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text 2018-08-06 07:18
Tips For DIY Mobile Phone Repairs

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If you spend a few hours searching online, you can learn a lot about DIY mobile phone repair. You can find a lot of articles and YouTube videos that can help you do different types of repair projects step by step. It's true that the task is not easy, especially when you are going to work on your own handset that is about to die. However, if you do it the right way, you can save plenty of money on repair.


If you are too nervous to do the repair yourself, we can help. In this article, we have put together a few important tips and tricks that can help you perform the repair successfully. Let's read the tips.


Take your time


No matter how impatient you may be, don't rush. What you need to do is take your time, which will ensure the job is done right the first time. Since popular brand handsets are so expensive, making the repairs in rush is not a good idea as a lot of money and your precious data is at stake. Your chances of success will be higher if you make the fewest mistakes possible.


Get organized


If you are not organized, you won't be able to fix your phone. Make sure all of your tools are organized. Each type of tools should be in its own container. This will prevent misplacement. It's a good idea to keep different types of tools in separate containers.


Organization is important when it comes to dissembling and assembling of your device. For instance, you can put the first screw you removed all the way to the right. In the same way, the second screw will be put next to the first. This will make it easier for you to assemble your device once the problem is fixed.


Take care of the wires


You should be gentle. If you are not careful, you may end up breaking a cable or wire, which will make the repair work even more difficult. In worst scenario, you may even end damaging a wire that will make it impossible for you to move on.


Don't force yourself


If you find it too difficult, don't force yourself. If you can't fit a component, don't force it. If you are struggling to fit a fresh part into a socket, know that there is something in the way. Forcing it is not a good idea as it may damage the device for good.


Be careful with the screws


You should be gentle when it comes to tightening the screws. Although it's important to tighten each screw, make sure you don't use too much force or the screw or screw hole may get damaged.


As a general rule, once a screw feels tight, stop. This will ensure that everything is all right.


Long story short, you can do common mobile repair jobs yourself if you know how to go about it. But if you have no idea about the basics of the mobile phone repair, we suggest that you don't follow the DIY route as it may ruin your phone costing you a good deal of money. In this case, you should hire the services of a professional.


Here at Out of Warranty, we take pride in our repair of your electronics. Our experienced team of technicians has been fixing cell phones for more than 10 years. In that time, we have expanded our business to major cities across the United States and branched out to repair a wide variety of manufacturers.

Source: EzineArticles.com/expert/Shalini_Mittal/1225843
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text 2018-07-16 04:48
Out of Warranty: 5 Smartphone Accessories to Shoot Better Pictures

The cell phone has been widely regarded as the most popular type of camera in the world. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, or even a CAT cell phone camera with thermal imaging, the main point is that the vast majority of the pictures being taken today are mostly from cellphones. However, when it comes to utilities and accessories for cellphone picture taking, the only thing which is commonly used is the selfie stick.


There are a lot of other accessories which can make your photo shoot with a cell phone produce better results. These range from lenses, handles, microphones, stands, remotes and others. The list below is just a sample of what products are out there for you to better enjoy your picture taking. If you still have problems with your picture taking skills, then it might be time to seek help with your nearest cellphone repair shop.




Unlike DSLR’s which have used remote control devices for a long time, cellphones have been taking too long to have their own remote control device. The shutter is a third-party remote control for the iOS and Android. The excellent thing about Shutter is that it does not need an app installed. After setting up the camera, you can just press the button to shoot the picture.


Those who have gotten used to selfies don’t realize the degree that their faces get distorted in a picture taken with a cellphone camera. The easiest solution for most of these selfie barreling is to take pictures a little farther away than your arm’s length, or even the length of a selfie stick. The distance afforded by the remote control results in immeasurably better pictures.


Smartphone Ring Light


Ring lights are a big thing for photographers. They provided a light source which is soft and centered around the lens. The light also reflects well on the subject’s eyes, creating a halo effect which adds to the image’s aesthetics.


The Smartphone Ring Light can do everything that a ring light can do for a DSLR. It can be placed around the camera lens like a traditional ring light. It can also be detached and used elsewhere for an external light source. This versatility is something which few camera light sources have, and this is what makes the Smartphone Ring Light a must have for any cellphone photography enthusiast.




The secret to a good podcast or vlog is to have a great microphone. The Solocam is the solution to this problem. It has a telescoping selfie-stick and a dual-grip handle with a microphone on top. The high definition mic synchs to the cell phone via Bluetooth. When you take the video, and you speak through the mic, it does look a bit more professional, and it sounds as good. Before the Solocam came along, the best microphones for podcasting or vlogging were studio type mics with vibration free stands. This time, with a good enough cell phone camera (1080p or 4K video), you can have a great sounding audion to go with the great video quality.




It seems that 360-degree videos are the next thing in cell phones. There are several apps already playing 360 interactive videos as well as live streaming 360-degree videos. It would not be an extent to say that you should consider a 360-degree video cam attached to your phone and start vlogging as you take in the sights of your area.


The Kogeto Dot is a360 degree interactive video fun lens for the iPhone. Its users can shoot panoramic 360-degree pictures and videos for sharing online. The Dot comes with a free app, called Looker, and you can shoot interactive 360-degree videos. 360-degree videos are, by their nature interactive. That means that the videos can be swiped, moved around, clicked or dragged to show other parts of the screen. You can share the video via the Looker app.


Pocket Sunlight


One problem for almost all cell phones is the lack of light. For most uses, even the cellphone camera’s flash is usually not bright enough for picture taking. The only solution is an external light source or a flash. The Pocket Sunlight fits the bill for this need. It is an external light source which can be attached to the cellphone via the headphone port. It uses batteries which can be recharged via USB.


