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url 2018-07-18 07:03
Best Property Valuation Services in South East London

Laurence Quilter is the one-stop destination for your property valuation services in south-east London. We offer you affordable valuation services. Being a renowned name, we ensure you to give comprehensive building surveys. Feel free to contact us today!

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text 2018-06-11 10:54
What technical services are offered by North East Outdoor Activities?

We work with climbing businesses in multiple ways. And are able to provide a range of advice & support. Even on a one-to-one basis. We aim to provide you with everything you need to run a successful business. We are independent. So can offer certain benefits over bigger organisations. e.g. offering new & innovative ideas. We possess a good knowledge of industry regulations. And have experience in a range of different sectors. E.g.

⦁ Design & construction

⦁ Maintenance

⦁ Assessment

⦁ Training services


PPE Inspections

PPE equipment or equipment used to lift or maintain a load requires regular inspection. Two regulations gover this:

⦁ Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

⦁ Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

A written inspection report should be provided every 6 months by a competent person.
At North East Outdoor Activities, we offer a fully bespoke service. With all legal issues covered. Offering you peace of mind for you & your customers. Our experienced team of assessors can achieve this.
All items stored at your premises can be catalogued. We can advise the best way to store equipment. So that it’s lifespan is kept to a premium. And all records are kept for a minimum of 10 years.
Our service is fully flexible. We understand that completing inspections can be disruptive. Which is why we try as much as possible to work around you & your customers in an efficient way. Reducing disruption to your day to day operations.

Film crew safety
In recent years, the popularity of travel & tourism has increased. More & more UK residents are taking holidays & exploring in their own country. Rather than going abroad. It is true that outdoor shows have risen in popularity. e.g. Countryfile & Springwatch. TV production staff are increasingly put into more dangerous situations when filming. For example, having to abseil or paddle down a stream. Every environment is different. Meaning that risks are always changing. Resultantly, it is important to keep your staff safe. We can work with your team, ensuring they always work safely. And we are able to provide ongoing advice about both safe use of equipment. And safe navigation of hazardous environments.

What does our package include?
⦁ Trained staff can work in your location. We even work in overseas locations
⦁ Helping provide your staff capture the perfect shot by exposing them to different situations. Even notoriously difficult ones
⦁ Advising on activity, environments & location
⦁ Providing extra staff when necessary
⦁ Providing equipment where required (e.g. helmets, wet suits & canoes)
⦁ We are all qualified first aiders



Roped rescue training
We provide training in rescue management. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in rope techniques. And are also qualified first aiders. We aim to equip you with the skills needed so that you can rescue in a range of situations. E.g. light summer or heavy winter.
Roped rescue training covers a number of topics. Including:
⦁ Anchors
⦁ Rigging systems
⦁ Casualty transfer to stretcher/ Pitagor
⦁ Management of crag rescue
⦁ Lower & hoist
⦁ Equipment management
⦁ Role of the Crag Master
⦁ Barrow Boy
⦁ Back roping
⦁ Ghyll rescues


Bespoke rope rescue training
Do you have certain requirements which are not covered in our syllabus? We can tailor our programmes to your exact requirements. However, this doesn’t mean that our experience will not be delivered in the same way.

In the UK, there is a range of different industries in operation. We can attend your location & tailor the course just for you. Equipping you with the knowledge of how to perform rescues in hazardous locations around your business.
We also offer a range of health & safety qualifications.

Climbing wall inspections

When was an inspoection last conducted for your climbing wall? Regular inspections of your climbing wall ensure the safety of all your customers as well as your own peace of mind.
We can assess in detail the condition of your climbing wall. We look at the bracing, condition & attachment of all holds & climbing surfaces. Load cells or hydra draw can be used to test all anchor points. EN standards complience will also be reviewed. Once we have inspected the wall, we will produce a written report. Which will outline any potential problems with your facility.



Are any of our technical services of interest to you?
Due to the highly bespoke nature of our technical services, we do not offer a one-off price. Contact North East OA today using our on-line form for a bespoke quote. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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review 2018-04-29 18:35
Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire by Leslie Peirce
Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire - Leslie Peirce

I became fascinated with this woman of history after I read a fictional account of her in a book titled, "Harem" by Colin Falconer. Then I discovered a Turkish tv series called Magnificent Century and I have been hooked. I've done little reading since then.


This is the story of Hurrem Sultan, (Roxelena), and how she became one of the most powerful woman in the world when she became wife of Sultan Suleiman, ruler of the Ottoman Empire. I just find it amazing how a person who was taken and sold as a slave, rose to such power by sheer will and determination. Although much is not known, due to the secrecy behind palace walls and especially of the harem, it was still fascinating to read about what is known. The love that Suleiman had for this woman must have been very special for him to break tradition and marry his concubine, which was unheard of, and not repeated after they died.


