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review 2016-08-31 00:00
All About the Moon (Question and Answer Book)
All About the Moon (Question and Answer Book) - David A. Adler,Ray Burns Geared towards children, with simple but accurate explanations about the moon.
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text 2015-07-01 00:35
.28 Little things.

I should really be sleeping right now, but this seemed to make far more sense instead. 28 little things...on your marks...get set....go!!


day or night


bed or couch or floor


boots or vans or flip flops


UK or US


paper book or e-book


facebook or twitter or tumblr


TV or music


sunrise or sunset


groups(small) or one/two people or alone


concerts or watching on TV or CD


sci-fi or horror or rom com


computer or pen and paper


fiction or non


sun or rain or wind


big spoon or little spoon or both


gold or silver or bronze


heavy metal or country


coffee or tea(fruit) or hot chocolate


hug or kiss


car or motorbike or bicycle


alcopop or spirit or wine


cop or robber


fly or swim or run


disney or marvel


chess or draughts


cold or warm


new or old


long hair or short hair or no hair

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text 2015-04-16 17:35
The sickness will kill you, but can you stomach The Remedy - Q&A with author Asher Ellis

 THE REMEDY (April 8, 2015, Full Fathom Five Digital) is a gripping tale of a college vacation gone horrifically wrong.

In his début novel with Full Fathom Five Digital, Asher Ellis displays a disturbing knack for campy fun and backwoods gore.  It’s Warm Bodies and The Strain meets Spring Breakers, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

Today we have the pleasure of meeting up with author Asher Ellis and talk about his brilliant début novel, The Remedy, our favourite book of the year so far.

"Straight-A student from the University of Vermont, Leigh Swanson, knew she should never have gotten in that car.  A raucous, booze-filled weekend in Montreal sounded like a bad idea from that start.  But, following the incessant nagging from her roommate, she finally gave in— against her better judgement.  However, when a half-baked scheme to smuggle illegal substances across the border takes a turn for the worse, the gang finds themselves lost deep in the woods, terrorized by a contagious deadly fungus and hunted by a family of twisted, interbred cannibals.  And these kids are about to discover that, sometimes, the only thing worse than the sickness itself is The Remedy."
Source: bookschatter.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/QA-AEllis-Remedy.html
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review 2010-10-06 00:00
England: A Question and Answer Book
England: A Question and Answer Book - Michael Dahl This is a very brief fact-based little book about England (part of a series from Capstone Press which offers many other titles/country profiles). This is not a thrill a minute kind of book, but it does have some value/appeal. It gives younger readers a nice overview. And really, my daughter's reaction to the picture of Queen Elizabeth II was priceless - 'What? She's just an old lady!' Up to now the only queens she's seen have been elegant, beautiful and regal (i.e. historical and fictional). So, that was a welcome (and amusing) moment of enlightenment for her. She also enjoyed learning about the more mundane aspects of English life - public transportation, education, food, etc. The abundant photographs were nice and I think will prepare her for the reality that England is a place like any other and not solely a land of castles and royalty.
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