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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-08-23 19:20
REVIEW: Yummy Temptations
Yummy Sensations: Book Three of the Yummy Trilogy (Volume 3) - Belle Davis


Valentina “Vale” Zamora is all but dying inside after witnessing her fiancé, Jason, with one of his alluring business associates. Vale’s crippling insecurity only skyrockets more when the woman taunts Vale with talk of an ongoing affair and the stark reality that Jason will never be satisfied with just one woman.


Emotionally devastated and confused, Vale makes the heart-wrenching decision to call off the wedding and fly to South America to clear her mind and process her feelings.

The past betrayal by her ex-husband still haunts her, leaving her questioning whether Jason might leave her as well. Vale cuts off all communication until she’s ready to face the situation, but Jason tracks her down and shows up unannounced at her hotel. Deep down, she wants to trust him, but can their fiery love survive the myriad tests still on the horizon? Or will their collective pasts be far too much to overcome?



My Thoughts

In this 3rd installment, I didn't like reliving the past of Jason's experience with Vale.

Bringing us back into the present, I know that Vale has some serious insecurities, but what happened with Jason and Maria, I mean come on Vale and put some things into perspective. Jason pulled away, she witnessed everything for Christ sake. Her getting pissy with Jason I didn't understand. Who cares about the past. Hence, the past is in the past. Ask the appropriate questions and move on, or not. Vale accepted that he was a prince of porn and with that, she’s accepting that he may, or may not have a past. I felt her running away was very immature. Deal with the situation first, then put Maria in her place, then deal with your fiancé. Not run away.


I thought it was very cute, when Jason sent Vale the text 'I want you, I need you, I LOVE YOU, I had to see you, I am here.' I have officially fallen in love with Jason. I love him. He's such a sweet guy and has such good intentions when it comes to Vale. I can't help but to love him.


Vale's ex husband, I only hate him more. He's a selfish little bastard and playing all these cruel little mind games on Vale, is just awful. I mean, that's just over the top cruel to the lie Vale figured out. My jaw literally dropped. I was happy that Vale had put together that big lie.


I found Jason's jealously a little over the top. In fact from the the very beginning, from Yummy Addictions he was like an extreme case of jealously. I couldn’t understand it at all, but it guess it just boils down to Jason loving Vale. I was worried throughout the series that his extreme jealously was going to go in a dangerous direction but I’m happy how everything concluded.


Their wedding was very cute and over all, it was a good enough read for me to complete it all in one sitting. 


* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.


About Belle Davis

Belle Davis has been writing since she was a teenager. Currently retired, she is an avid reader and world traveler, dedicating her newfound free time to writing and incorporating the places she has visited into her sexy love stories. She enjoys crafting deliciously steamy romance novels for other adventurous readers. She hopes you enjoy her books as much as she loves writing them.​

Click here for more information


Book Details

Purchase on: Amazon

Release Date: June 16th, 2015

Print Length: 160 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance



Source: slbookreviews.tumblr.com
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-08-22 06:13
REVIEW: Yummy Temptations
Yummy Temptations: Book Two of the Yummy Trilogy (Volume 2) - Belle Davis

Hearts: 3/5

Sensual: 4/5

Heat: 3/5



Vale Zamora gave up on love and passion when her bastard husband left her for a stripper—and then she encountered self-made millionaire Jason Cooper and her body woke up. Just being near him made her pulse in places she didn’t know existed. But that was Paris, a fantasy world where love and lust are temporary bedfellows; now she’s facing her everyday life in Miami, and she can’t figure out how to move forward. And, as if Vale’s emotional insecurities don’t complicate matters enough already, fate steps in to confuse things even further—pushing the new lovers apart before they seemingly have a chance.


Following up the ravishing Yummy Addictions, author Belle Davis dives further into Vale’s erotic escapades in her latest novel Yummy Temptations. As hot and steamy as a Miami beach and as multilayered as Mexico City, this tantalizing story undulates with rising intensity as Vale strives to reconnect with the only man who’s ever made her feel the heights of passion. But is Jason too good to be true?

For fans of Sylvia Day, E. L. James, and Jodi Ellen Malpas, Yummy Temptations is a contemporary erotic romance about one woman’s sexual exploration, experimentation, and awakening.


My Thoughts

Reading Yummy Temptations #2, I couldn’t get into it like I did Yummy Addictions #1.

In the second installment, the author continues off from where Yummy addictions #1 left off and I really liked the twist with what had happened to Vale. Although, I felt as though what Vale had been through and how she recovered felt kind of rushed to me.


The sex scenes were too wordy for my liking. However, I still really enjoyed Jason and Vale. From the first installment, I was pretty close to what I was suspecting that Jason did, career wise. I understand Vale’s insecurities when she found out about Jason and her reaction was a realistic one. I really enjoyed how protective Jason was with Vale. You could feel his emotions and hers, with the authors words.


