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text 2015-09-12 04:07

Readers block.  Is there such a thing?  I think so, because I am experiencing it.  No matter how hard I try or how far I search, the books that keep me interested are far and few between.  Why?  Is it me?  Is it the choices I have to pick from?  I have my favorites and I strive to find more books like what I know I like, but I can't seem to find many of them. (I have to say, the last books I loved were Maris Black's KAGE 1 & 2).  I love m/m.  I used to be an avid fan of m/f historical romances.  In fact, it's all I read for years.  But my horizons have been broadened since then. I know what I like now, but I can't seem to very often find what I desire in a m/m romance.

When I first began reading the m/m romance genre I couldn't get enough.  It seemed like the books that hooked me and had me forever addicted to this genre were numerous and I devoured them.  I would read for hours at a time.  Several of my fave authors either hardly ever release books anymore or write mostly m/f now.

Also, it looks like the books I desire to read are not what is "popular" anymore.  I want the angst.  I want to cry because one m/c is cold and heartless (or so it seems), only to find out he is afraid to show his feelings, and has realistic reasons for feeling that way.  I want my other m/c to cry about it and get angry.  I want that 'harlequin' feel that seems to be lost to me.  Only I want it in m/m.

I love one m/c to be smaller and a bit effeminant while the other is big, dominant, Alpha.  And the top.  Am I old fashioned?  Not really.  I just know what my kinks are.

I also love BDSM when it's done well and with intelligence.  I don't want an author to write BDSM just because it's popluar but because he/she understands that world and how it makes the participants feel.  I want emotions, angst, misunderstandings (again, done well and with a heavy dose of realism).  Don't give me PWP with too much sex.  But DO give me sex.  And enough with the insta-love.  Give me depth, show me how they fall in love.  Don't just TELL me they do.  I want their conversations, their insecurities.  The tender moments only true lovers experience.  Give me a love story I want to come back to.  Characters that pull my heart strings and make me believe in love.  I want to hate that the book is coming to an end.  Curse the fact that I have to wait for a sequel.  I just want that FEELING.  I've missed it so badly.

So please, I welcome suggestions and recommendations.  (I also LOVE sci-fi m/m romance.)

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text 2014-09-22 10:18
Everything Ramble + See You Later

Rabbit posted a playlist a week or so ago that got me in the mood to make my own. It's my own writing playlist (minus a few hundred tracks—this highlights the artists); it's a little dark but that's probably not a shocker to anyone that follows me. Tracks 9-11 might be pushing it for the average music lover and perhaps, to those brave enough to listen, fortunate that I cut a large portion of that style of music from the list. I also tried to keep the explicitness to a minimum for maximum enjoyment by all. :P

I've already adjusted my BookLikes theme to a Halloween colour scheme, this is because I am leaving tomorrow and won't be around to adjust it for the holiday. Speaking of themes... I know I mentioned many moons ago that I was working on my next BookLikes theme. I stopped work on that theme when I found out I was going to be out of town for an extended time (and also because of distractions). I figured I would wait until I got back in case there were any bug reports.

So, this theme won't be available until the end of the year. I've all the structure for it laid out, it just needs some additional finishing touches to the style sheet. Below is a screenshot, it will have a sticky menu and collapsible 'about' section for your avatar, personal note, widgets and current reads. It'll also have two options for viewing the blog; pagination (already available) and infinite scroll (like on the dashboard).


On to why I won't be around. I'll be out from September 22 - November 14 to work on my manuscript and also for some music magic. While not doing those things, I plan to keep on reading. I've selected the following books to go with me and I'll have reviews up for these when I get back.



So, happy reading to all and I'll miss you guys. I'm especially saddened that I will be away during my favourite holiday and missing everyones Halloween inspired reads. I can't wait to get back to read all those!

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video 2014-08-23 04:16
hurt - nine inch nails - san diego 2014


I had the pleasure of attending this concert yesterday - sound garden and nine inch nails. Sound Garden played all their hits, so I was pleased with that since I haven't kept up with their music since the mid-90s. NiN played everything I wanted from their new stuff and well, I love all their old stuff, so... it was perfect. I kept myself together for the entire show until the encore (video above); it was very moving with everyone singing along.


They played the same venue I saw them at in 2009, that concert was epic! Jane's Addiction!!! Very thankful to NiN for touring with these bands since, if they were on their own tour, I probably would never have seen them (not because I don't think they are amazing, but because the crowds are generally different).



Status Update

I will be going offline from September 22nd - November 14th. No Internet at all! Less distractions will hopefully lead to a much more productive experience working on my manuscript and on some music related things.


As for reading, I've mostly just been reading stuff that I've read before. While I was sick I read Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C. by Kristiana Gregory because it is short and easy for an addled brain to handle. I'm not sure I will review it. Maybe.


Right now I am re-reading The Bhagavad Gita which I tend to read whenever I notice that my temperament is breaking down. I'm not a religious person so most of that stuff I treat as mythology and the rest I take as self-help to better my attitude about whatever is bringing me down. Sometimes I just need a reminder to detach and discard any and all expectations.


I'm planning on reading Artful by Peter David before I take off. So I'm also re-reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens before I get to that.


Yep, that's about it. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week/weekend, especially when it comes to the books you all are reading. :D

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text 2014-08-07 22:42
Status Update

I've been a bit under the weather these last two weeks which is why I haven't posted in a while. I had great fun at the concert and convention, but I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised to have come down with something after so much exposure to so many people.


I finished reading Bay's End by Edward Lorn during that hectic weekend, the book was great! So, I don't really have any worries about losing the highlights of what I read and writing up a review to do it justice. My face is still really stuffed up and my sinus/migraines are really doing a number on my ability to write or even just looking at my monitor. I am feeling loads better though, so I hope to get my review up by this weekend.


For the remainder of the week I plan to just sit in a dark room with cold towels wrapped around my face. Ah, so exciting! ;)

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text 2014-07-25 01:56
Comic-Con International

Seems like it has been ages since I visited the Comic-Con International. My first visit was in 1999, specifically to pay a visit to the pre-Invader Zim-famous Jhonen Vasquez (I have to say, after Invader Zim, Jhonen was not as friendly at the SLG booth!). My wish came true and I met him. I also met Jill Thompson and Neil Gaiman. I think the Undertaker (if you're a wrestling fan) and Lou Ferrigno were also present that day. Countless others as well... I just can't remember so well as 99-01 all the faces get mixed up... maybe Roman Dirge was at the 99' con as well!


This was before the Comic-Con blew up into a super famous people gathering event. Ah, memories~  I still have my badge too!  

Oh, I also got my copy of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac signed and doodled on!


Well, I'm off to a concert tonight and will be busy with comic stuff until Monday. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend and some great reading! :D

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