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review 2016-11-03 22:43
The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy) - Marie Rutkoski

At last!!!! At long last, I have finally finished!!!! Hooray!!!!


Assorted thoughts:
1. I am so disappointed. I loved the first two books. But this one? Nope.
2. The main reason I didn't like The Winner's Kiss was because it was sooooo slow. It dragged on and on and I thought it would never end.
3. Idk why, but I really didn't like the writing in this one. I used to love it, because it was beautiful, but in this one it was too purple for my tastes
4. I don't even have much to say, I'm just glad to be done with this thing.


Probably not going to write a full review for this. I don't wish to dwell on it anymore, I'm just relieved to be done with it.

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review 2016-11-03 22:23
The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, Book 4) - Maggie Stiefvater

To say I am disappointed is the fucking understatement of the year. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this book! But I was expecting to love it with all my heart and soul, and I didn't. I only mildly liked it. *sigh*


Assorted thoughts:
1. I really like Pynch, I think Ronan and Adam are such a cute couple. But goddamnit, I wanted more. More kisses. More sweet moments. More Pynch! I feel cheated.
2. The thing about The Raven Cycle is that the plot is wandering and all over the place and so, so confusing. Originally I was able to forgive this because of how much I loved the characters, but now I'm just annoyed. Since this is the last book I had higher expectations for The Raven King.
3. There's so many loose ends. Noah? The Gray Man? Declan and Matthew? Maura and Calla? Henry's mom and all the other collectors? Ugh, what even happened to them?
4. Despite that, I liked how the four main characters got closure.
5. This series is the strangest thing. I did like it overall, but I'm disappointed with The Raven King. I don't even entirely know why, I just am.
6. Side note: that cover is gorgeous


It's been two months since I read this, so I guess no full review.

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review 2015-08-04 23:34
Death Without Company - Craig Johnson

Last summer, I read The Cold Dish (the first book in this series) and really liked it. So I was really disappointed with Death Without Company. In fact, this is the first book I have actually disliked in a long time. 


I did a lot of skim reading. I was bored. Reading this felt like a chore. It took me a year to read it. And that's not a good sign. At the end of it all, I just didn't care. I found that the mystery wasn't interesting enough to me.


Another thing that really bugs me is that the author's writing can be really confusing at times. He has a really annoying habit of writing "he said" without saying WHO "He" is. And since there are so many male characters, it's hard to keep track of who is saying what.


I think the problem is that I'm not the intended age group, as this is an adult mystery series and I'm a teenager. But, I absolutely adore the TV show Longmire, which is based off of this books, so I wanted to try the books out. And I did enjoy the first book. Death Without Company was so disappointing. But, I'm still going to give the next books a try.

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review 2015-06-17 23:39
The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead

I'm definitely in the minority here.


But....that's it? That's the conclusion to one of my favorite series?? How disappointing. Maybe I just read this on an off day.Or maybe The Ruby Circle was written on an off day. Either way, this was a big fucking disappointment.

As a rule, you do not start a new plotline and then not finish it in the last book of a series. You just don't. Nina and Olive's story just isn't interesting. Also, it pissed me off that Adrian was so quick to help Nina find Olive, yet in Silver Shadows it took him forever to get his shit together and find Sydney.
After reading Silver Shadows, I became a big fan of Sydrian. The Ruby Circle killed any enthusiasm I had over that romance. In The Ruby Circle, Sydney and Adrian's romance became cheesy and just not sweet or endearing in any way. Another thing that really rubs me the wrong way is that Sydney wanted to go to college. And she could, since she's so smart. But instead of fulfilling her dream of going to college, she gets to be a wife


and a mother


I know she loves Adrian, but it sickens me that she gave up her dream for a guy. 
Sydney and Adrian both feel like different people in this book. I used to love both of them, but in The Ruby Circle they feel so bland.
I think after The Indigo Spell, the quality of the covers started to go downhill. I think the covers of the first three books are pretty cool, but the covers of the last three just aren't nice to look at.
At least there was a bunch of action, so I was never too bored. 
Overall, The Ruby Circle, to me, was a big let down. But I'm definitely in the minority, so I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading it. I just hope you like it more than I did. 
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review 2015-01-26 20:12
The Shadow Throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen

After the first book, the series rapidly went downhill, IMO. I absolutely adored the first book. It was a five-star, gold medal, 1st place brilliant perfection. Second book was a bit of a disappointment, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Then The Shadow Throne happened. And I am so, terribly disappointed in how subpar this is when compared to the brilliance of The False Prince.

Firstly, let's talk about Imogen for a second. Actually, a bit longer than a second, because I have a lot to say about her. I don't like her. At all. In fact, I hate her. Her mere existence angers me. An editor should have seen that her character serves absolutely no purpose other than to be a bland and boring love interest. She should not be allowed to exist.

So, as callous and bitchy as this may sound, I was sort of happy

when Imogen "died". Died is in quotes because SHE DIDN'T ACTUALLY DIE. Why?? You know, I kind of suspected she might be actually alive but I didn't want my suspicions to be right! Why couldn't the author have just left Imogen dead? Her character not only is completely useless, but killing her would have shown that this war is as brutal as it sounds and it would have forced some growth in Jaron/Sage (I still call him Sage because I like that name a whole lot more).

(spoiler show)

Speaking of Jaron, I feel like that clever, sarcastic, mischievous boy we all know and love from the first two books was replaced by his evil twin. Jaron's not a mischievous but likable kid in this book, he's just plain stupid. How do his plans even work? They shouldn't but somehow, they do. And I hate how everyone just worships Jaron and follows all his orders without question. Trust me, the kind of shit Jaron pulls off would not fly with me.

Okay, another big issue; the ending. Everything is all wrapped up in a neat and tidy package and

Imogen and Jaron get married, Tobias and Amarinda get married, Roden the orphan finds out he actually has a family

(spoiler show)

essentially everyone lives happily ever after and all the kingdoms are at peace! And all that shit happens in one freaking chapter. NO, that is NOT how you end a book. Sure, happy endings are great but I do NOT want everything to suddenly be perfect.

One positive thing about The Shadow Throne was that there is a lot of action so it's easy to read and it doesn't drag or anything.

So, I decided on two stars. I originally gave this book three stars out of loyalty to the first and second book, but two stars more accurately reflects my feelings.

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