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"A half finished book is, after all, a half finished love affair" - Robert Frobischer (Cloud Atlas)
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June 21: Adding $ 3.00 to the bail fund. Total: $ 6.00 more »
Hang in there, Linda, and stay safe. I hope your governement will come to its senses. And there is definitely no reason to be ashamed to admit that you are terrified. The whole situation IS terrifying. more »
I´m under the impression that people have caught up with what is going on at the moment, at least in Germany. That´s why it´s important to make rules as a government. In Schleswig Holstein we have pretty strict rules since Wednesday and only for the last two days these rules had an effect on the pop... more »
I mostly stayed inside my flat this weekend. I only went out doing some grocery shopping yesterday (which I hate doing at the moment) and I went for a walk today, which was lovely. Once again thank you for the lovely buddy read of "Towards Zero". I really loved that book. And reading/listening Mac... more »
Yes, I did. I’m so glad that you have seen my post, OB :). I‘m currently in Berlin and with my Ipad I’m not able to post a link to my black outpost. more »
Shoot, I always forget to report my bingos here. I´m so sorry. As from today I have four additional bingos, five in total. more »
Never mind. I used a transfiguration spell card for Red Rising and used it for another square. But thanks :) more »
Would Pierce Brown´s Red Rising count as a book with a primarily black cover? I´m thinking of the "Paint it Black" square and I want to be sure. more »
Hi Moonlight, would Shakespeare´s Macbeth qualify for square 13? I´m not sure if there is enough superstition in it to make it an actual fit. more »
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