But still, there were parts that seemed rushed. The last few chapters where Vale and Jason are at a club and non stop drama keeps following Vale seemed over done. I mean, sure, it could happen, maybe. I think that Vale’s bastard ex husband deserves to be thrown off a cliff. He’s an asshole and I wanted Jason to put him in his place many times. I was happy that Vale slapped him. I wanted to shout at him, on behalf of Vale. Her ex husband should feel very low, that his wife was able to get a porn prince as her boyfriend. I think that says a lot about Vale. She knows what she’s doing to keep a man like that.


Overall, Jason and Vale are still a sweet couple and I hope I enjoy the 3rd installment more.


About Belle Davis

Belle Davis has been writing since she was a teenager. Currently retired, she is an avid reader and world traveler, dedicating her newfound free time to writing and incorporating the places she has visited into her sexy love stories. She enjoys crafting deliciously steamy romance novels for other adventurous readers. She hopes you enjoy her books as much as she loves writing them.​


Book Details

Purchase on: Amazon

Release Date: May 4th, 2015

Print Length: 202 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: slbookreviews.tumblr.com/post/127292069606/review-yummy-temptations-2-by-bdbooksinc
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-07-10 19:20
REVIEW: Yummy Addictions
Yummy Addictions (The Yummy Trilogy #1) - Dorothy Belle Davis

Hearts: 4/5
Sensual: 4/5
Heat: 4/5

This is my first time reading a book by this author and let me say that I will definitely be reading more. Yummy Addictions was a sexy read and it pulled you right in. The author made me feel like I was right there in Paris. I want to go down to Paris and go shopping now, lol.

In this 1st installment to the Yummy trilogy, we meet Vale and Jason. Vale is a pretty Cuban girl, with curves and all. Her ex-husband did not appreciate her, which left her feeling very self-conscious about herself. Physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. I felt really bad to how she was treated.

Now divorced, Vale decides to take a trip to Paris to splurge and enjoy some alone time. Maybe have a fling or two, then she meets Jason. The mystery play boy, and a guy she meet at party years ago when she was married. Fireworks takes off and its a hot and steamy, exciting vacation for the two of them.

Vale, I liked her but she had baggage that needs to be dealt. I was so excited for Vale when Jason showed up out of the blue. They had a lot of wild monkey sex and fun, but I didn't fully understand Jason's jealously. For barely knowing Vale he got jealous pretty easily, and even Vale noticed it but pushed it under the carpet. I liked Jason. I thought he was a super sweet guy but he's so mysterious. For the whole story I kept waiting for his baggage to be unloaded. To find out what does Jason do exactly, how can he manage to pay for everything and at the end with his boys, I thought it was all gonna come out but it didn't. AGH!!

This story was well written and I loved the characters, they were enjoyable. I can't to read on to find out what happens between Vale and Jason.

Sensual rating 4/5 Not exactly, erotica but still hot.

Heat rating 4/5 Its scorching.

* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.

Source: wp.me/p5qtLd-8C
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-06-30 14:54
REVIEW: Break Me In
Break Me In - Shari Slade

Hearts: 4/5

Sensual: 5/5

Heat: 3/5


Break Me In is another fast paced, exciting read.

Continuing from where Ride Me Hard left off, Noah drags Star along with whatever it is that he’s doing. Drag, I use the word lightly because she went with him willing, despite his warning signs to stay away. Despite that he beat up the sheriff who was hitting on her. Did the officer deserve that beat down, maybe a little…but not to that extreme.


Star willing leaves behind a life where her landlord comes and goes out of her apartment as he pleases. An apartment that she can barely afford and a job that barely pays her to survive. She leaves her home behind with its broken door, barely hanging on its hinges to ride away into the sunset with Noah. Or ride straight to hell. Depends on how you want to look at it. Depends on how Star is looking at it.


Shit gets real serious, and the excitement that Star didn’t know she was seeking becomes all too real as Noah and his friend take Star to a club. This club is gritty and dangerous with drugs, naked women, random sex everywhere. In this scary club, Star’s flight or fleet responses are kicking in full gear. There, in all that trepidation building inside of her, she meets the big bad Dev. The one that Noah and his friend have been talking about repeatedly since before they left.


A little too late to decide flight or fleet Dev decides to use Star to get information out of Henry. I felt bad for her. I was a happy that Noah stepped up and wanted to do the lashings instead of Dev. I felt bad that Noah had to do that. I hated Dev because he knew, could tell how Noah liked Star. Dev got what he deserved.


The reason why I rated this 4/5 hearts is because I couldn’t get over the fact that although Star was beaten, and hurt she still wanted Noah to screw her. I have never been lashed before but I could only imagine the excruciating heat on her flesh. Then when she woke up all horny for Noah. Maybe Star has a high level of pain tolerance.


I like Noah. I’m intrigued to know more about him, his family and gang family. There’s more to the big bad biker than what meets the eyes. I’m excited to know about what happened to his sister. I want to know what will happen with what Noah did to Dev and I just want to know more!


