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review 2018-10-15 18:24
Book Review: The Point
The Point - John Dixon

This story started off strong. We meet Scarlett as she's blowing off her own high school graduation, much to her mother's dismay. She is a rebellious, angry, angsty teen who is struggling with her future plans. When she gets into trouble, her only option to avoid jail is to join the military program at West Point. 


Of course this isn't just a regular program at West Point, Scarlett has special abilities that the military is interested in. Posthumans are in their own program where they are learning to control and focus their powers. As is standard for Scarlett, she isn't that interested in doing what she's told. I liked her rebelliousness and bending of the rules despite her angst ridden feelings. 


I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book, where we learn all about Scarlett and her experience with other posthumans. My frustration with the ending is mostly that is feels so different from the rest of the story. We are quickly introduced to the enemy and there's a showdown of sorts. Very movie-esque in its hastiness. 


If you're looking for an interesting science fiction story that feels a lot like X-Men or the show Heroes, I think you would enjoy this book a lot. It definitely leans more towards Young Adult genre, but not in a bad way. 


I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review. I was not monetarily compensated and my opinions are my own

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text 2014-08-26 14:46
Related to review I'm about to post

Can anyone recommend which X-Men series I should be reading?  I don't like the older artwork, so it should be a more recent series. Anyone know which is the best X-men?



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text 2014-06-09 17:02
I miss my laptop...watching too many movies!

I need my laptop back, we have watched so many movies since it broke, and not many of them were that good! The data backup is done, I am picking it up after work to send to the company for repair or replacement. Then another 7-10 business days to get it fixed. It is probably going to need to be replaced, the motherboard got fried.


Here is my rundown of meh movies....


Xmen: Days of Future Past: It was okay, but nothing to write home about. The effects were great. The two actors who played the young Prof X and Magneto were excellent. Wolverine was excellent as usual. But it was just so....meh. The ending was an annoyingly sappy HEA. I mean, seriously, they could have done so many other endings that were more believable. I now have no doubt that they are pulling a Star Trek on this one. Going back in time to create an alternate future to restart the franchise.


I, Frankenstein: I actually kind of liked this one. The story was a bit silly, the acting was...shockingly bad for Aaron Eckhart. But the effects were great and visually it was an exciting movie. And I liked the concept. So ultimately not great but I enjoyed it.


Monument's Men: This one is the only one on the list that I loved, my hubby did not. I thought it was a great story about amazing men. He felt it was too happy go lucky. I liked that. Because it was going along, joking, messing around, having fun and then BAM a barrel of gold fillings taken from the dead at the concentration camps. It hit you because you weren't expecting it since we were all just joking around a second earlier. Moments like that made the movie very profound for me. And I think it made a very profound statement about the politicians who sent that team to do that job. I loved it.


Elysium: Ugh, the socialism....it burns. I have officially accepted that I just don't like this director and writer. His whole purpose for making movies is to beat you over the head with his political statement, which is about as subtle as a brick to the side of the head. District 9 was awful because it was all about a statement to say "see how evil humans are, look at all the horrible things they do to people who are different than them." This one sucked just a bad because the whole point was "See, look at all those evil rich people. They could make the world a better place, but choose to hoard everything for themselves instead...OPEN BORDERS FOR EVERYONE, THE RICH SHOULD BE FORCED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!"  Ugh, just stop already. It is no coincidence that all the rich people on Elysium are 99% white and the poor, unwashed masses were 99% Hispanic. Yeah, really subtle there.


The Wolverine: Not too bad but not as great as I had been led to believe. I loved the journey that Logan goes on in the movie but it started to get a bit silly in the end.

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text 2014-03-09 21:22
Which Member Of The X-Men Are You?

Im Beast





You’re smart and kind, but you’re not very comfortable in your skin. You can do a lot of amazing things, but you’re mainly driven by an impulse to overcompensate for your low self-esteem. You have a strong moral compass, but sometimes get a bit self-righteous.



fairly positive this isnt that correct... but who knows maybe

Source: www.buzzfeed.com/perpetua/x-men-quiz
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review 2011-07-01 00:00
The Uncanny Xmen: Night Screams - Various Reread.
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