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text 2017-11-21 20:37
16 Tasks of the Festive Season: Square 10 - World Peace Day

Tasks for World Peace Day: Cook something involving olives or olive oil. Share the results and/or recipe with us.


I wasn't in the mood for anything elaborate tonight, but spaghetti and tomato sauce involves a dollop of olive oil in the water in which the spaghetti are boiled, and another dollop of olive oil in the tomato sauce.


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review 2017-11-13 23:19
Best Meal of the Day
50 Recipes For Breakfast Crepes – Crepe Recipes To Serve For Breakfast or Brunch (Breakfast Ideas – The Breakfast Recipes Cookbook Collection 15) - Pamela Kazmierczak

My girls love crepes! They will order them for breakfast if it is on the menu somewhere, but I didn't know how to make them. This book was great about providing many different recipes and things to add to the crepes and how to make them and set them aside. I loved that information. I will be trying to make these sometime in the near future. 

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review 2017-11-13 23:13
Thanksgiving Is Coming
25 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes: Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes Cookbook (Simple and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes) - Hannie P. Scott

Every year, while growing up, I heard how I had ruined Thanksgiving. How did I do this? By being born. It was my parent's first married Thanksgiving and I was born on that very day. My dad got a great meal at his parents' house and my mom was only allowed what they would give her in the hospital. 


Flash forward 39 years and my youngest is born, 2 days before my birthday and 3 before Thanksgiving. I was asked what I was going to do for my birthday the next year. I told the nurses, no offense (they were the best ever) I was staying far away! 


Now, for Thanksgiving, we celebrate my daughter's birthday and my birthday on Thanksgiving Day with a full Turkey meal and other things. We love this and day and all that comes with it. My father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law will be here for the day and we will have a lot of fun and food. 


I am always on the lookout for something new and different to add to the meal. 


I did like the book, but I didn't see anything I could add that we didn't already make or that we could actually have. 


It was a free purchase from Amazon and I do recommend getting a copy, maybe there would be something you would enjoy. 

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review 2017-11-06 17:44
Review: But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! by Kristy Turner
But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!: 125 Recipes to Win Everyone OverPicky kids will try it, hungry adults won't miss meat, and holiday traditions can live on! - Kristy Turner

Published by: The Experiment (13th January 2017)


ISBN: 978-1615193424


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 5*



In But I Could Never Go Vegan!, Kristy Turner proved that anyone can do it - with recipes that overturn common excuses, from "Vegan cooking is too hard" to "I could never give up cheese!" But cooking vegan for the whole family presents its own challenges ...or does it? Now, the 125 recipes in But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! will leave even the most skeptical relatives begging for more. Like its predecessor, each chapter tackles a different objection: Don't have time to cook elaborate dinners? Try an easy weeknight solution: Quick Cauliflower Curry. Worried about satisfying the "meat and potatoes" eaters? Try Lazy Vegan Chile Relleno Casserole. Cooking for picky eaters? Try the ever-adaptable BLT Spring Rolls with Avocado. Turner's cheeky, inviting tone and satisfying, easy-to-follow recipes make it more possible than ever for families to dine happily together!



This book is perfect for the newly vegan. The chapter headings are humerous and engaging, and the dishes are delicious and filling, enough to turn even the most carnivorous member of the family! There are meals to suit every time of day, from breakfast to supper, and everything in between, from light bites to full on meals, all your favourites veganised.

I received an advanced egalley from The Experiment via Netgalley.

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review 2017-11-06 14:58
Review: The One Peaceful World Cookbook by Alex Jack & Sachi Kato
The One Peaceful World Cookbook: Over 150 Vegan, Macrobiotic Recipes for Vibrant Health and Happiness - Sachi Kato,Alex Jack

Published by: BebBella Books (14th September 2017)


ISBN: 978-1944648244


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 4*



Marrying traditional wisdom and modern scientific and medical research, a vegan macrobiotic approach recognizes the profound effects food, environment, activities, and attitude can have on your physical and emotional health. Drawing upon traditional and contemporary cuisines from around the globe, The One Peaceful World Cookbook: Over 150 Vegan, Macrobiotic Recipes for Vibrant Health and Happiness shows you how to prepare delicious, satisfying meals that nourish your body and mind.


Based on the authors’ decades-long experience as teachers, dietary counselors, and chefs, on scientific and medical studies documenting the health benefits of a vegan macrobiotic way of eating, and on other cutting-edge research on health, vitality, and fitness, this book features 150-plus easy-to-follow recipes, including:

  • Roasted Beet Salad with Orange Mustard Dressing
  • Vegetable Paella
  • Tofu Lasagna with Carrot Marinara Sauce
  • Pad Thai with Tempeh
  • Mochi Waffles with Lemon Syrup
  • Tiramisu with Cashew Cream


These gourmet recipes, both savory and sweet, are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle and will both nourish and delight you. The One Peaceful World Cookbook empowers you with the tools and recipes you need on your path to optimal health and well-being.



In addition to offering over 150 delicious recipes, The One Peaceful World Cookbook explains macrobiotics in a clear and simple way that even made sense to me! There is also a comprehensive list of ingredients at the beginning. Although I've been following a vegan diet for 2 years, some of these were unfamiliar to me, so it was really helpful to find out what exactly kombu was, for example.


A lot of the recipes use some of the same ingredients, so it's good to know that your bottle/packet of x/y/z that you have sourced won't be used once and then go out of date lingering in the back of the cupboard/fridge.

Many of the recipes I think will become staples in my house as they are quick and cheap to make and based on grains with a few extras.

The recipes are explained clearly and concisely and the pictures are realistic.

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