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photo 2021-06-07 07:27
The Power of Using Storytelling in Web Design

Storytelling is ingrained in every civilization. To form the story for your business or brand, you should first understand what a brand story is. A brand story is the essence of your brand that makes it unique from others. It's the complete picture of what your business and brand are all about. Your web design must be captivating enough that people will focus on your site as they would their surroundings. Imagery may be a critical part of any story. Illustrations are also effective in delivering a story. Incorporating videos in your web design is also an effective technique in telling your brand’s story. Do you need help simplifying your website? If yes then get the help of experts of a web designing company in Centennial, CO

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text 2019-12-30 15:59
24 Festive Tasks: Door 17 - Winter Solstice: Task 4 (Soyal)
The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales - Wilhelm Grimm,Jacob Grimm,Brothers Grimm,Joseph Campbell,Josef Scharl,Margaret Raine Hunt,Padraic Colum,James Stern
The Complete Fairy Tales - Hans Christian Andersen
Sämtliche Märchen - Wilhelm Hauff
Aesop's Fables - Laura Gibbs,Aesop

My mom told or read me a good night fairy tale or fable almost every night when I was little -- mostly from the Brothers Grimm's collection, but also those by Hans-Christian Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff.  I generally preferred the Grimm tales over Andersen's, chiefly because they could be relied upon to have a happy ending (which is also why witches and evil giants didn't scare me one bit there -- I knew their ultimate purpose in the narrative was to be vanquished by the hero(ine); whereas in Andersen's tales that wasn't a given, and if the ending was sad, it was very sad indeed).  The stories I liked best, though, were those by Wilhelm Hauff: many of them were set in oriental or otherwise exotic settings in the undifferentiated "past" and were mischievously funny -- and those that had sad or serious aspects reached me much more forcefully than Andersen's.


As I said in another post, fairy tales and fables also made for the first audiobooks I owned, in the form of vinyl records that I learned to play way before I had reached elementary school and "reading" age.


(Task (Zuñi & Hopi / Native American): While systems of written symbols and communication already existed with the Pre-Columbian Native American cultures, to many tribes even today (including the Zuñi and Hopi) the oral tradition is still important.  Have you ever had stories told to you (e.g., as children’s bedtime stories, or at night during a camping vacation)?  Or if you haven’t, try to imagine a “storytelling” situation you’d like to experience?


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review 2019-07-13 14:09
The Science of Storytelling
The Science of Storytelling - Will Storr

[I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

Pretty interesting both regarding the science part (how our brains work) and the writing part (how this translated into fiction, and more specifically creating compelling characters with a ‘fatal flaw’). The author illustrates those points with examples from a few well-known books, like ‘Lolita’ and ‘The Remains of the Day’, an approach that could easily be problematic. On the one hand, illustrating the theory with examples is always better. On the other hand, if one hasn’t read those books…spoilers! (I had read those in the past, so I was good here.) At any rates, these examples were good ones in my opinion, especially where ‘Lolita’ is concerned: Humbert Humbert is clearly not the kind of character one is supposed to root for, so for Nabokov to make him and the story compelling, specific techniques had to be used. And once analysed the way they are in “The Science of Storytelling”, they do make a lot of sense. (Please note that this has likely been explored in studies about ‘Lolita’ as well, but I haven’t read them, so I can’t tell whether there’s anything original in here, or not at all.)

Having plenty of examples, though, was perhaps a little overkill in places, in that it left less room to explore more in terms of neuroscience / how the human brain works. I chose to take this book as one I can go back to for ‘writing advice’, but I admit that I felt a little down regarding the science part (I expected more, in a more scientific way). So best is to approach this book as one about writing rather than as a bona fide ‘science’ book’.

(I also didn’t care much for the few moments when the author went more into political opinions. This I found jarring, and it pulled me out of my funk.)

Probably my favourite section was actually the last one (as in, the appendix), which gives good pointers into creating and fleshing out characters based on what the author developed throughout the book. In hindsight, it’s probably ‘logical’ advice, and I suppose that there are quite a few authors out there who’re doing that (consciously or not) as something that is completely obvious and/or logical to them; for me, it was definitely interesting, and I need to keep it in mind when developing my own characters. Which isn’t necessarily easy when you have more than one main character to focus on, but that’s a whole other conundrum.

Conclusion: 3.5 stars

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text 2019-03-08 14:13
Tips to Improve Funds through Nonprofits Storytelling - iConnectX

3 Tips for to Improve the Fundraising - iConnectX


Beat Challenges a Charities Faces in Fundraising.

It is regular that all dimensions of foundations face difficulties with regards to Raising Funds . Finding another giver or maintenance of existing benefactors are the most difficult assignments for any charities. Incredible storytelling can beat these difficulties.

Why Storytelling is Important for Fundraising to Charity.

Storytelling is essential for fundraising support to any Charity. It isn't just around a single one-way discussion, but great storytelling interfaces with benefactors inwardly, it encourages contributors to associate with charity associations for a more extended period that drives gifts to charity consequently.


Include Your Donors.

Every one of your donors has their very own story. They may have even the issues your charity is hoping to address direct. Tap your donors base to discover incredible, genuine stories from on the ground. Utilize those accounts to comprehend your benefactors' inspirations, their interests and their battles, and offer them with other potential givers to strike an increasingly close to home harmony. You can even utilize them as tributes on your site or social records.


More Ways to Improve Fundraising



Need more help boosting your raising money endeavors? At that point agree to accept iConnectX today. As a considered charity on our stage, you'll appreciate duty free donations from Professionals and executives everywhere throughout the world. Join and have a brisk glance around or contact iConnectX today to find outmore.

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review 2018-08-18 12:13
King Perry (Lost and Founds #1)
King Perry - Edmond Manning

No way to put into words this experience. Just do it!


**Highly Recommended**


Thabks Marco for the journey. ❤️

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