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"A half finished book is, after all, a half finished love affair" - Robert Frobischer (Cloud Atlas)
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Lol, the inn-sewer-ants-polly-sea made me laugh. I´m really enjoying this so far. And I want to own a piece of luggage like that! more »
I´m in, too :) more »
I have a question, too. Would Wiliam Peter Blatty´s The Excorsist qualify as a book that deals with superstitions (the whole demon versus the church topic)? more »
Hello! :) I love the idea of this group. I´m still struggling with the Discworld books, especially when I´m reading them on my own. I´m just not inclined to pick them of my own accord, but reading this within a group gives me the incentive to do so. I don´t care if we are reading them in publicati... more »
I would like to exclude the following categories: - Creepy Carnival - A Grimm Tale - Reliqs and Curiosities Thank you :) more »
Early Riser sounds amazing. I might try and fit this into my bingo game as well. Btw, I´m in! I have to stock up on my bingo reads, so a considerable amount of books are heading my way. I´m just about to order them :) more »
Thanks for posting our final result, MbD :D. more »
Claiming two cards: Severus Snape as a victim from the red game play. Book read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Green Dragon Pub as a crime scene from the yellow game play. Book read: Cocaine Blues. Thank you so much for this game, MR :D. more »
My guess for crime scene (submitted for team MbD / TA / Lillelara): Task: Read a book written between 1920 and 1950. more »
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