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review 2017-05-23 21:19
Great Story
Payback - Christina Phillips Payback - Christina Phillips

Amelia/Amy had taken a job at a bar Odin’s. Amy’s dad had been dead ten years but it still crushed her when she thought about it. Guys always seem to think that Amy was dumb until she put them straight. But this time she would take it if it helped. Her bring down the man who was behind the murder of her dad. Amy reminded herself about one hundred times since Rex told her about one week ago about this job, this is a once in a lifetime a chance for payback. Until Amy  was thirteen she grew up around  tough bikers she thought they were a part of her extra family [ Silver Wolves M C ]. Since leaving school Amy had several part time job of waitressing during the day and tending bar at night and occasionally fast food. Aidan has owned Odin.s for five years and keeping the books up to date drives him nuts. Gage has a no screwing  the  staff rule for everyone. Gage  sees Amy and feels he has to fire her. Any girl that can get him hard just by  looking at her. Has to go. Amy had given a guy the eye and it turns out unfortunately it’s her new boss Gage was the son of the man- Axel Reynolds- who killed her dad. Rex told her the Viking Bastards - M C. are involved in large scale gun distributors and since Amy’s dad was put inside for handling illegal weapons for the wolves , it’s a trigger so all Amy needs is proof she can pass to Rex and he can let  his police contact Gage turns Amy on just by being near. Gage was everything I never wanted in a guy since she was thirteen. Gage and Amy end up in the apartment above the bar and she decided to kiss Gage and be alone with him. But Gage said it wasn’t more than just a kiss for him. Amy said it didn’t matter what she wanted. A kiss was all  he would get. Amy had been the daughter of the Silver Wolves Enforcer . Amy loved writing stories that crowds her head and fall in love with guys who’re never going to break her heart or crush her world. Gage’s older brother Zach said he had seen Rex Abbott hanging around outside Odin’s earlier that night. For ten years the Wolves and the Bastards had been allies Gage was fifteen when Rex’s father was President for the Silver Wolves and ordered Gage’s dad murdered while he was in prison. There was bad blood between Rex’s father and Gage’s family and Rex was crazy. Gage showed up at Mama’ Coco the diner where Amy worked. I was rooting for Amy and Gage. I loved the way their romance was built and I felt bad the way Gage handled  her being who she was. I just loved this story. I loved the ending.  I loved how Gage’s brother stood by him and Amy’s sister stood by her. This choked me up at times and made me chuckle at times. I loved the characters and all the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.

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review 2017-02-19 02:26
Very Hot
Hooked - Christina Phillips

Grace was a rich girl from Malibu that always did the right thing. Until she didn’t she was tired of her life being controlled by her family and now ex fiance. Grace was on her way to her sisters after she had broken her engagement and she got lost when she had to take a detour. Then grace’s car broke down there was a storm and her phone was dead. Grace ends up at a lo;cal bar called Odin’s and a lot of bikers are there one in particular catches grace’s attention as well as grace catches his attention. The biker’s name is Zach who is a Viking Bastard of the Viking Bastards MC. Zach was raised in the MC and is very loyal. Zach doesn’t believe in commitment or love but he loves his sex down and dirty. Zach and Grace have instant hot chemistry and Grace decides to go for it what can one night on the wild side hurt.  
I liked this story a lot. It was a quick enjoyable read but I really wouldn’t call it an MC book . Zach was a biker was in an MC but that is all there really is about the club no meetings or business or anything like that. Really just about Zach and Grace mainly.I don’t think Grace’s character would have just have sex so quickly with a stranger especially one so opposite her. But i loved the plot the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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text 2017-02-06 10:00
Hooked by Christina Phillips ♥ Release Blitz

