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text 2018-03-19 21:48
Social media is weird... I don't have to have a reason [3/19/18]
Social media is just weird sometimes. I'm not sure it is the most healthy... in fact, it probably isn't healthy at all for some people.
*Random person, I've never met or seen or talked to anywhere*
No, I don't want to be your friend (I don't have to have a reason!)
No, I'm not being rude (Again, I don't have to have a reason!)
Yes, I know I'm a big girl, and all your "sweet" and not so sweet words of why I'm your type of person are not a compliment, no matter what you think they are. They are out of line, random, unwanted, and just disgusting. Anyone who does this, please stop! We don't actually like it.
A true compliment is one thing, but please stop the fetish ones. I am not your fetish. I'm not your fatty fetish, I'm not your mental health fetish, I'm not your anything fetish. You're not entitled to me, not entitled to say these thing and you shouldn't be offended when I ignore you or block you, or when I tell you point blank to stop saying stuff. No, I shouldn't feel flattered... honestly? You really think that? I won't fall for it because of low self esteem/self worth or whatever you think.
This does happen more than you think and not just on Facebook. This is why I've stopped looking for penpals.
*Random stranger who might mean well*
You came out of nowhere. I don't know you and I'm sure you are a kind person.
I appreciate your concern. I know I talk about mental health and social anxiety and you want me to know I'm not alone...thank you. I wish you realized that your constant messages, every single day makes me feel more social anxiety, and you keep messaging if I don't answer the first time... There are times I don't answer my bestest friends for days, even months... You mean well, but I don't know you. I can't tell you to stop, either, because that makes me feel worse. (You might even be a kid, I can't tell by your photos.)
*Person/stranger who are not so random*
Yes, I will be your friend if we've talked and got to know each other before adding each other.
Yes, I would love to follow/subscribe back if you are not just a person who follows/subscribes and ditches once I do the same. (People on blogs and subscribing platforms like YouTube.)
*For everybody*
Do not talk to me if I am reading a book (this includes on my Kindle or phone!) or if I have headphones on. These are clear signs that I want to be left alone/need space/need me time. Wait until I put the book down, or at the very least when you see me finish a chapter (If you're hovering over my shoulder that close.)
Retail workers... I'm good. Please don't talk to me as soon as I walk in. I know it is your job... I know it won't stop. I just wish businesses were more friendly to people with sensory issues. This goes double for retail workers who jump in your face regardless if you are blasting music into your ears via big noise canceling headphones. Um... stop.
Thanks for asking, but that is personal. I'm allowed to not have to explain every little thing. I'm allowed to say "it's personal" if you ask me something I don't want to answer.
I don't want to go to your event (I don't have to have a reason)
If I want to go to your event, I'm allowed to leave early, or sit in a corner and be quiet, or play with my sensory tools (I don't have to have a reason)
I don't want to hug you right now (I don't have to have a reason)
I don't want to talk to you right now (I don't have to have a reason)
I'm unfriending you on Facebook/wherever (I don't have to have a reason, and we can still be friends in real life, but perhaps you only post things that cause me harm, like a bunch of animal cruelty posts, or your views are different from mine and you constantly post stuff I don't like to read/see 24/7...etc. But again, I don't have to have a reason, and I don't have to tell you why if I don't want to.)
We have to part ways as friends, in real life or on social media. This rarely happens with people I really know well, just saying. Some people just end up being toxic, no matter how much you might care for them or love them. If you are finding they make you feel worse... you are allowed to part ways. You can tell them why if you want or if they ask you, you can tell them, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Though talking could fix a problem you're having with them, but sometimes it won't help.
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review 2018-03-15 15:10
A Perfect Guide To Choosing Best Service Providers For Lead Generation

Do you want to promote your business products and services at best online platforms? In the world of digital technology, the marketing solutions are also available on platforms like websites, search engines and social media networks. When it comes to providing the visibility to your products and services with advertisements at the online platforms, you will need to find a perfect company to provide lead generation solutions. Many service providers are available for these services of digital marketing for the companies. You just need to search for a good company where you can find all these services for the success in your business.


  • Get complete details about the service package:

First of all, you just need to know about the services included in the package when you want to get these digital marketing solutions with a good company of lead generation Dubai. If you are able to get the required services in a complete package, it will be very beneficial for the growth of your business organisation. You may require the services including AdWords, SEO social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing and much more in a complete package of digital marketing provided by these companies.


  • Know about the reliability in services:

It is also very important if you are able to know about the reliability and trustworthiness in the services provided by a company of lead generation. You can check the reviews and ratings by other clients of the company and it will be very beneficial when you want to get served in the best way with world-class services of digital marketing for your company.


  • Compare thecost of the packages:

You never want to pay extra for the same quality services when you want to grow your business website. If you are searching for a good company with the service package including lead generation solutions, you should always compare the cost of the packages. You just need to get online services to compare the cost of the service providers and it will be very beneficial when you want to save cost on these projects of digital marketing for your company.


  • Get services as per your requirements:

It is always essential to know about your business needs and requirements before getting packages for these services. If you are able to consider your needs and requirements, you will not pay anything extra for any additional services. You just need to include all the necessary and essential services in a complete package when you want to get services of a good company for Lead Generation Dubai.


By considering all these factors, you will be able to get the best in class services of digital marketing and lead generation to grow your business at the global level. These services are very beneficial when you want to achieve your business goals. It is always necessary to make the proper Strategies and implement the strategies in a right way when you want to get growth in any business by using the services of digital marketing companies.

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review 2018-03-15 14:29
Grow Your Business Website By Getting Reliable SEO Services

Do you want to use website as the perfect online platform to grow your business at global level? In this technical era, most of the business companies are using the websites to reach to the customers at global level. If you also want to reach to the maximum number of customers for your business products and services, you just need to get SEO Services for your business website. With Search Engine Optimisation, you will be able to get the maximum traffic to your website and it will be very beneficial to take your website to the highest rankings of search engine results.


  • Find a reliable company for SEO solutions:

When you want to get SEO Services for your business website, first of all you will need to search for a reliable company for it. A large number of service providers are available in the market to serve the business clients with these services but you will need some research to find the best SEO company Dubai for these services. You can get help with online research by comparing the packages of different service providers. It will be beneficial when you want to get all in one package at affordable cost for your business website.


  • Perfect strategies of on-page and off-page SEO:

In package for Search Engine Optimisation services, you should always include on-page as well as off-page SEO services. It is always important to make the perfect strategies by SEO company to reach the highest rankings of search engine for your website. Without right strategies, it is not possible to achieve the success goals for your website with SEO solutions.


  • Include the perfect packages of digital marketing:

With SEO Services, you should also include other digital marketing solutions in the packages for your website. You will get help with the services of social media marketing, email marketing, paid marketing, pay per click services and much more. With a complete package including all these services, you will find the best opportunities of growth for your website with the help of a reliable SEO company Dubai.


  • Compare the SEO packages for websites:

While choosing the services of SEO service providers for your website, you can always save cost by comparing the packages of some leading companies. It is essential to know the expertise and experience of the service providers so that they can provide the reliable and trusted solutions for your website.


If you are able to consider all these factors while getting SEO solutions for your website, you will get transparent and effective results for success of your website. It is always essential to hit the targeted audience by making the perfect strategies of Search Engine Optimisation for your websites. If you are going to get services of web development and designing, you should ask if they are providing services of SEO. If you are able to get a complete package of web solutions including the services of web designing, development, SEO and digital marketing, it will be very beneficial for growth of your business.

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