When we finally get it all, its gonna be bad, I know it is. Real bad. We have little hints, reactions, comments, here that make you think. But I'm not thinking too hard to put it together, not yet, because I have a feel I'm gonna be so terribly wrong." And by Goddess, it is bad. I strongly suggest you brace yourself for Chapter Thirteen. I'm not going to go into detail, save this. I am certain, absolutely dead CERTAIN that there is more to come, and it will be worse, far worse.
In other news! Quentin and Laurence's relationship continues to grow, in all ways, physically especially. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Quentin come out of himself with Laurence. For all of Quentin's properness, he has a dirty heart!
I must mention AGAIN the profound differences between Quen and Laurence, and how beautifully they are portrayed here. Faulkner tells their story in THEIR words, so the differences are marked; in words, thoughts and actions. And I do so love it!!
Quentin's father turns up, briefly, to try to get Quentin to return to England, and he sends something to hurry him along, causing problems for the children.
Herne plays a greater part here too, in teaching Laurence about his gifts. And that deal Laurence made with Morgan, that three parter?? It's gonna come back to bite him on the ass, I know it is!
There is, again, an epilogue that leave you with questions, questions, questions. But not from Freddy this time. Someone else. Someone who, ordinarily, I wouldn't mind hearing from, but after Chapter Thirteen?? I don't wanna, no ma'am, I really don't!
When you stay up til 2am in the morning just to finish a book, and you have to be at work at 8am, it can only get...
5 stars.
**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Booklikes, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com**


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