It uses 32 LEDs in a 4×8 matrix. An advantage of the Pocket Sunlight is that it provides consistent soft light, compared to the harsh, intense lighting of the cell phone flash. If used correctly, it can improve a person’s cellphone photography. If you want to shoot better pictures with even lighting, this is the accessory you should consider.


Where are a lot of other accessories out there in the market? Cellphone repair shops carry most of these accessories cellphone repair shops. If you want to buy a microphone or headsets, you can do it online. One of the best sources is unlimitedcellular.com. However, the above accessories have something new to offer, and there are others like the above.

Source: phylljam14.strikingly.com/blog/out-of-warranty-5-smartphone-accessories-to-shoot-better-pictures
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text 2018-03-12 09:43
Jak wgrać książki do czytnika Kindle z urządzenia mobilnego?

Przy okazji wpisu na temat wgrywania książek do czytników Kobo, postanowiłem sprawdzić, czy podobnie zadziała to z czytnikami Kindle. Nie pomyślałem o jednym ze sposobów, który działa z czytnikami Kobo podczas pisania tekstu "Jak wgrać książki do czytnika Amazon Kindle?". Czas uzupełnić tamten wpis.


Kabel USB OTG (na zdjęciu to ten czarny) umożliwia podłączenie czytnika Kindle do urządzenia mobilnego


Czytniki Kindle mogą działać w trybie pamięci zewnętrznej, gdy zostaną podłączone do urządzenia mobilnego. Daje to szanse wgrania e-booka, gdy nie mamy do dyspozycji komputera i niemożliwe jest pobranie książki z chmury na przykład przy użyciu czytnikowej przeglądarki. Nie jest to może sytuacja częsta, ale jestem w stanie wyobrazić sobie deszczowe lato nad Bałtykiem. Za oknem leją się strugi deszczu a kolejne cumulonimbusy przewalają się na wyciągnięcie ręki po niebie. W sprzedaży pojawia się nowość, księgarnie, które sprzedają e-booka nie wysyłają bezpośrednio na adres czytnika Kindle a nie da się zakupionej książki pobrać ze sklepu korzystając z przeglądarki WWW obecnej w czytniku. A może odwiedzi nas znajomy, który ma książki w telefonie i chciałby je nam udostępnić...


Podłączony czytnik widoczny jest w smartfonie jako "nośnik USB"


Tu może się pojawić ratunek w postaci tabletu lub telefonu. One zazwyczaj znacznie lepiej radzą sobie ze stronami WWW. Można więc pobrać zakupiony plik do pamięci urządzenia mobilnego i podłączyć czytnik przy użyciu kabla USB. Tu niestety trzeba pamiętać, że potrzebny jest specjalny kabel (przejściówka) USB OTG. Dzięki niemu można podłączać np. do smartfonów pamięci przenośne. Przyłączony w ten sposób czytnik Kindle będzie także udostępniał swoją pamięć wewnętrzną. Zwykły menedżer plików działający w smartfonie pozwoli skopiować potrzebny plik MOBI do katalogu Documents. Po bezpiecznym wysunięciu czytnika, książka będzie widoczna w biblioteczce.


Opisany trudno mi polecić jako podstawowy dla pozyskiwania e-booków do czytnika, ale awaryjnie może się komuś przydać.


Tu znajduje się pełna wersja wpisu "Jak wgrać książki do czytnika Amazon Kindle?

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review 2017-09-01 20:30
Lady Mechanika Volume 2: Tablet of Destinies
Lady Mechanika Volume 2: The Tablet of Destinies - Mike Garcia,Ben M. Chen

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]

A slightly different take than in the first arc (which I read last month): this time, the story follows Mechanika from London to mysterious ruins on the African continent, following the trail of an old researcher who’s being forced to decrypt strange tablets under the threat of seeing his granddaughter killed. It’s not exactly the same kind of theme, and although some aspects were a bit cliché (of course the bad guys had to be German), I still appreciate it because... hey, let’s be honest, I do like myself a good old Victorian/early 20th century adventure with archaeologist-like people, secret societies, and, yes, in small quantities, even German bad guys. ;)

On the other hand, this volume didn’t bring anything to the bigger story hinted at in the first instalments (Mechanika’s origins, the history she shares with Commander Winter, the Engineer...), and I admit I would’ve liked to get a few more hints. It also keeps playing on the evil bad guy/female enforcer tropes, which, well, why not, but I hope this kind of dynamics will change later.

The drawing style remains detailed, with vivid colours that get more muted as they adapt to the various atmospheres of day and night. There’s still a lot of eye-candy, however this time I felt it took slightly less precedence depending on the scenes and panels (seriously, huge boobs and perceived sexy poses aren’t necessarily as exciting as they sound when it comes to depicting heroo-types characters... or, well, any character at all). And perhaps there were a few less walls of text, too? I read it in public transportation so I didn’t pay as much attention to that aspect I had noted in the first volume, to be honest.

Conclusion: The storyline remained entertaining, though definitely on the cliché side, and I can only hope this won’t last; nevertheless, large boobs over corsets notwithstanding, I liked the artwork.

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review 2017-04-14 08:00
The Tablet Of Destinies
Lady Mechanika Volume 2: The Tablet of Destinies - Mike Garcia,Ben M. Chen

This second volume was even better than the first! The artwork, as I'd come to expect after the first volume, was still great. It is amazing and really one of the best things about this comic. I liked this story better than the first, even though it is not that original (typical ancient treasure kind of thing). Still it was a pleasure to read. There is still a lot of text on some pages, but I had the feeling it was slightly less this time. Lady Mechanika makes a really nice lead in this steampunk comic.

Looking forward to more!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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