Sensual rating 5/5 because well, its explicit. Yet again =)

Heat rating 3/5 its sizzling, but nothing more for me.


* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.

Source: www.sheliquelize.com/Reviews/%E2%98%85-%C2%B8%C2%B8-%E2%80%A2%E2%98%854-star-review-break-me-in-by-shari-slade-%E2%98%85-%C2%B8%C2%B8-%E2%80%A2%E2%98%85-mustread
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-06-04 10:52
Light Is On, But No One's Home
A Shiver of Light - Laurell K. Hamilton

If Laurell Hamilton ever again tries to tell someone she isn't writing romance, here's your proof that she is.

Exhibit A is what the Anita Blake series has declined into; Exhibit B is right here. This is infinitely worse than any K-Drama or something on Telemundo. Why? BECAUSE ALMOST NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! NOTHING!

Swear to @#$%ing Chthulu, practically nothing fraggin' happens for almost four hundred $%^ing pages! I have to say almost nothing because there are all of two important events that take place, but you only get to see one of them. I won't even post a synopsis because there's almost nothing to write about. Think I'm joking? Wait 'til you read it.

What's Good:
There's some attempt at humanizing Andais. In what's to me the best scene in the book (!) Merry & Co. are wary of letting Crazy Aunt Andais visit the babies, so they do the magic mirror thing first. During their conversation some intriguing details about the Queen of Air and Darkness are revealed, including some insight into why she's the way she is. It gets touched upon again later in the book when Andais gives Merry some advice on what it takes to make Taranis back off. But alas, it all gets washed away in a tide of love and wangst. Hell, Andais even cries a couple of times. Those crumbs are as good as this thing gets. And shocker of shockers- there's a character death! No, don't look at me like that- someone important dies. And there's a CONSPIRACY behind it! I guess Merry didn't get Hamilton to make the same promise Anita did about not killing people off. Only thing is they get the Haven treatment and it only takes three pages to off them.

What's Bad:
The rest of the book. I've said it before and I have to say it again- ALMOST NOTHING HAPPENS! The babies are born in-between the first two chapters (and since they're now triplets and each baby has two fathers, two more baby daddies get added to the mix), Taranis makes a couple of half-@$$ attempts at taking Merry and someone dies... but it only takes about ten pages to wrap that one up. So what are you gonna fill up the other three hundred fifty odd pages with? You got it- TALKING! And not just any ol' talking but As-You-Know-Bob Infodumps in the classic Hamilton style you've come to know and loathe. Character A exposits on a situation everyone's fully aware of, B adds a little more, C just got there and asks some questions, A and B add more filler to the tune of but-that-was-before-THIS-happened, D asks if this changes things, A,B and C all say no- which renders the whole conversation pointless and circular. Best example of this I can sum up from early sequence discussing what to do about Taranis and Andais:

**It might be ok to let Andais come visit; she seems composed and rational, moreso that she’d been lately. Over the years she knew her infertility damaged the throne so she got more and more unhinged to the point she didn’t care if she lived or died. Guess once Merry got knocked up, she knew she’d be ok. Taranis can’t come near any of us due to a court order plus he’d actually threatened a whole group of human lawyers, so we’re ok there. If he comes near us or our babies, we’ll kill him. No problem. He’s crazy. Yep. And he’s a danger to everyone. Sure you’re right. So we’ll kill him if he tries anything. Gotcha. He raped Merry. So we’ve heard. And he’s infertile and can’t rule the Seelie. Nope, he can’t. So he’s desperate. That seems likely. And crazy. Yeah. And he'll do anything to stay in power, even kill us. Yep. So we’ll kill him first. Ok. So if he makes a move we waste him. Sounds like a plan. Because he’d do it to us. Probably. So let’s get him first. Fist bump me, bro**

Think you can handle it?

What's Left:
All the plot points tossed aside that would make for interesting reading, except Hamilton has no interest in anyone reading them. Especially since some of them make you wonder why they hadn't already happened. A new human ambassador to the Fae gets appointed and it's suggested that envoys be assigned to the Courts, since the Fae are always on their best behavior around humans. Not only would this be standard diplomatic practice, but why hasn't it ever been enacted in all the years they've been here? You telling me NO ONE, not Thomas Jefferson or since, ever thought of having someone keep an eye on the Fae, especially since these powerful creatures are here on sufferance? One of his attacks on Merry leaves Taranis injured by her Hand of Power, which is grounds for getting him deposed as Seelie King (surprise!) and his replacement's on the way, but like JC taking over the American Vampire Council in the AB novels, the coup is only mentioned in passing. No need to see these game-changing events which were supposed to be at the heart of the entire series when you can just go 'oh yeah, by the way'. Might interfere with all the really important endless talk about love. And love.

Since Merry's still recovering from childbirth, there's not so much zexxy zexx happening but hey- something's gotta be done for all these hot menz, right? How's your wrist and gag reflex?

Utterly boring, insipid, vapid, dull, repetitive and lame. I'd ask you to put out the light when you finish but Hamilton already did that. 



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