Recommended for historical fans. The TV series is quite addicting also, although so far only the first season and a little of the second is subtitled. Season 1 is available on Netflix instant play, season 2 on Youtube.  Not sure about season 3 or 4, but this show has been out for awhile. Anyway, I wish I knew Turkish.

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text 2018-04-29 15:16
April 2018 Reading Wrap Up
Paper Girls (Book One) - Matt Wilson,Cliff Chiang,Jared K. Fletcher,Brian K. Vaughan
Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz
Barefoot Season (Blackberry Island) - Susan Mallery
Evening Stars - Susan Mallery
The Three Fates - Kate Quinn

April was all about the love for my library. I discovered that in addition to having a subscription to OverDrive, my library also has a subscription to RB Digital (a service that has some book choices that overlap with OD, but also has more offerings, including magazines).


Books attached to the post are my favorites for the month.


Dewey Read-a-thon stats: 5 books, 279 pages read; one mini-challenge completed; 6 hours and 41 minutes reading time. 




BL/GR: 42/75 - I increased by goal by 23 books and I am already over the 50% mark!

Pop Sugar: 10 new prompts filled; 24/50 prompts filled total




1. It's in His Kiss (Lucky Harbor #10) by Jill Shalvis - 3 stars

2. Paper Girls (Book One) by Brian K. Vaughan et al - 4.5 stars

3. George by Alex Gino - 3.5 stars

4. Once Upon a Spine (A Bibliophile Mystery #11) by Kate Carlisle - 1 star

5. Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family #1) by Melissa de la Cruz - 5 stars

6. Barefoot Season (Blackberry Island #1) by Susan Mallery - 5 stars

7. The Irish Americans: A History by Jay P. Dolan - 2.5 stars

8. Hospitality and Homicide (Tourist Trap Mystery #8) by Lynn Cahoon - 3 stars

9. Three Sisters (Blackberry Island #2) by Susan Mallery - 3 stars

10. Wonderment in Death (...In Death #41.5) by J.D. Robb - 3 stars

11. Evening Stars (Blackberry Island #3) by Susan Mallery - 5 stars

12. Island Girls by Nancy Thayer 3.5 stars

13. One Wish (Thunder Point #7) by Robyn Carr - 2.5 stars

14. Winter Eve (Shifters of Ashwood Falls #0.5) by Lia Davis - 3.5 stars

15. Catherine Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides #1) by Karla Gracey - 3 stars

16. Desperate (Lipstick and Lead #1) by Sylvia McDaniel - 2.5 stars

17. Doc's Town (Prossers Bay #0.5) by Cheryl Phipps - 1 star

18. Three Fates by Kate Quinn - 4 stars



1. I Contain Multitudes by Ed Young - I couldn't make it through the first chapter. Sorry Flat Book Society. 


2. Death on Tap (Sloan Krause Mystery #1) by Ellie Alexander - Boring, badly drawn characters and lots of details about things that don't matter. Suffers greatly from first book-itis. Still no dead body at the 20% mark so I cut my loses there.


3. Driftwood Cottage (Chesapeake Shores #5) by Sherryl Woods - Stupid morons, their poor kid who is already one year old and looking for an escape away from his parents, and his meddling family left me cold at the 15% mark. Couldn't care about any of these characters to read their stories, so I am DNF'ing the whole series. 


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review 2018-04-20 21:31
Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family #1) by Melissa de la Cruz
Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz

It was hard to put this book down, even to just fold laundry. However, it should be noted that de la Cruz has a particular writing style - very short chapters, heavy on plot, rotating third person POVs (in this case Freya, Ingrid, and Joanne), and for an adult book, very little sex on the page. I was familiar with de la Cruz's writing after reading three books in her YA vampire series (with one of those vampires making a guest appearance in this book), and it suited to the story she was telling in this book.


And what a book it was - a mix of lessons from early American history (the Salem witch trials in particular), Norse mythology (yeah, with names like Freya and Ingrid kind of give it away), and straight up paranormal. Joanne, Freya, and Ingrid are witches and mother-daughters that were exiled by The Council and banned from using their gifts. After a few centuries, each woman was tired of keeping herself on the down low and starting using her gifts for the good of others - honest intentions to help people. As they continue to use their powers, equally crazy shit happens and it is up to the women to find the source and stop it. 


I just loved this book. The women were intelligent, thoughtful, and worked together while still being themselves and the romantic elements were there, but not the focus of the book. It was a joyride with heart. I am definitely going to continue reading this series. Forewarned: you have to read the series in order because the end of one book sets up the next book. So although the problem the women faced ended at the end of this book, the epilogue dropped a big plot line for book two.

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