Title: Hooked(Viking Bastards MC #1)
Author: Christina Phillips
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2017
I like my sex dirty and disposable. I'm not into commitment or chicks who want more than one night. My brothers and club come first, second and last. Until she walks into my life. Classy, rich and so out of my league it's crazy. A week together should get her out of my system, but this good girl is so bad when we're all alone and I can't get enough of her. I don't do forever, but she's hooked me so bad I don't ever want to let her go. Except there's no way a princess can live in my world and I sure as hell won't live in hers...  
Purchase your copy today!
  I pull her close, and she winds her arms around me, which makes me almost forget what I was about to say. “What you see is what you get with me.” “Hmm,” she says as though she doesn’t believe a word. “Big, bad, tough guy on the outside. That’s okay, your secret’s safe with me.” I snort with laughter. “No secret, Grace.” I like saying her name. “That’s me, inside and out.” “If you say so.” “When I get you home, I’ll prove it to you.” “Do you live far from here?” With my arm still wrapped around her, I once again make for the door. “Nah. Just a couple of blocks. Won’t take long.” “Can we pick my luggage up first?” I pause, hand on doorknob. “Luggage?” “Yes. From my car. You know, toothbrush and…stuff.” Her cheeks are pink and she gives a little shrug. “If I’m staying the night I need my things.” “Sure.” My mind fills with the happy vision of Grace in my shower. I pull open the door, keen to get home and put that particular fantasy into action. Tension vibrates from her as we walk back into the bar. I swagger across the room, ignoring the glances from my brothers and friends, and they soon get the message. Instead of catcalls and jeers, they go back to their business, and Grace gives a relieved sigh as the door swings shut behind us. “At least it’s stopped raining.” She lowers her umbrella. “That’s my car, over there.” I glance across the street and there’s no mistaking which car she’s talking about. It’s a silver Mercedes coupe, and if I don’t warn my brothers the car’s off-limits, it’ll be picked clean by morning. She opens the trunk and takes out an overnight case, then looks at me expectantly, as though she’s waiting for me to haul out the massive case that takes up the entire space. Is she leaving home or going on vacation? It’s none of my business, and I don’t know why the question even enters my head. “You need all this shit for one night?” “No, but I need a change of clothes.” She frowns as though something’s just occurred to her. “Oh, you mean we’re walking to your house? I thought you’d have your car here. It doesn’t matter, I can make do.” She goes to shut the trunk, and I hold it open. “I don’t have a car.” Seriously, is she really that clueless? Her surprised glance tells me that yeah, she really is. I haul her case out and slam the trunk. “There’s really no need.” She waves a finger at her case. “I don’t expect you to carry it along the street. It’s too heavy.” “The hell it is.” Even if the damn thing were full of bricks I wouldn’t back down now. “You better have some killer underwear in here as payback.”  
About The Author
Christina is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She writes on the sizzling side of naughty, and loves bringing her tough biker heroes to their knees (her heroines enjoy this, too ☺ )
Christina is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.
You may find us here !
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review 2017-02-06 00:00
Hooked - Christina Phillips Zach will leave you speechless with his blunt words and animal tendencies. Grace is his addiction and he's her temptation. Every wicked thought that pops into my head could not describe how sultry this couple could be. Steam practically singed my kindle. Ms. Phillips heats it up for sure.
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text 2016-11-06 17:52
Hold Me Until Midnight by Christina Phillips Free!
Hold Me Until Midnight (Entangled Brazen) (Grayson Brothers) - Christina Phillips

A very good girl loves a very bad boy...

Scarlett Ashford needs a date for her father's wedding. Only she doesn't just need a guy in a suit-she needs a bodyguard. The only problem is that Jackson Grayson is big and gorgeous and way too sexy. So much so that Scarlett's tempted to let this hot bad boy ruin her oh-so-good reputation...


Jackson doesn't do relationships and he certainly doesn't sleep with clients. Yet he can't fight their inconvenient attraction, or how badly he wants Scarlett's warm and wicked curves against his body. He wants her. Now. Even if it's just for one night, and even if walking away the next morning isn't as easy as he thought.


Besides, one hot and incredibly intense night between a bad boy and a pampered princess could never turn into something real...could it?

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