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Books, hockey, and a bucketful of snark
Books, hockey, and a bucketful of snark
Being the musings of a Yorkshire lass living in the USA. I'm a book geek, bird nerd, grammar Nazi, and hockey nut. Sarcasm i...
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I got a bingo!! more »
this is so exciting! My three exclusions are: Slasher Genre: Horror Modern Masters of Horror Let the fun begin. more »
I'm having Early Riser (latest Jasper Fforde novel) shipped from the UK this week. It's going to be very hard not to dive straight in, but I'm hoping I can find a suitable square for it. more »
oooh! Oooh! Where do I sign? Hoping this time it won't take me as long to get a bingo. more »
Best by a long way is We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Worst is definitely The Thin Man. I did better when I tried to read it as a comedy, but the throwaway comment about incest made the comedy a bit hard to find. more »
I read The Ghost Bride for magical realism last year, and The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan for diverse authors. Both excellent reads. more »
Another question... I was going through my shelves and found In Cold Blood, which I bought ages ago and never got round to reading. Would it count as 'terror in a small town'? more »
Would The Midwich Cuckoos qualify as 'chilling children'? A bunch of telepathic alien teens set on world domination is pretty chilling to me. more »
Ooooh, my very own card! Big shout-out to our wonderful organizers. more »
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