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review 2017-09-13 16:23
Mediterranean Diet: 250+ Heart Healthy Recipes & Desserts + 100 Mediterranean Diet Beginner's Tips, Tools, & Resources. (Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Lose Weight, Slow Aging, Fight Disease & Burn Fat - Kevin Hughes

Mediterranean Diet: 250+ Heart Healthy Recipes & Desserts + 100 Mediterranean Diet Beginner’s Tips, Tools, & Resources. (Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Lose Weight, Slow Aging, Fight Disease & Burn Fat by Kevin Hughes
Don't care for some of the discussions in this book as our nutritionist told us to limit our salt intake due to husband's heart attack. This book says Med diet is high in salt-I totally disagree with that.
I know what I can sprinkle on our food to make it healthy.
Recipes in this book do not have pictures. The nutritional information they do contain is different for each of the recipes, most will have protein, fat-not broken up into good and bad fats, carbs and calories. Each recipe has a title and servings and list of ingredients. When you have to use a can of beans and just rinse it off the brine is already in the beans, USE FRESH!
Some items I have no idea what they even are: tahini. Also has directions in how to make. Not all recipes even have nutritional information. Some of format is different for some of the recipes.
There are to me, a lot of useless information in the book. Introduction starts out with what the Mediterranean diet is and to check wtih your doctore first.
I totally disagree with having red wine at dinner. our doctor told us if you do not drink wine, don't start because of this diet. To us it's a new lifestyle as we combine exercise and sleep with the good diet.
Not sure if you really need to know about what kitchen utensils and appliances you should be using. Some of my appliances do the job of 6 other appliances.
There are listings of other sites online to check out along with apps to use.
Funny how it states to use low fat butter and other products but recipes don't use them as ingredients, they use real milk, etc.
We use low fat, low sodium and have no problems when the recipe calls for regular.
This book I could modify but it still doesn't list good and bad fats nor sodium which is what we are more interested in than calories or carbs. So lacking.

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review 2017-09-07 19:03
Amazing Book on Macrobiotics!
The Complete Macrobiotic Diet - Denny Waxman

I started reading Denny Waxman's book because I am interested in health and natural healing. I started by looking at his website when i was searching for a macrobiotic counselor. Then, I learned about his non-profit macrobiotics school the Strengthening Health Institute. Once I got there, i found the best macrobiotic book ever in the Complete Macrobiotic Diet book. 


The book itself was the easiest macrobiotic book that I have read and has so many ways to improve your health through easy to implement tips. He is all about adding instead of subtracting things to your diet and routine... such a great way to think about things!

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text 2017-07-15 11:05

People with overweight generally want to lose their weight very rapidly and will search for diet plans. Here is an ultimate crash diet for losing weight and it will really help you to reach your goal in a very less time. First of all, one should know that it is not a long-term diet and it is a technique which is helpful in melting many pounds in a less time. By following the below instructions, one can easily lose their weight.


  • It is advised to take few calories with green vegetables, and this can be continued till you have the stamina to take it. To enjoy the way of taking vegetables, you can eat them in different ways such as baking, raw, Sautee, blending and can make them into a vegetable smoothie. Do not put any seasoning on them because you should take only green vegetables until you lose weight.
  • The best bets for your diet are spinach, lettuce, celery, and broccoli. It is advised to avoid starchy vegetables such as squash, corn, and potatoes because this will not help in reducing weight.
  • Drink plenty of water. You can drink water before taking meals, while taking meals and after taking meals.
  • Include 45 minutes of exercise in your regular schedule which will really keep you fit and energetic.
  • If you follow these steps perfectly then you will lose one pound in a day. So, follow the diet correctly and lose a pound in a day.


Finally, it is advised to talk to a nutritionist before you go for any diet plan.


This post is sponsored by babyheed (information about parenting).

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review 2017-05-13 11:59
The Flex Diet - James Beckerman
The Flex Diet - James Beckerman

I put this on my reading list in Scribd and decided to open it up as I've been on a carb fest since christmas and the kilos are piling on. I thought this would be more like your typical diet books, giving overall advice but with a plan for your eight weeks. Whilst the advice was interesting and I probably picked up a couple of tips for weight loss, I've read most of it before. This is supposed to an eight week program to get you started on your weight loss journey but by the time I had finished the book I had totally forgotten the timeframe or even that there was one, I'm not sure if this was just me or that the message wasn't conveyed strongly enough. I'll probably go back to it over the next few weeks to check up on a few things whilst I make a weight loss start but I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't more structured.
Interesting but a bit forgettable.

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text 2017-04-30 00:57
Book Diet

I have way too many books.  I just organized them last month.  I had books in every room and in stacks on the floor or boxes in the garage.  I wanted to get them all out so I could get to them easier.  It was a huge mess for a while but I finally got them all sorted and most of them shelved.  I ended up getting a few of those wooden crates from the craft store to use as a temporary shelf for some.  I got all of them listed on goodreads.com and I made a shelf called "books I own" so I could know what I had by looking at the app. That helped a lot and now I don't buy duplicates anymore.  I also made shelves that help me know where to find a book.  


Since I've gotten all of my books organized I've been trying to read the books I don't plan to keep so I can make space and get those books on the crates onto my shelves. The problem is I keep seeing books that interest me and getting them.  So far I have acquired more books than I have parted with so I've decided I need to go on a book diet.  


I always do better with diets when I keep track of calories.  I decided to make a plan for losing book weight.  Starting May 1st I'm going to consider myself at zero and then, every time I get a new or used book I'm going to count the weight of the book as a gain. Both Amazon.com and pbs.com tell how much books weigh and I can also use my kitchen scale.  Any book I part with can be listed as a loss in oz/lbs.  Library books and ebooks will not count since they don't take up permanent space.  I will just keep track in a notebook.  


I really think this will give me the incentive I need to get reading and making room for those books needing shelf space.  After that, I can just make sure I only get books when I have room for them.  


Wish me luck!



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