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review 2020-06-02 08:59
Glad I read the lot!
What Tomorrow May Bring - Deborah Rix,Shelbi Wescott,Joseph A. Turkot,David J. Normoyle,Cary Caffrey,Samantha Durante,Megan Thomason,Jenni Merritt,David Estes,Susan Kaye Quinn,Tony Bertauski

So, I've been reading this book for over 3 years... but that's because it contains 10 novels within its covers. Each of the stories are laid out below with their individual ratings and links to their reviews.

Overall, however I felt the book contains some very good books, and some not so good books, but the collection left me feeling mostly glad to have read the whole lot.

My favourite of the collection would definitely have to be The Narrowing Path closely followed by Stitch. This appears to no longer be available to buy from Amazon so if you're interested in any of these books you'll likely need to purchase them separately.

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn ★★★★ https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

The Moon Dwellers, by David Estes ★★★★

Prison Nation, by Jenni Merritt★★★

Daynight, by Megan Thomason★★★

Stitch, by Samantha Durante ★★★★

The Annihilation of Foreverland, by Tony Bertauski ★★★★

The Girls from Alcyone, by Cary Caffrey ★★★

The Narrowing Path, by David Normoyle ★★★★

The Rain, by Joseph Turkot ★★★★

Virulent: The Release, by Shelbi Wescott ★★

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

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review 2016-08-18 21:42
Have you ever wondered how the world will end?
Withered + Sere - T.J. Klune


It's a pretty bleak thought isn't it? and it's admittedly one that I try not to contemplate too often because seriously how much depression does one need in any given day? No matter how I look at it this is not a question that would or could ever produce a cheerful ending. 


In 'Withered & Sere' TJ Klune does just that. He makes us look at what is left after the world has ended 'in a wave of fire'. It's not pretty or cheerful, but it is scarily realistic. This is a world that I not only can't imagine existing, but I can't imagine existing in. It's a world where hope is a luxury few if any can afford. Survival is the prime directive and sanity is a matter of perspective. 


The world we are shown is 100 years after the one we know has been destroyed. Our guide in this world is a man known as Cavalo who lives in what use to be a correctional institute along with a mutt he calls Bad Dog and a robot known as SIRS.


'Withered and Sere' is a heartbreaking and thought provoking look at one man's life in  this world that few of us would dare to imagine.  Cavalo struggles not only to exist in this new world but to hang onto his rather tenuous sanity while doing so and it is through his eyes that we are shown not just the devastation caused on a larger scale but the impact it has wrought on an individual level as we watch him battle the ghost that haunt him in a world filled with monsters who would destroy him.


Cavalo's past is filled with so much pain and heartache the fact that he retains any sanity at all is a testament to his strength and ability to endure. He keeps himself isolated from what remains of the world as part of his effort to survive but finds his world begins to unravel when an encounter in the badlands leaves him with a mute hostage whose very existence seems to create conflict and draw more attention than Cavalo has ever wanted all while stirring feelings in Cavalo that he had long ago imagined ceased to exist. 


'Withered & Sere' is unlike any TJ Klune book I have ever read...actually it's unlike just about any story that I have ever read, it paints a picture of a world that I hope never to see but can all to easily envision existing. There are monsters and not all of them can be recognized by how they look, there are good men doing evil things...things that are meant to ensure the greater good but more often than not lead down a dark path to even darker places...places where evil men prey on the weakness and cowardice of others...places where survival simply means who can strike the fastest with deadly force.


This is a world left behind by unimaginable destruction and ruled by chaos and it's a world where knowledge is power and the price for that power is often paid in blood. I  can truly say this is not a world that I want to live in but it is one that I want to read about. With the first book in this series TJ Klune has created a world that is both terrifying and riveting in it's savagery. The characters are as fascinating as they are scary and what could happen next has me wanting to read more with a mix of both anxiety and anticipation. 


Immemorial Years is not a series for the faint of heart. It's for the adventurous reader who's willing to test the limits and step outside the box. There is no great love story here or steamy romance but there is an incredibly well written story that might leave you wondering 'if the world ends tomorrow...how will it happen?'

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review 2015-10-31 10:26
The Girl in the Snow - Tony Talbot

Like most of Tony's short stories, this one captures a single concept and gently prods it. This one could very easily be turned into a bigger story. Who were these people? How did the world end up as it is depicted in the story? Who was the girl?

It raises a lot of unanswered questions. Questions I'd like to see Tony try to answer in a longer piece. :)

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review 2015-06-20 04:59
It's like watching a train wreck...
I am Forgotten - J.A. St. Thomas

I am Forgotten started off really well.

If you're after a book that will sucker-punch you in the guts, kick you in the butt, or smack you across the face with 'wake up and deal with this shizz' it'll be this book.


The really creepy, I wanna eat you, I'm gonna devour your soul type zombies. It was epic and creepy and a little bit soul-crushing in the first 30%.

Then, things went off the rails.


I didn't really like Jackson. He was meant to be a 16 year old boy, looking after his eight year old sister. At times his 'voice' sounded perfect for a 16yr old, at others it was so immature I thought I'd roll my eyes out of my head, and then occasionally his 'voice' was that of someone far older than 16. All up, I don't think he felt like a properly created character. His maturity level was shifted depending on the scene and made for annoying reading.

After about 50%, I wanted to stop reading. Things got crazy. They got so 'out there' that I wondered if I'd accidentally started reading another book on my kindle without meaning to. The level of 'crazy' that occurred was as polar opposites to what I'd expected from this book.

PLEASE PLEASE do not start a zombie story that has a great start to only screw it up with all that fantasy crap at the end.

I am a fantasy fan, I really am, but I don't think this was well done. The amount of supernatural beings that were added to this story made it clunky and slow to read. It felt too much, too hard to follow and just plain annoying.

The writing was good for the most part, only a couple of minor typos. A couple of things I noticed:

78% - ...bound at the waste (waist) and shoulders...
81% - ...and his tails (delete s) wags...

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review 2015-02-10 20:53
Oh dear...
Fractured Man - Jacob R. Blacquiere

I read 6% of this book, tried to force myself to see past the issues with the writing, but alas, I couldn't. There were too many, sometimes several issues to a single page.

The issues ranged from incorrect word choices (as per my quote for this book). That word doesn't mean what you think it means... Try 'thrashing', thrashing bodies sounds better than thriving bodies, especially when one is dying.

Other issues included too many attributions outside of 'said'. Things like: Yuri snapped, Sal wailed, and Winston screamed.

Probably one of the worst instances of rambling I've ever read, this story tells you something, then follows up with the same thing, just to make sure you got it.

Examples include:

Getting the raider into his line of sight, Winston sprinted the distance towards him and struck at full speed, tackling him hard into the dirt. Their bodies slammed with a thud, but Winston leapt to his feet first before the raider could recover.

Also, superfluous words much?!

Despite his words and the resolve with which he spoke them, in his mind, he knew Sal would be dead soon, probably within a matter of minutes.

Why not just say: he knew Sal would be dead in a matter of minutes?

Things also ranged into WTF territory a couple of times with rather bizarre things happening. Like when Winston shoots a guy square in the chest, but it's described as 'leaving a small, searing flesh wound' which to me makes me think that either Jacob and I have differing opinions of what a flesh wound is, or Winston is a really crappy shot!

I had a look at the other reviews, majority seem to rate this as non-original and a bit boring. From what I've read, I'd have to agree.

*Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review.**

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