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review 2014-10-24 12:26
Book Review – Most Beautiful Words, by Raine O’Tierney
Most Beautiful Words - Raine O'Tierney

I am shattered by this book, and so happy I got to read it.

The first half was thrilling, loving, mindblowing, and so gorgeously confusing!


Then all the pieces are slowly worked together into a whole tapestry of interwoven lives, all seen through the wild and amazing eyes of a young girl.


Absolutely mesmerizing, and smashing language to boot.


There is so much love in here that it almost flows off the pages, oh how I love to read about great-grandfathers who have made a difference. Here, storytelling has a way of taking wings and flying into your dreams at night. Here, fantasy becomes imagination, and then dreams happen, that go on to become reality. Or not.


Of course, you need to love family, and be the kind of reader who doesn’t get upset when she squeals in joy or gushes forth in amazing amounts of tears. Because there was plentiful of both.


This book is going to stay with me for a long time.

There is hope and emotions and happiness and sadness and bisexuality and love and understanding and… Great-Grand Fathers!


Well. Go read it, eh?


Because I find myself crying again, as I’m writing this review.




A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher, Dreamspinner Press. A positive review was not promised in exchange.

Source: AnnaLund2011.booklikes.com/post/1027806/book-review-most-beautiful-words-by-raine-o-tierney
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review 2014-09-09 16:29
Book Review - Hero, by Perry Moore
Hero - Perry Moore

This book was a ride and a half! And then another ride!

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, and still, there were moments of near despair here. YA at its very best.


What a fantastic book.


If I ever get any superpowers, I think the power to heal others would be right up my alley. Non-confrontational, helpful, non-aggressive.


Excellent power to have.


I had no idea whatsoever where this story was coming from, nor where it was going, but I adored how the geeks, odd peeps, and outsiders were drawn into a group of their own that eventually would—of course—save the world. How the main character is a teenage, gay superhero. I love it.


And I loved that fathers learn. That mothers can make mistakes. That love is strong, but, at times, difficult. That friendships can be true. That a group of disheartened kids can get together and change things for the better.


Because that’s what a good story does: it tells you how to make everything a little bit better. It’s called hope.


There’s not enough of that stuff going around in the world, so I salute every instance of it.


Great book. Warmly recommend.




I bought copy of this book with my own money, after reading a brilliant review from a teenager. WIN!!! 

Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/978418/book-review-hero-by-perry-moore
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review 2014-02-28 16:06
Book Review – Red Dirt Heart, by N. R. Walker
Red Dirt Heart - N.R. Walker

This story took a huge bite out of my heart, chewed on it a bit, and then spit it out. And then, again. I kept coming back for more.


There is beauty here, so much beauty.

The people. The men. The horses. The outback. The red dirt.


Walker comes running through these pages screaming with love for this land. And I cannot but scream too. It is exhilarating. Filling. Uplifting. And it is so well written it is like I was sitting right there watching it all unfold.


Top-notch horsemanship. Good husbandry and well researched work situations on a station. Shining, real, and heartbreaking secondary characters, to back-up the main story.


With absolutely stunning storytelling, Walker is sailing through this one, and I am so in love I cry happy tears at the end, when I see that there just might be a Red Dirt Heart #2 in the works.


Charlie and Travis have strolled right into my heart, and have hung their hats there.


Favorite—non-spoilery—phrase? Here:

Horses should do a lot of things. Coming home alone ain’t one of them.”


This book is a Head Up, Heart Out kind of book of the very best kind.


I feel like I can both breathe deeper, and stand taller after reading this.


It has simply made me happy.




I bought this book from Smashwords. You can too. 

Source: AnnaLund2011.booklikes.com/post/808078/book-review-red-dirt-heart-by-n-r-walker
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